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New in town

So a month ago i bought this vintage bag that was on sale, and i thought omg its on sale and for rmXX. i was so happy so i contacted the seller and asked about it and i have always been an okay buyer, i do not back out and so on. However, i told her to reserve the back for me for a week as i was busy with college and she said okay. When i wanted to buy the bag from her, she replied me so fast, like a few hours later she'll reply me back - very politely with hun's and babe's and thank you's.

When i paid her the money, she sent the bag for me. Being new at blogshopping, i asked her what kind of post method is cheapest as i didn't want to get a really cheap bag and then pay like a quater of the bags' price. so she recommended me the post method and i said okay, fine. A week later, the bag arrived but then i received a note from pos malaysia for me to go get it myself. As i am new in this city, i do not know where the official post office is, so it has been 15 days and i still do not know my way around. Okay, that was fine, cause i trusted the buyer to send it back to me as she was so nice to me in the beginning.

After knowing that my bag will be sent back to her after those 15 days, i politely emailed her, asking if she could resend it via pos laju since there is still change in the package as i paid extra. 1 week plus few days later, still no reply.... i mean, she could use the money in the package right? so why is she not replying? its mean and frustrating...

did she just dith me? :(


  1. OMG!! is this for real? there's phone, you can pick it up, call the post office's number stated in the note, and ASK FOR DIRECTION, for god sake!! or at least ask the location, and ask someone to bring you there, or take a cab or whatever, there's always a way. unless you are super busy, or have other valid reasons, this is unacceptable. to let it go until 15 days, and then the parcel was returned to the seller, and get the seller to send it back to you?? and what if you are not around the second time? wait until 15 days again and this cycle going on and on? hahahaha this is hillarious! big LOL!

  2. Hi my dear,

    Perhaps you shouldn't have inquired on the cheapest method of delivery, since the cheapest method does not always ensure the most secure form of delivery.

    For me, I would always opt for PosLaju, since it requires signature, and I'd get it sent to my office since I won't be home to receive it at my own house.

    I hope you'll get your parcel soon!

  3. yeah, stupid of the buyer. If you're so called "new" to this online shopping, do some research please on postage or post collectiong center. it wont even take an hour or more. that's just plain dumb.

  4. If you're smart enough to use the Internet, come online, buy stuff and heck, Join us here in SMWDY why can't you google the location of the post office? The address of the pick-up point is stated in that lil card they left you. unless you live in a remote jungle, I don't see why it would take you so long to locate the post office. The seller isn't replying because she's still traumatized by your bimbo-ness.

  5. agree with all the anons. :D

  6. preloved blogshop sellerApril 8, 2010 at 12:49 PM

    hey dear, the parcel was in the post office cus probably u weren't at home when the parcel was sent. so u've to get to the post office urself. This is the way of online shopping dear, its none of the seller's fault. furthermore, argh it makes things worse for the seller, to have to resend it again after 15 days. X/ if i were the seller, i'll get frustrated somehow!

  7. You are a troublesome buyer! So annoying!

    I support the seller! Please don't entertain this kind of buyers!

  8. i also like to highlight usuali u can arrange for second delivery.
    just cal the number on the note left.
    if there is no number - wel - read all the above explanation laaahh

  9. yea actually agreed with all the anons above. usually if a parcel is not collected after 14 working days, pos malaysia will return it to the sender. then if the sender not home, again there will be a card left and sender pulak kena pegi pos opis to collect, which sometimes is a hassle also. then after collect, have to send again to the buyer..ish.

    seller don't only have u sorang customer buying from her u know.

    registered post is memang more troublesome to send and recieve but still so many buyers opt for it just because wanna save a few rm's. poslaju is much safer and speedier, not to mention if ur not around to sign for it, u can always call n request for them to do a second delivery.

  10. good for you! lazy ass! if you're new in town, you cannot do anything at all meh? don't you go out? how do you even know the road to your college and stuffs? so pathetic la!

    got brain or not?

    and yeah do you even read the notice at all?

  11. Not Horrified but IrritatedApril 8, 2010 at 2:41 PM

    What's so irritating about this story is the fact that you said this "After knowing that my bag will be sent back to her after those 15 days.."

    You knew this but as Anons above stated during that 15 days you could've ASKED someone where the damn post office is & go get the bag yourself. But that's sooooo difficult right, so need lor, I just wait til it goes back to her and let her susah to go send it back to me. As long as I don't have to susah susah go to post office, Seller susah never mind lor.

    And now you're saying Seller is being mean? What about you being lazy, manipulative & inconsiderate?

  12. OMG in 15 days you couldn't find out where the post office is located. I would have thought that if you were smart enough to buy stuff online, you would have the savvy to locate the nearest post office, which is just a phone call/mouse click away!

    Don't blame the seller at all. You're causing him/her double trouble and the worst thing is that you don't even care about it at all! Shame on you!

  13. ...Alright guys, I think the writer feels pretty horrible already when she still hasn't received her package, no need to be so belligerent, haha.

    Just take it as a lesson learnt, writer :)

  14. i got a card from the postman once because he send it in the morning of a fine saturday and i was still sleeping. I tried calling the number on the card, but somehow the number is incomplete. After a while, i thought of USING GOOGLE MAP TO FIND THE NEAREST POST OFFICE TO MY HOUSE. And I pick it up on the next Monday morning before i go to work.

    I AM NEW IN THIS TOWN TOO. Don't be stupid and start using GOOGLE or GOOGLE MAP if you don't know how to use the cellphone to call OR have the same problem as me, half the number is missing!!

    I think the seller is more frustrated than you. Have to deal with such a dumb and lazy person.

  15. so kesian both of u la

  16. manipulative!! just because she's nice to you doesn't mean she has to do everything as you please. she has other customers that she needs to attend to. furthermore, you said there's money inside the parcel so the seller can use it to post your stuff. does it mean she/he need to open the packaging, take out the money, and re-wrap for you again???? so selfish. if i were the seller, it would be very frustrating.

  17. r u a spoilt brat who only order people around and not doing anything by yourself????

  18. Okay, that was fine, cause i trusted the buyer to send it back to me as she was so nice to me in the beginning. <-- i bet she didn't know you'd be such an idiotic customer or she wouldn't have bothered being so nice to you to begin with!

  19. no need to be so harsh to the writer la,
    it's probably her first time shopping online?
    take this as a new experience writer opt for pos laju next time!

  20. haha!! someone who knows how to shop online but never know how to use Google.
    shame on u writer!!
    cos u didnt even take a lil tiny effort to get ur parcel and some more requesting the seller to go through the hassle to resend to u by unwrapping the parcel to take out those extra ringgits and then go to the pos laju office. Pheww!!

  21. why r u guys being so mean ..if u r not happy ...jz dun read this post la. believe in karma k . dun ve to scold the writer...ppl were jz trying to tell the situation k..
    non of ur biz as well ..
    writer.hope that u will get ur parcel soon ..:)

  22. yeah, i think shouldn't be too harsh on the buyer.. poor girl.. in a new environment and situation, it can be pretty intimidating..

    i guess just learn from this experience and know to be home to receive your parcel or find out where the post office is to collect your item. and if you require the seller to resend the item, you'd need to pay again for postage charges.

    Just learn from all this k :)

  23. this is funny indeed. at first buyer stated she's "always been an okay buyer, do not back out" , i thought she would have done this quite a few times already?

    buyer, don't be such a baby. use Google & ask around yeah. and seller, don't be so mean lah. at least reply letting the buyer know the status of the bag.

    i hope you get your item soon, m'dear :)

  24. okay buyer = not so good after all buyer

    plain bimboness