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Oh wise ones needed #6

Recently, a girl inquired about several items in my shop. 'A' is available while the rest are preorder. I actually have another item (B) available which I wanted to keep for a special occasion (brand new, tag still attached). But I thought that since this buyer most probably would purchase A and B together, I told her that those 2 items are available.

After that, she only confirmed for B (the one that I wanted to keep).

I'm now in a dilemma. I was only willing to give up B because I thought she wanted to purchase A as well. Since she only wants B now, I am really hesitant to sell it off.
What should I do?? :(


  1. Did you tell her at the start that you would only sell her B if she bought A? If you did, then you have the right to not sell just B.

    However, if you didn't tell her that, IMO it's not nice to backout as a seller. Maybe you can try explaining the situation to your buyer?

    Or, just sell B to her, and re-order it?

  2. just curious but, WHY WOULD YOU POST ITEM B IF YOU WANT IT? -.-' i think it's kinda dumb for you to do that, no offense.

  3. Money vs Desire.

    A+B=$$ -- Compensate desire.

    But now that it's just B..desire kinda wins over money. Why seller why? I agree with eef :) If she's understanding about your situation, she might just pull out (if she's not into it as you are).

    Otherwise can always order s'more right?

    Then again it's such a put off cuz you made it sound available and then want to take back. Haiya!

  4. eef, thanks for the suggestion :)

    Anon April 23, 2010 7:36 PM,
    my items are preorder but I also bring in ready stocks. So the posts are up as catalogs for people to browse b4 ordering. Don't call others dumb b4 you get the facts right.

  5. anon April 23, 2010 7:43 PM,
    I know it'll be a put off rite ;p But but but, i just graduated from college and I'm thinking of wearing the item to interviews soon :( I guess I can search for something similar since ordering a new one would take a month's time. But it's such a hassle when I already have one in my closet =.=

  6. I think I didn't really make it clear in my post. That item (B) was actually ordered for myself, but I haven't had the chance to wear it yet. That's why it's tag is still attached. But the buyer sounded really interested in those few items so I thought that since she'll be buying 2, i'll be willing to let go my item to her.

  7. well honestly writer, a little white lie will not hurt. :) there's no need to tell the buyer the whole truth. and come on guys, don't tell me you don't make impulse decisions. since the item is still in your hands, you can choose not to sell it off, you just need a palatable reason to explain to your buyer. :)

  8. if the item B u bought it for yourself and why the heck u want to sell it on the first place.. just keep for yourself la! as a seller u should keep your word. u said its available and your customer wanted to buy already than u should sell it.

  9. i agree with Anon Apr 23 8:18PM

  10. mengada betul la this seller. and i hate it when people come out with excuses like this "i just graduated from college and I'm thinking of wearing the item to interviews soon". so what if you just graduated?? ada aku kisah???? in english: do i care??? macam la tak ada baju lain nak pakai. hish. mengada!!

  11. Since you promise the buyer i feel you should keep your promise. you have to maintain your reputation too. btw im a seller too. if u plan to do biz for long term little details count. :)

  12. maria, ur the mengada one. this seller is just asking for other people's opinion. u dun have to scold ppl k. ur so rude!

    seller, like what the last anon said, if u wish to run ur business for long term, u shud think of ur reputation. who knows, that buyer may make repeat purchases and even intro her frens to ur site :)

  13. maria has issues lol =.=

  14. well actually for me, if i'm the seller, before i even post the photo of an item which i want to sell, i WOULD make sure n be realy2 confirmed that i WANT to sell it.

  15. oh please la seller. make it clear whether u want to sell the stuff or not. dont post it as available and suddenly confuse and whatnots when other people want to buy it from u. as clear as it would be in three boxes on the post, more people click on 'slap seller'..its so obvious i would slap seller too if they behave that way TQ :)

  16. To set the record straight, I DID NOT post the item as available.
    As explained before, the item is available TO BE ORDERED as it's a preorder item. But the buyer seemed interested in a few items that was why I was willing to give up my ready stock one.
    It's illogical and beyond me to post as available something which I want to keep for myself.

    To all others who gave ur valuable opinions, thank you very much. Will take into account all the pros and cons and update my decision here :)

  17. the first thing you did wrong was to assume that she would want to buy both...and why would u wanna tell her got ready stock?

    and, you have already made your decision to sell for the profit based on your own assumptions at the very beginning. then just sell it as it is.

    trying to justify the actions of not selling it now is fruitless already. come to think of it, you're not wanting to sell it because you have been disappointed that u did not get what you thought you would be getting by giving up B.

    BUT IF you really couldn't bring yourself to sell it, then tell the buyer la. not so hard kan?