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Meet you halfway?

This is just something really funny. I'm a seller and once i got an email asking about postage. So i replied, poslaju for West Malaysia is RM7 and East Malaysia is RM9.

The customer replied, okay!, i am from Selangor, so i pay RM8? ... selangor in between west and east malaysia??hahahahaha!


  1. she might never goes to school

  2. Tell her RM8 is Laut Cina Selatan. No postcode required!

  3. i think she doesn't know that sabah and sarawak does exist in malaysia map.

  4. takpelah

    dont la kutuk her
    she s at least so honest asking for RM8
    unlike some buyers, always ask for free delivery bla bla bla...

  5. ya lor..kesian..

  6. tell her buy extra items.. she get rm8 lor..
    win-win situation ma ;)

  7. although kesian dekat that girl for not being naive, i need to tell u that i hate it when the seller like u charge more than the standard rate for poslaju..rm5.80 for semenanjung and rm8 to sabah sarawak (unless the item is heavy)