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You Ala Cheapo

I own a preloved blogshop and there\'s this buyer inquired about three of my items which is XYZ. X is at RM20, Y is at RM30 and Z is RM15. the buyer asked me can she get all three at RM30?


I was pissed because she was being soooo unreasonable but i acted cool. so i laughed, and told her its totally unreasonable and sorry i can't make it to that price. she got mad and told me that i stated at my site that for certain items price are negotiable but i also stated there "please be reasonable".

How come for all items (mind you, they're all brand new/unworn and item Y is with tag!) that cost RM65 without postage, she offer me more than half (!) of the price which is RM30 and i bet that's including postage. wth! i replied her mail with my best price which is RM60 free poslaju and she went MIA. Okayyy, at least i did offer her something better right?

I googled her mail, because her mail looks so familiar to me. Ended up she own a pretty well-known preloved blogshop too. Being corny (haha), i mailed her using my personal email, inquiring a bag at her site which is bag A and priced at RM70. i asked if she can lower it to RM30 with poslaju and you know what she said?

"Hey! that's totally unreasonable! its brand new with tag, can't you see it yourself? its only RM70 and its considered cheap already!"

I laughed like hell i tell you! she\'s making herself look stupid. she should actually say that to the mirror! damnn i hate such customers, and i know she hates it too (by the way she replied my mail with all the exclamation marks).

So why is she making me hate her? so so unreasonable!


  1. you should have copy pasted the email exchange between u two when she replied u that la. haha. bad thing to do but who cares la with such buyer/seller. let her malu sikit.

  2. Karma bite her in her a55 !


  3. I really don't get it!! Why does everyone slapping he seller?? Clearly the buyer is at fault for being a numbnut!!??

    Slap buyer peeps!!

  4. so ridiculous people nowadays!
    never think of the other party's feelings.

  5. Perhaps she's buying your stuff to re-sell at her site or something? least her face was thick enough for her to ask for unreasonable discounts. :P Perhaps her rather bully-ish tactics do work on other sellers. Anyway it appears that this person is either not very intelligent or pays no mind to her image as a buyer herself. Let's all wish her more buyers like herself for her business! >:D

  6. how come got people like this? u should be ashamed of urself! cheapo cheapoooo~

  7. urgh..i hate unethical people like the buyer. they just want to make money and is just plain rude!

  8. u go, seller! u totally nailed that sucker! ;p

  9. i owned a preloved blogshop too and i promise there is people like this out there. been here done that. muka tak malu. i hate this people! what i hate most, nego sampai nak mati, in the end, MIA. wtf!

  10. yes, i agree!! i hate it when they ask too much for a discount. just cause we say nego, doesnt mean u can put at a such unreasonable price.

  11. i got one buyer like this but worst. i reduce my item price to meet with her demands (cut 50%) including postage so that i can at least clear my closet.... and she MIA. WTF

  12. please mail me the blogshop

    thank you!

  13. I wanna know who? Mail me =) if you're willing to expose the cheapo haha!

  14. expose the cheapo pls