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Your Great Wall Skin

I own a pre-order blohshop selling t-shirts for men and women. I started over a month ago and business is really great. Few days ago, a girl emailed me...

Her: Hi. Is this blogshop yours? Who is your the supplier? I understand if you do not want to tell me. I'm just asking out of curiosity. I love your stuffs and I wanna start my own business also. I wanna sell the same thing you're selling but at the same time I don't want to be your competition. Hehe!

Me: Hello. I am afraid I can't tell you who my supplier is. But thanks for liking my stuffs anyways :)

Her: Oh please, please, please tell me! I really wanna know! Or at least let me work with you? We'll share the profits together!

Me: ... Sorry, I really can't tell you.

Her: OK OK. How bout like this. I will buy the shirts at RMXX from you. Then I will sell it at the same price as you state on your blogshop.

Me: Er, I'm selling at RMYY. and if you wanna buy you'll buy at RMYY also.

Her: Then how do I get the profits?? I can't get any profits if i buy at RMYY. How much do you earn? How much are your profits?

Me: How much I earn is strictly confidential. You can sell it off at whatever price you desire. up to you. it's your blog.

Her: Fine. I want you to sell it to me at RMXX.

Me: I can't do that.

Her: OMG PLEASE LA. I need to earn also what!

Me: ...... *ignores*

I seriously don't know what to say to her anymore...


  1. @.@ all kinds of people around the world

  2. goodness. the gal is nutz

  3. If I were you I would've ignored her after the 3rd You're too patient for your own good.

  4. actually arr, from what i see among the readers who post their stories here (seller n buyer alike), most of them are TOO NICE it cause them headache n trouble!

    pls, gurlz, yeah i know malaysians r taught to be courteous n all, but ...pls do some favor to urself n ur business by starting to ignore crazy ppl ok.. ;) don't entertain them so much~

    anyhow, i'm slapping the buyer cos she's so ridiculous!

  5. OMG OMG OMG!! She's CRAZY!!! such a freeloader!! SLAP HER!! I'm not a seller but i respect their business and their right to keep their profits and whatever other info confidential. OMG!! SLLLAAAAAAAPPPP!!!

  6. "Her: OMG PLEASE LA. I need to earn also what!"

    earn la, earn it your own way..u dun start a business out of convenience..

  7. ini kes 'kebaruan' online shopping nie. LOL. people like these are freaking hilarious. XDD they just make themselves look desperate. two words people: RESEARCH & ORIGINALITY. like freaking seriously? c'mmon la.

  8. I wonder is this the same girl who asked for my supplier details. LOL

  9. could be! lol.. beware :)

  10. The most hilarious rant I've ever read!!

    I bet she's only 12? LMAO!