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I bought a dress from a blogshop but it doesn't fit me so I sold it off at SG. The thing is, the buyer who bought from me keeps saying she didn't receive the item, tho I've checked from the courier service many times that item had been delivered to the add given.

What do u all think? She asked for a refund, but the courier service really had delivered the item. Sigh.


  1. Check with the courier service to whom the item was delivered. They should have a record of the receiver's name.

  2. Show the buyer the proof (e.g. if you sent by Pos Laju, then direct her to the tracking website, or forward her the email you received from the courier service).

    If she still says she hasn't gotten the item, ask her to check with her officeboy/secretary/mom/dad/roommate/etc if they are having your buyer's parcel.

    If the answer is still no, get written proof that your courier had already delivered the item (make sure they write the details of who signed for it, the address they delivered to, who delivered the package, when they delivered the package) and tell/show your buyer that written proof.

    If your buyer threatens to report it to the police, let her by all means. You have all the proof you need to show that the item had reached her.

    If your buyer does report it to the police, and the police sides you, proceed to sue your buyer for tarnishing your image.

  3. Hey seller. What's the follow up on your story?

  4. yeah, we really wanna know what happens next..

  5. Hey ladies, thanx so much for reponding. At the moment I'm trying to get the delivery proof from the courier service and will show it to buyer. If she insist I'll just do what Anon at April 26, 2010 7:20 PM said. Thanx so much! :)