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I fight back!

I own a preloved blogshop & most of the items are brand new and with free postage. yes, free postage. but i clearly stated at the side bar of my blog free postage is REGISTERED POST!

Not post express or pos laju for god's sake.! and when i send my account details (via emails or hp) i will give 3 different prices which is via REG POST(free), POST EXPRESS & POS LAJU. For example, the item worth rmx0.00 with free reg pos, rmx4.50 with post express & rmx5.00 with pos laju. so its up to them to choose either one of the postage + prices.

She wants via post express & she expected i'll give her free postage via POST EXPRESS???! Excuse me, who are u? my sister??!

What pissed me off the most is, SHE DARES TO POST TO SMWDY about me cheating the postage rate. WTF bitch??? Can't u read??? Is it my fault that your f*%$ medulla oblongata cannot interpret my f#*% TERMS & CONDITIONS????

If u dont want to spend for postage fee, then next time i'll use bird to post your parcel, okey???

*Editor's note : Sorry love, which post is this linked from? Mail me yeah?


  1. sounds like retaliation for this post

  2. hahahahah... this is a good one :)

  3. I am also a blogshop owner myself and i recently encounter such situation but not about the postage, about the dress...

    Bottomline, the whole thing is stated clearly in the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.. why don't buyers read that first before placing orders??? The TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE NOT FOR DISPLAY ONLY OR TO DECORATE THE BLOG PAGE....

  4. How about the cat's fur? Just curios...

  5. Sorry, let me clarify it... I was referring to first anon's comment, this post is related to the following post:

    In that post, she complained abt cat's fur... So is that true?

  6. Hey all sellers! Just imagine Xash (refer to her post on "Doing my part") took the previous post's (free postage with extra meow) complaint on this blogshop, and continue to blacklisted her? So stupid right?!

    Poor girl... Lucky you fight back! Support you! We should blacklisted this buyer!

  7. yes, i have cats, in fact i have more than 10 cats. but i do removed all cat's fur/fabric's thread on items before posting it, with fur roller. maybe i did missed some furs. so yes i admit that's my fault. so sorry for that.

    however, about the postage rate, i do stated every details even on the price (below item's picture).

    FREE POSTAGE (i may not wrote REG POST) but i did at the side of my blog.

    so obviously,there are not the same.

  8. i once bought an item from this particular blogshop. not only does the item was covered with fur(probably from the cat), but also the owner did not wrap the item in plastic to protect the item before posting it out. so you can imagine how terrible the condition of the item when it reached me. so irresponsible!!

  9. But since you do not remove the cat's fur thoroughly. You should bare the outcomes.

    Other than this, i visited your blog couple days ago. You didn't stated free postage is via registered post. I visited again today, and it is stated there already. Seems like you edited it after this incident.

  10. I guess I know which blog you came from. I'm one of your previous buyer and honestly, I got my item with cat furs on it too. I remain silent cause I'm lazy to argue on this matter. Somehow, it looks like some other buyer voiced it out finally.

  11. wuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. crazy cat laydeh!! HAHA

  12. Hello missy, dont u wash the clothes and at least put the items for sale AWAY from your cats??

    It's so unhygienic ! Yucks!

  13. The writer i believe did give a fair comment of what she had encountered when she was dealing with you. She did say that you have explained that the free postage is meant only for registered post. And you my dear has been very unhygienic and irresponsible with the presence of your cat fur on the item that the writer bought. For someone who is super allergic with cat furs i will and dare not buy anything from you.

  14. please la sellers, put the items that u r going to sell, AWAY from your pets!! if the items are covered with furs, i think that means your whole house is covered with it too. put it someplace where your kitties wont play with the dress/tops/skirt that we are going to buy and wear.

    DISGUSTING!! urghhh!!

  15. pls email us your blogshop. hhahah

  16. The seller do have the right to fight back for the postage mattter, and how did the buyer said her cheating the postage rates in her post. But, please read it clearly, the buyer said she think, which means it was her opinions only but not the truth. Other than this, postage matter seems like be a common things that happened in online transaction.

    Bear in mind that, the buyer highlighted the problem of cat fur in her post. You can fight back, why didn't you mention a single words about this? It was actually too obvious that you're wrong in this. Plus, it wasn't the buyer only who encountered this problem. Read thru all the comments in both of you(seller) and buyer's posts, you'll realised that there's other buyer who faced this when dealing with you!

    You don't have to use all those harsh words such as Bitch, Fuck or so in fighting back the buyer. Think yourself, you do did mistake too! And, why can't the buyer post her problems in SMWDY caused she's not only highlighting the postage matter instead she did a good job for letting the others know about the fact.

    Last but not least, I don't see any "free postage via reg post" in your side bar, post, T & C or whichever part of your blog before this. Surprisingly, I saw it appears in the side bar after I read this post.

    Miracle? Hah.
    Think twice before fight back, babe.

    You're cat-lovers, you may not be allergic with the cat furs but it doesn't means that everyone don't, okay?

    What if the buyer(s) are allergic with that? Will you bear for that? I don't think you'll.

    To blogshop owner who wanted to block this buyer, I guess you should block the seller first.

  17. she edited her profile? hahaha. scared is it?? im on buyer's side now!! :D

  18. I love cats. We love cat, but it doesn't mean that everyone love cats too!

    But how can you let your cats to contact to your selling items?

    This is very irresponsible and irritating! You don't go to college/ work with cat's fur on your attire right?!

    Yee... So geli!!

  19. Dear Writer,
    Let this be a lesson to you. That fighting back with base-less facts will get you no where.

  20. Exactly! For heaven's sake I hate cats to my last drop of my blood. Which blogshop is this? I can never buy from her. o.O

  21. In my opinions, you do have the right to fight back for the postage matter but not the cat fur matter. Why you didn't a single words about that(cat fur) in your fight back post? Obviously, it was your fault in that, and you just can't find any way to reply on this. You don't have to scold that buyer as a bitch and having fucking mind when she's trying to highlight that matter to others.

    In fact, you should think of yourself, why are you so unhygienic by selling these cat fur to others!

  22. It seems like not only one buyer who encountered the cat fur trouble but few. :S

    Yuck. Imagine you're wearing a outfits which full with cat fur!? Latest trend?


    Your fight back was just too fail, babe.

  23. Not only cats! Any pets! They are lovely to you, but keep them away from your stock.

    Are we suppose to STOP buying preloved stuff from those with pet(s)?

  24. i'm a seller and sometimes when i come across some blogs with the models posing with their dogs/cats..i wonder if their pets r clean n wonder whether anybody's going to buy them...

    i mean, i have a dog n to me, it's clean, but it might not be the same for my friends..they do wash their hands after playing with my dog..

    so sellers, just because u think ur pets r clean n so so cute (yes, they're cute), but we don't want a share on those furs/bacterias or watever smell on the items we buy from you..

  25. i kinda feel sorry for the seller. she's here to justify about the postage cost but every other people are scolding her for the fur issue.

  26. Why do u feel sorry when the crime is commited? That's like pitying over q thief after being caught stealing. Some people.....

    And then no apology but so gracious is calling someone else a kettle. Hello pot, look at yourself first please. If it was purely a buyer's misunderstanding, then you get other people's sympathy but in this case, sorryla. I wonder if you'd be as wonderful of a buyer when you receive your items with fur. Pfft.

  27. eh hello anonymous April 17, that is different lah. i feel sorry for her becos she's clarifying about something else but other people are attacking her for something else.

    she is at fault for that too, no denying that. but what i'm saying is, almost everyone skips the part where she's explaining about the postage issue and just hantam about the cat fur oni. its like u wanna explain about A but people keep on talking about B.

    whatever it is, i think she's in the wrong. about the cat fur, and the postage thing, especially after i find out she editted her T&C and such. but just cos i dont write everything i feel, dont assume i'm the 'some people....' who pities thieves or murderers. u're the 'some people....' who jumps to conclusion and think u're the only one who is right. pffft.

  28. LOL at anonymous April 17, 2010 9:16 PM. I agree with u. I understand what u're saying. She's explaining something else then other people divert to another issue. Yup she is at fault for both and after she changed her sidebar, i feel as though she's more at fault! But i also hate people who just assume what other people think like the anonymous 8:17 PM. Some more the cat fur thing is not a crime lah, just a huge irresponsibility of the seller.

  29. wtf anons that attacked her about the cat fur.i mean dont you guys read her comment about the cat fur.Clearly she stated there "so yes i admit that's my fault. so sorry for that." so dont go judging her about not feeling guilty about it.

    And unhygenic?please la you people.Stop being so gedik.Just fur,wash it before you use it lah.So the fur is not a big problem actually.You supposedly should wash brand new clothes before wearing it,so no point really,to be all emotional about the cat fur thingy.And btw to those that have dogs/cats at home,sama je lah!fur,no big deal.

  30. i pity both seller n buyer. seriously.

  31. To anon APRIL 17, 2010 9:42 PM, are you the writer of this post? Somebody terasa weih~ wakaka :P

  32. fur everywhere is fine?bokakaka... :P weird la... when you're selling clothes, you have to have at least a little responsibility of how others might think.

  33. anon april 17 2010 9.42pm,

    if you're one without allergic to animal fur then it wouldn't be a problem to you. but what if you're one? even when you wash it, it will be stuck in the washing machine and if you're allergic, before you even wash it, allergy symptoms might have shown up on your body. get it? so then WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL OF CLEANING IT BEFORE SENDING IT OUT?

    and mind you, back to the original 'postage' issue. did u not read she changed it AFTER the buyer sent in her story to SMWDY?

    seller, do yourself a favour by not swearing that much. save yourself that little bit of dignity and integrity will ya? no one likes a foul mouthed girl...esp one that is NOT telling the truth ie.changing T&C right BEFORE sending in story to SMWDY.

  34. whatever it is, i will never like the item that i buy to have fur all over the item. do you like it? for sure you won't like it. oh wait, u probably don't give a shit because u have cat fur all over ur clothes!

    the buyer may be wrong, i don't know if did modify ur T&C or not, but there are witnesses that you did that.

    i don't know what free this and that, but if your terms are clear cut, nobody will get confused. yes you wanna market your product, but this is called fail marketing ok? trying to be like air asia, free this and that but never mention anything about airport tax until it shows in the checkout page? tsk tsk tsk... please go and learn ethical marketing skills before even attempting it

  35. seller, you're doing a business here, even though it's preloved..t&c are important, so does customer service..

    IF you have no prob stating out your t&c clearly, then it's really just not your fault if the buyer blamed it on you..but some witnesses claimed that you edit your t&c before posting this story, that's just downright sneaky..tsk tsk

    be an ethical seller by not letting your pets in contact with the things that you're going to sell, even if it's preloved, since they're brand new..if the clothes have been in your closet, the best is that you clean it with fur roller and wash it (and state it on your blog now that some people have already known you)..

    just sell it back in the original condition the sellers sold to you (without fur i'm sure) then everyone's happy

  36. omg i wonder which blog is this.. can gimme any 'clues'? so that i can google search, cause i totally hate cats. thanks ^^

  37. omg , i am so glad you guys tell me about this! i nearly do swap with her!! and i am very allergic to cat's fur!!

  38. the seller did changed her t&c. i thought it was free postage for everything before :( because she didnt state anywhere that free postage means only for registered post.

  39. hey writer! Your potential customer: Anon APRIL 17, 2010 9:42 PM! If you ever have closing down sales, look for this anon, who doesn't mind to have cats' fur on her/his body!

  40. Fur on clothes - BIGGG no no!!!
    honestly will you buy/wear a cloth with fur all over? or even a single strand of fur? Please seller. don't mixed your pets with ur stocks or pose them in your salesblog.
    so unhygienic!

    to Anon APRIL 17, 2010 9:42 PM , it's like having your food with a strand of hair in it. will you remove the hair and eat your food? or u just pejam mata n makan? same here la. i won't eat it if i were you. so unhygienic.

  41. thanks for all ur 'supports'.

    firstly, i do state free postage, free poslaju, free pos express below item's picture. (some have been deleted after sold), so obviously, there are not the same. & i DO GIVE 3 RPICES along with my acc details. its not i lie to u AFTER U PAID. so, its really up to u whether u want to buy or not.

    i already admit the cat's fur thingy was my fault. fyi, i do removed cat's fur/fabric's thread b4 posting. i know its my fault, & that is why i didnt respond on my 'i fight back', instead, i apologized. im sorry, i mislooked.
    & no, i didnt let my cats sleep/pose/sit/eat/drink/pee/bla bla bla on my clothes, but as i said b4, i hv more than 10 cats, fur is everywhere, but i do remove with fur's roller b4 posting out. but hey, im not perfect, for that im so so so sorry. i admit it, what else u want me to do? kill my cats?? once, i received skirts + dog's fur. im a MUSLIM, & i didnt attack the seller, i just email her regrading the issue. we are all grown ups here. its not like i sell defects/tore/damaged items. to all CAT'S HATER, well im sorry but i found it funny for a human being to HATE an animal. but hey, i removed my cat's pic from my blog, & my items are in big box in my room, & fyi, i dont allow my cats to enter my room while im away *(hostel). i dont know lah, if they can open the box & sit in it. so pls stop accusing me if dont know the whole story.
    i am here to apologize for the fur thingy.
    its my fault & im sorry. if u guys still cannot accept it, then dont buy from me. ok?

    thanks for all ur 'supports'.

    p/s: PLS STOP POSTING UR 'OPINION' ON MY CHATBOX, for the love of god, im sorry.
    well, i assume, u guys are a perfect human being eh? well, im not, & im sorry for that. TQ.

    p/p/s: i didn't edit my blog for the sake of this i fight back, i edited it for some ppl's sake after this i fight back. ITS DIFFERENT.

  42. To writer: after posting this entry, u should know the consequences of it. your previous customer who has faced your poor service(with the fur) will definitely fire u back here. Although u did apologized, these are the people who has finally ready to voice up since u'r fighting back now with the curses and all.

    Yes its not a crime that u own a pet or more than 10 of them. But u mustn't mix ur personal life with ur business. for sure fur will be all over ur place and thus even after uve cleaned up the items, fur will still be on the clothes cause of the too many cats. maybe u should put it(items) somewhere else or not at ur house at all, which has no cat at all.

    In ur above comments, u said that we r all a grown up (civilized), but from ur entry here, doesn't sound like a grown up at all with ur curses and all just because of a postage misunderstanding.

    And no, it has no difference when u edit ur blog after SMWDY as that means that u still kinda cheat ur prev customer. Just get it crystal clear la nxt time so that no hassle will be done. faham x?meaning u have edited ur T&C recently, right after this entry, so meaning, there was still uncertainty of ur postage fee b4.

    Lastly, i think u still have to polish up ur customer service as for me, u sounded rude and has poor services.

    And to anon APRIL 17, 2010 9:42 PM, just like what i said to the writer, this is a fire back to the seller from her prev customer, she should be aware of that before posted this at first. u call people with asthma or allergic to cats or fur or cat's flee gedik?so inhumane ha u. buyers buy stuff for their involve money la we..mesti la sensitif even its about fur!

    even buyers wash their new-fur-free clothes...whats more if its from online and full of fur.of coz la it?again, u shouldn't mix people's personal life when dealing a contract like this ok.

  43. p/p/s: i didn't edit my blog for the sake of this i fight back, i edited it for some ppl's sake after this i fight back. ITS DIFFERENT.

    dear author,

    it's no difference that u edited it to be clear just RIGHT BEFORE you sent in your post to SMWDY. tell me who on earth would do that just right before making things go public with one's own retaliation? everyone with a sane mind would have known that if you're as INNOCENT and CLEAR as you have said, then why change right before you posted this in? just leave it as it is. who are those ppl? those that have already bought from you or those buying from you in the future(which i kinda doubt btw)? the damage is already done and the way you're handling this matter eg.cursing and editing AFTER all these happened do not show how grown up you are as how you said in your replies.

    whether or not your stuffs are put separately or together with your pets, it wouldn't make a difference if you did not clean your items thoroughly before sending it out. NO excuses for that. it's not that we readers here are not accepting the fact that you have furs on your items. it's the way you handled this whole thing and how you acted with multiple excuses that irk the readers here.

    take this as a lesson and brush up on your preloved items cleanliness before they are being sent out to buyers. oh, respect the one above and please dont swear too much.

  44. April 21, 2010 2:04 PM, you're damn right girl! whats with the cursing in ur post, writer? yeah so much for "we're all grown ups here". everyone knows that nobody's perfect, u dont have to be sarcastic and all by saying that "well, i assume, u guys are a perfect human being eh? well, im not, & im sorry for that. TQ." u're defending urself but u're still being rude. shame on you.

  45. im anon from APRIL 21, 2010 2:04 PM, go on writer, i want to know whats ur relpy for our comments here.go on

  46. Medulla oblongata is the part of the brain that is not functioning for interpretation, my dear author. It the cerebrums actually.

    First, I think this is not a big deal actually. Some miscommunication between the buyer and the seller.

    Second, About the cat's fur, is really unhygienic.

    Third. The buyer, please read the T&C carefully before you place any order.