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The Kepoh Detectives

I once had a seller who asked me millions of personal questions,
such as where was I from, why is my name like that and etc etc etc
I didn't mind answering them so we exchanged a few friendly emails as apparently we both came from the same state so we chatted about the local food and stuff

Then she became annoying with her questions, she started asking when did I start my blogshop and I said the beginning of x month and then she retaliated by saying "How I saw some posts from a month before? teehee"

I was gobsmacked. I mean what do you want me to say if you saw it already? Already know still want to ask?

I wanted to say "well yea that was when I just set it up but never really began my business etc" but I couldnt be bothered

after that she still kept confronting me with questions that put me on the spot to answer....
I couldn't be bothered to reply them..
Since when were there kepo detectives on patrol?


  1. don't layan them la..once u layan, they will get excited some more.

  2. hish..some people baik2 with you in the beginning, and later con you..

    be careful with extra friendly strangers