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How am I cheating?

I have this 1 buyer who reserved item NY and agreed to pay few days later. After a few days, I didn't hear anything from her. So I emailed her, but no reply. Just another MIAs, so I just cancelled her reservations and move on.

Suddenly I saw her online through YM. I said,
"Hi dear. Do u remember me? I'm blahblah from ABC. U did reserved item NY but I haven't heard from u. Just want to know whether u still want it because I still have it :)"

She replied
"Oh, I won't buy from u anymore. I think u're cheating. Thankfully I found item NY in XX and it's much cheaper than yours!" *mind u, it's only RM4 cheaper. Woot?? lol

I mean, there's nobody would buy item for RM10 and sells it for RM10! Ridiculous, no?

1 comment:

  1. so next time she'll go into super market B and tell them tat they're cheating as super market A's biscuit is cheaper by RM1

    If you MIA after receive her money, that's cheating.

    But if is cause of price differences and she said she thinks that you cheat coz of tat reason, I think she's a moron