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A little too MUCH

I have bought from xx blogshop 2-3 times. So far, my records have been good. This time, the experience with her wAs a nightmare. Oh btw, her policy operates by (first come first serve) basis. I have confirmed for a vest look alike top with her, scheduled the COD for xx fine day. Have been keeping in touch with her via emails, text msges on the items confirmed, availability, COD time and venue, everything seemed fine.

Out of which, on the approach of the day for COD, i got a text message from her (just a few hours before COD)saying that "sorry girl, your item has been sold to another customer who has paid for the item immediately, would you still want to purchase other items?"

How absurd of her to still have the guts to ask me if i'm interested to purchase other items from her, when she has sold off my confirmed item without my consent on the day i was going to COD with her!

So it's a hi and bye from that blogshop.


  1. either she had keep that piece for herself or the buyer offered her a higher price.

  2. This 'first come first serve' rule is tad too much these days.
    Sellers should at least give the buyers(those that don't have online banking) reasonable time to make payment.
    Or in this case, not pulling out of ur scheduled COD by the convenience of selling to another buyer that can pay immediately!

  3. definitely slap the seller ! do email me the blogshop !

  4. slap the seller million times..

    well, to hell with the "first pay first serve"'ve confirmed the item with her..

    so i guess the rule now doesn't support COD? she could might as well go full service on postage..

  5. i think i know who this bitch is. hated her, same happend to me and she can kiss my money buhbye.

  6. umm, just a thought, 'first come first serve' is different from 'first pay first serve' right? I believe first come first serve is reasonable, just like if you were to shop in a physical boutique, if you get the piece first and send it to the counter, it will be yours, even if another buyer is willing to pay for it first.

    So anon April 14, 2010 4:08 PM, i think you were referring to 'first pay first serve', which i personally don't agree too. Very unfair for buyers who don't do online banking and those who prefer COD.

    Back to the issue of this post, author can you please mail me the URL of this blog please? TQ!