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Do you know what you just named?

This is a "mengada-ada" story so take this as a warning if u hate stories of this kind.

I think sellers should at least get the names of the things they're selling right. I saw a blog selling a dress with zig zag pattern and the seller states it as "zip zap pattern dress". And the famous peplum skirt, labeled as "plepum skirt" i honestly thought it was a typo but other posts and in the cbox also the seller used the term plepum.

And sometimes sellers just put whatever they think is right. A seller sold a top exactly like another blog is selling except the other blog's top has slashes and is kinda edgy. The other seller's one is just plain. She named her item "eggy slashed top" instead of "edgy" and there was no slashes. So funny lah!

Sellers, please at least do some research before posting things. If u're not sure try using google. Then u'll know whether an eggy plepum zip zap dress exist or not.


  1. long time ago, got this one famous blogshop (who always had this "reserved" status for her items every time she update )also named her item as "loo"
    i LOL all night and email d seller if she understand d meaning of loo. she said yes, and she told she purposely put that name bcos its funny.

    0_o ?

  2. omaigod so true! lots of sellers just bantai write whatever they want. long ago i saw a seller selling a paisley printed top. she named it parsley top. hahahah!

  3. and chanel and CHANNEL -.-

  4. spotted:
    -a lace TANK named as "LACE VEST"
    -Stud belt named as "SPIKE BELT"
    -a PLAIN skirt with chains named as "RING PANEL SKIRT"
    -two layer chains headband being named as "FRINGED Hairband"
    -a metallic tube dress being named as "PLEATHER DRESS" (what is pleater??)
    -a top being named "ANY HOW" (???)


  5. can i know the name of the shop...jz feel like having some

  6. and smoked back dress as smoking dress -_-"

  7. yes! what u said is true! the comments all also true! i noticed got a few people slap buyer. i guess its these sellers. hahah! sore losers.

  8. I think you mean "smocked". Smoked wouldn't apply unless the dress was made of salmon.

  9. Sellers has dyslexia symptoms!

  10. pleather is plastic leather = artifical leather. smoked dress instead of smocked dress is pretty common too!

  11. i think pleather is legit tho, its plastic+leather i think. google it!
    and yeah the smoked dresses make me laugh too.

  12. 'channel' and 'smoked' might have been a typo. unless they repeat it over their posts. lol!

    pleather is PU leather, what's wrong with that? i'm quite used to the term and some sellers write that too.

    i know you're talking about the blogshop that the owner is posing here and there, doing the 'wow' face expression and all, haha damn so funny la that seller!

  13. FYI, Pleather is artificial leather. Plastic + Leather= Pleather. So don't laugh at the poor blogshop owner just because you don't know it yourself.

  14. Pleather is plastic leather.

  15. let's LOL million times!!!!
    especially the part "eggy slashed tops"
    the tops are slashed with egss, maybe??

    LOL XD

  16. my pet peeve is smoked for smocked and stripes for straps. ugh.

  17. my fault for that pleather part.
    as when im typing 'pleather' in this post, it is autolined with red line(i thot its not exist).

    at first i tot the seller wanna type 'pleated' not 'pleather' (cos the tube is somewhat pleated at the chest).

    apologize. n no offense~

  18. Seorang pembeli jugakApril 9, 2010 at 7:03 PM

    biar lah blog tu nak namakan ape barang diorang pun.
    bukannye masalah ko pun kan wahai buyer.
    ko order, bayar, tunggu parcel pastu pakai sudah..
    tak yah lar nak comment bende yang remeh temeh mcm ni.
    haishh..tak faham betul.
    tak smua orang ade blog ni tau fashion.
    kadang2 nak cari makan. ape kesah diorang tentang nama2 fashion ni.
    apa yang penting...demand ada! haha

  19. i hope some sellers would learn by now that it's "smocked" not smoked.

    but still lolersk8s. good post :D

  20. to seorang pembeli jugak :
    writer had stated there that this is the mengada-ngada story (in fact it was on the very first line!) so don't read it if you hate it. its easy!

    though you've got a point about some of them might know nothing about fashion. but still, you're the one who should stop complaining about things and stop reading smywdy if you don't like complains.

  21. kepada seorang pembeli jugak, yang kau emo sangat apahal? ada family member kau or kawan kau ke yang jual eggy slashed top tu? kau faham tak maksud nya? baju bertelur! kau nak beli ke?
    maybe kau tak faham english sgt sbb tu kau x kisah ape name pun kan?

    a word of advice: sellers wanna get involved in fashion, increase their knowledge lah! maybe sellers awal2 xtau banyak, tambahkan lah ilmu! sebab tu author suggest guna google!

    kalau kau jual makanan pun, kau main letak je nama apa je, ok ke? apam balik jd apam terbalik, tak gelak ke customer? whatever u get involved in, u have to increase ur knowledge n make sure what u're saying makes sense.

    the point here is, if u wanna give the thing ur own name, like squirkadoo or something that u create, its ok. but when the description actually means something else, itu yang problem. dari nak cakap baju tu edgy jadi baju tu bertelur. nak cakap baju tu paisley printed jadi parsley, a sort of garnish. itu yang xleh bla! smocked jadi smoked, apa kau asap baju kau dulu ke sebelum jual?

    i hope seorang pembeli jugak gets what i'm saying, creating ur own code name for the item is ok but when u mislabel it or just bantai describe it and it creates a whole new meaning yang jadi masalah.

  22. seorang pembeli jugak, u obviously cant read is it? the first line warns not to read if u hate mengada-ada story.. now u read n wanna create problem oni.. haiya..

    it is masalah to buyers becos it makes the blog owner looks stupid. no excuse lah dunno bout fashion..u dunno u learn! dont matter whatever u do oso have to learn.. even if u sell food/own a law firm or anything u have to have knowledge lah..

    but i think u misunderstood,its not about the name as some sellers do give names to their item, like based on songs or just anything..but its the damn description that u need to make sure is right.. if u go restaurant got sell "nasi lemak kao-kao" then u read description special nasi lemak served with karang, kencang and telur garang. it creates a different meaning right? same goes lah.. instead of meaning a smocked dress u get the meaning the dress is exposed to smoke (asap).

  23. asap baju hahaha tu dah kira mandrem dah tu.

  24. seorang pembeli jugak is obviously a seller who sells these ridiculously named items. hahaha!

  25. OMG. You people are cracking me up!

    I have got to open a restaurant that serves apam terbalik, nasi lemak with karang, kencang and telur garang.

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA! And I'm guessing seorang pembeli jugak must be a seller actually. (whose english is bad so she feels insulted)

  26. SPOTTED!!!
    A blogshop with a dress name : NICE BUST


  27. or perhaps the seller just have a sense of humor?
    Who knows?