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Super wrong impression

Couple of days ago I was having a girls day out with this girlfriend I havent seen in a while. While chilling at Starbucks, she showed me this foreign website that sells shoes. I wouldnt say spectacular but she was going goo goo ga ga over it. Expensive too... after conversion, bout RM130 without postage!

Then she showed me this local blogshop that sold similar shoes for slightly cheaper price and she was telling me she wanted to make a few orders already. I was kinda taken aback cos that blog was a popular screw up, a huge disgrace to the blogshop industry really. I warned her, "eh this shop bad reputation leh!"

"Why bad?"

Haiyar... she's probably not used to shopping online like me so she probably doesnt know that shop's history. So I was telling her the times where lots of people complain about wrong sizes, not showing up for COD and zero after sales service blah blah blah.

To my surprise, my friend went "Yeah lor! She send me wrong size top before and never reply my emails after that!"

"Huh, then why do you still want to buy from her?"
"Oh... not all online sellers like that meh?"

o.O NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I wanted to choke her!! but alamak... poor thing, she really doesnt know much about this online shopping world though she has been shopping online for the last year. Makes me wonder if she has met ANY good sellers to want to go back to a bad seller.


  1. And there's a WHOLE lot more where she came from!! Sad but true...

  2. I was a bit blur the first few times of online shopping. I bought a top online and opted for pos express. After it not arriving in a few days, I assumed it was lost in the mail without bothering to contact the buyer :/ hahaha.

    A few months later, only did the buyer contacted me.

  3. I was about to order some shoes from this blogshop, so I'm afraid that it is the same blogshop that you are referring to that has bad history. Can you give some hints as to which blogshop are you referring to so that I can take some precaution. Thanks much.

  4. mail me the blogshop please..

    coz i am a frequent shoe buyer

  5. Hi there, im about to buy some shoes from a blog and its famous so im wondering if u cud give me the name of the blogshop? Would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  6. thanx god i read this bcoz im about to shop for shoes..cud u email me d blogshop. thanx!

  7. least you told her bout it..all the rest is up to her :)

  8. email me the blogshop please!

  9. email me please!