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Utter false hope

If you are an avid online shopper, you would definitely know which blogshop I am talking about.

This blogshop is apparently famous for their panel/bandage skirts and have been taking orders every now and then. So recently, they are taking orders again. And I am very much interested in purchasing one. But the thing is, I am a big UK12 and those sizes they have certainly wont be able to fit me.

Thus, I mailed them and asked if it is possible to custom made. The owner replied by saying yes and asked for my measurements. I passed it to her and about 2 or 3 days later, I was told that the skirt has already arrived. I was pretty shocked because it is custom made impossible for it to arrive so fast. But then, I thought her supplier was efficient, so never mind that.

So, I started to arrange for COD with her and asked her to double check the measurements. She took days to reply that mail but its okay, I can wait. Finally, she came back to me today by saying she already measured the skirt and gave me the measurements in size L (which was obviously smaller than the measurements I gave her).

Eh, size L? Custom made also got size one?

I got really pissed cos if there is no way you can custom made it, then just inform the buyer!! When I asked how come the measurements differ, she replied by saying "Cuz the skirts are stretchable :) We will make it slightly smaller than your measurements so that it can hug you nicely." But hello, it is NOT slightly smaller but it is way too small! Even if can stretch, I don't think it will be able to fit me.

Besides, shouldn't you ask your customer first before deciding for them? How can you make decisions for them? They might not want the skirt to be really fitting cos that would just make their hips/bum look bigger.

In short, if can't custom made, then just say cannot. Damn it! I don't think she custom made the skirt anyway, pffft! Srsly, I am disappointed with this seller cos I was really looking for to getting my panel skirt.


  1. tht's very rude of the seller. too hard up for business? please la. buyer/seller, both also need to CONFIRM first. don't simply make your own assumptions. shessh..

    dont know whether it's the one on my mind but please drop me a mail at thanks :)

  2. She thinks she got damn lot of business so she can act that way. I hate sellers like that. :S so rude.

  3. in my opinion, i think bandage skirts ARE meant to be body huggers ><

    so seller aint that wrong in my point of view.

    but ordering before confirmation = wrong!

  4. i think i know which blogshop this is,but i think she's pretty cool.. but then.i could be wrong with the blogshop..can u please email me the blogshop =]

  5. Can u tell me which blogshop is that??

  6. ya, may i know which blogshop?

  7. well obviously she can't custom make it..90% of the blogshop owners don't make the clothes nor asking the supplier to make the same style with different measurements to suits every single one of the ladies who can't obviously she just layan you just so she can sell more and gain more..

    and when the item arrives, she goes like oh we MAKE it this size so it's body-hugging bla bla bla coz we're the sellers and we know what's best for our customers coz we're the experts..ain't we good..

    YEAH RIGHT! i'm a skinny b*tch but reading this still piss me off to know that there r some sellers like this! hmmpH!

  8. hey ya ;)

    would like to confirm whether it is the blogshop that i think it is.

    email me at =)

  9. Well, i think i know which blog you're talking about. I've got 1 from them too...and totally agree, it's more like for size S. I told them i'm size M. Yet, it feels tight for me.sigh...