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Apparently, I'd like it better

I saw a plain headscarf on a blogshop and wanted to buy the item. So I contacted the seller and she said it's available. I deposited the money and got my item. and to my surprise, it's not the one I wanted! It's the same color but with diamante on it and the one I requested was WITHOUT diamante.

So I contacted the seller on email to seek clarification. Here's our conversation :

Me : Hi. I've received the item but it's not the one I wanted. I wanted the plain one.Was it out of stock?

Seller : Owh, we do have that. It's just the diamante one is famous and bestseller.So we thought you will like it.

Me : What?, I wanted the plain one. Doesn't matter if it's famous or not. At least please have a courtesy to ask me 1st before you make any assumption next time okay? nways, I still want the plain one, can u please re-send it? will return this back to you(I was being polite.)

Seller : Ok fine! I will refund your money! Give me your acc number!

Me : no. I didnt ask for refund. Im just telling you to be more courteous next time. and I just one the plain one.

**no reply.

Do you think she should spend few seconds just to ask me? And please dont meke assumption on what buyer's like or not like.


  1. I had the same experience. I bought 20 fruit bars (For nail) from this girl. I think she is desperate for sales.

    The next day after I make payment and she texted me that she sent out my order already. 5 of them were out of stock. She replaced them for me, and in her sms she stated that I'll sure like it.

    Hah? How long did you know me? How do you know what I like? Just out of stock, why don't you be honest to me before I make payment? I won't cancel my order just because 5 are out of stock! I will definitely find something that I like!

  2. exactly! they just like to assume things. it won't kill you just to ask lor.

  3. perhaps she has surplus diamonte's she simply pushed it to u.

  4. I would take that refund if I was you. I hate dealing with people like this.

  5. I think I had the same experience like the writer. The seller didn't even offer a refund! We do not have any choice, but to take the replacement! End up we bought something that we don't like or don't need!