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My boss is a poster

I have a friend who runs a popular webstore in Singapore. While she does most of the physical stuff, she does have a girl that helps her with the email correspondence.

Today, she told me she wasnt feeling well so she told her staff to email the customer that delivery will be done the next day as she was sick. This is the email that went out :

(webstore name)
Order Number: 1141
Date Ordered: Friday 09 April, 2010

Dear (customer's name),

Your order has been updated to the following status: Paid & Processing

We're very sorry to inform you that our poster is sick today. Parcels will be posted out tomorrow.


  1. Dunno what to say about this. Adoi. *Smack head*

    Poster - 20x30 inch print out.

    Now it adds a new meaning. The things people come up with sometimes..damn terror.

  2. I think poster has two meanings la
    the 20x30 inch print out
    and the person who posts posts! (and no I did not do a typo)
    LOL kesian the girl, she could have used "the person who sends out the parcels is sick today and will be sent out tmrw"

  3. this u have to rant?

  4. Anon 11:11
    What? you think every post has to be filled with anger? I appreciate laughter too. jeezzz

  5. yeah, agree with anon 11.20pm. this somehow makes me smile :)