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No Student Discounts

Sometimes i am very pissed that buyer always said
" I am just a student, very TIGHT budget, pls give BEST PRICE"

I know this is very common. As i have quite a lot of buyer said they are student, keep asking best price for EACH of my item. And when gave the best price, they just went MIA....@#$%
I am selling some bags cost at RM500, already cheaper 70% than retail shop, but buyer still ask for discount for RM300
..yea, because they r just a student..

When my time i was a college student, i just carried a pasar malam bag that cost RM20.
So if you are just a student, do i have to pity you that you are on tight budget ah??Not my business OK...Isk


  1. Nowadays students are richer but vanity. They have no ability to earn money yet but want to spend like Paris Hilton!

  2. Seriously agreed with writer. If the buyer is just a student and can't afford expensive bags, then don't try to purchase a RM500 bag.

  3. Hello 500 bucks bag when she's a student? Oh puhleeeeez. Try harder.

    Kids these days! Way too high maintenance even before they earn it on their own. Pfft

  4. agreed with all of you..
    come on just a student ..don't dream to be Kim K. yet got long way to go..
    so at the mean time..don't wear such a big hat if you don't have a big head..


  5. what happened to kids these days?? so berlagak to buy things that they cant even afford? I did not own a handphone during my schooldays. If you want to buy expensive stuff, go get a job laa..

  6. You know kids todays are sooo much different... you see school children nowadays can afford to use all the latest handphone.... who else but their parents who bought all the expensive things for them..they are now so pampered.. (but not all la)
    If i have kids (hopefully in future..hehe) I will teach them, if you want all this material things, you need to earn for them and work for it.. dont just simply hope it will fall down from the sky..

  7. i'm a student, and yupe, i now own the RM10 pasar malam purse. so yeah, agree with writer if i'm not that 'hilton' enough to have even the 'inspired' prada yet. tak buat monthly budget ke weiiii. ;P

  8. Seriously some of them just mengada only. Some of them will come to the store and act as if they afford the whole damn shop. Try and try like goddamn nobody's business. Take picturesla, kecoh sini kecoh sana...then in the end they will give you this puppy dog stare and say "sorry I don't want all of them" or something like "I can't afford it, mom will kill me" WTH! You students think we only work to hang your goddamn clothes is it?? Get a life!!

  9. Yea. Not to look down those student, but we seller not selling for charity one. Sometimes those student buyer requirement just way too ridiculous...