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Bless this Noob

I own a blogshop and today i got email..

"Hi.. im really interested in the clothes and I want to purchase xx and yy. But, I dont know to use the atm machine. Can u please email me a step by step process on how to bank in money. Thank you"

hahaha.... Bless her.. But, i helped her anyways..LOL.


  1. hello, do you think that's funny?

    i don't think so.she was so nice to ask you and you had to tell this so called funny story to everyone?

    Slap seller 10000xxx

  2. i actually first started shopping online perhaps 7-8 years ago and i must admit that i did not know any single thing about payment transfer or depositing cash through cash deposit machine.

    and i too asked the seller the exact same thing, to provide me details on how to bank in. back then, there were no cash deposit machines, and i had to write forms and take a waiting number at the bank to actually bank in money to someone else's account at the bank teller itself. :P

  3. to anon 1, why are you so touchy?
    i think the seller meant in a nice way and she helped her out anyway.

  4. not being touchy or anything, just that this blog's main purpose is to write on those blood puking stories instead of this which seemingly meant to laugh at the buyer.

    well, i'm sure you would not want people laughing at you just because you're ignorant or helpless.

  5. I think the seller think the girl is actually cute. For me yes. I mean the action. =p

  6. Now now.. while this site may be for us to rant, i always welcome heartfelt stories to balance out the kind of OMGs we get in this industry.

    There are lots of newbie cases out there and its good to know seller have helped. We need more educators... however giggly it may get sometimes ;)

  7. hey, we're not laughing at the buyer laa..we're laughing because we remembered our own first time buying online..all the nervousness, excitement, and also panicking that the maybank2u transasction is not successful (yeap, that happened to me, and i got so panicked!! LOL)

  8. @cikgu sekolah,
    i totally agree with you...i remembered my first time banking in, i was so scared that it might be a scam even though the seller is well know and a lot of ppl bought from her, LOL...
    don't quite understand why Anon 1 was so sensitive about this...

  9. att: cikgu sekolah, anon 1.42 and anon 1.03.

    AGREE with u guys! hahahahaah anyway to anon 1, why so serious????? its kinda cute though! heheheheheh i have same experience like cikgu sekolah as well, when 1st time buying online and using maybank2u and panicked for nothing! hahahaah

  10. Anon 1 needs to chill. no one is making fun of / laughing at the buyer in a mean way (at least i wasn't).

    it's more of a "aw how cute teehee".

  11. slap anon 1. hahah. this buyer is cute lah. we r not laughing at her bcos she doesnt know the process. but we just find that she's cute. thats all. n that also reminds me of myself when i first started to buy online. aiyaa.. why so sensitive?

  12. LOL the buyer can just get help from bank staff la XD

  13. maybe anon 1 had the same problem and the seller didnt help her/him..
    so thats why anon 1 so sensitive.

    Quote from seller, " Bless anon 1 "..LOL..