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Taiwanese stock

I sometimes get irritated when I see many blogs selling pre-order/ready stock Taiwan based stocks. Most of the dresses/tops/bottoms can be found in Sg Wang/Times Square etc.

What I'm irritated in is that why blogshop owners mark up their prices so high compared to the shops in Sg Wang/Times Square. Eg : RM29.90 marked up to RM45?

Saying things like petrol fees, need money etc is a little over the edge don't you think? Considering that running an online blog excludes many many cost fees like renting a shop and paying workers?

Yea I know some will say if we complain so much, why don't we go to the shops itself to buy. But isnt it suppose to be like that? We shop online hoping that the price is lower, you sell online to reduce cost?


  1. Please remember that BLOGS purchases in SMALL quantity, as compared to some of those in Sungai Wangs. If you dont already know, some of the shops are own by the same owner.. hence they buy in HUGE quantity. They get to the factory themselves and cargo in themselves. Some blogs buy from sub-purchaser which have already make some profit out of it as a middle person.

    If Sg Wang is cheaper. Get it there then. Why complain?

  2. Then dont shopping on9 lah! ~

    it based on the more u order from spplier the more cheaper price u get..

    maybe u should open ur own on9 shop, then u will know how much its cost.

  3. Contrary to what you may believe, not everyone shop online solely because prices are lower. Many people shop online coz it's a lot more convenient and it saves time.
    If you are not comfortable with paying a certain price for goods, no one is forcing you to purchase it. You can, in your own words, go to shops to buy.

  4. Lol. This buyer clearly thinks the world revolves around her and her preconception of "online shopping".

    It's the sellers prerogative to fix any price they want and it's the buyer's prerogative to buy at the price the seller has set. If you're unhappy about the price, don't shop online (or offline, as it may be). No point getting all irritated and huffy because no one really cares about how you feel or think the sellers should behave.

  5. Give yourself a good slap
    please ;)

  6. the writer is irritated coz thinking that seller are making so much money and getting richer and richer ;D hahahaha!!!

    what ever it is, u can do your part.. by not buying.

  7. Those physical shop they ordered at least 50pcs and above for the same item. (cause they have not 1, but FEW physical shop in sg wang and tru out malaysia) While online seller only order 1 or 2 pieces of the particular items. Hence that's the huge cost gap there.

    Also there're tons of supplier out there and not all seller get the same supplier. Furthermore, they import using container while online seller mostly uses air to transport their product. Also ship using air is alot costlier than using container.

    Another point is the quality. My friend did complain to me about the quality in Sg Wang, She bought a RM29 BLACK blouse, and everytime she wash, the colour came out, and now her blouse is GREY and not BLACK colour. Whereas she bought from me, RM40 - RM70 ++ no discoloration,doesn't shrink, etc.

    Just that online shopping you won't be able to feel the quality of the product.

    Photo only serve as a reference on how the style looks like, there are more than 10 different manufacturer with 10 different quality of the same style.

    Furthermore, online shopping provide convenience as you just stay at home, make the payment and get the parcel deliver it to your home / office.

    If you prefer to go to Sg Wang with all the traffic jam with human and cars, then go ahead.

    Why complain? If you think such blouse / dress doesn't worth paying for, then don't pay / buy. We did not force you to buy anything online.

  8. Dear writer,

    Its not easy operating a blogshop. Heck, i think its even harder compared to physical shops. Cause u have to take pictures of it, write down measurements, reply all customers inquiries (in which case, 70% will not end up buying). Then there's the wrapping and posting of the items. And customers are pretty demanding these days (no offense to anyone tho). So yeah, marking it up RM20 is alrite wit me.

    If you are unhappy, then follow the advices given by all the other ppl here. Just don't shop online.


  9. I understand the writer's plight though, I usually shop online too since it's cheaper but there will always be a problem with quality, sizing etc etc etc
    I guess you pay more at stores because they include a percentage of the rent, electricity bill and so on in their marked up prices,
    So would you rather buy a cheaper dress when you can't see the quality
    Or pay more to actually try it on?
    It's your choice and always will be :)

  10. my my you must be one of those annoying customers who bugs sellers constantly. slap yourself dear ;)

  11. yes please B*tchslap your self hard. u think its easy to take photgraphs, wrap, do postage etc?

  12. I think online shopping is convenient since I don't live in KL/Selangor to visit Sg. Wang/Times Square every weekend.

    So I really don't mind paying a bit more. If I were to go to KL, I would still have to pay for petrol/toll.

    I think the writer is too self-absorbed. Why do YOU shop online, anyway?

  13. y i got the feeling tat u guys r all sellers who r defendin urself. if u put urself in the shoes of buyer, i guess ya all wont gif all those comments

  14. what the write said is true oso wad. but be a smart buyer la. if u like wadever sg wang sells,just buy it there. but whatever u cant find there, just buy it online if u like it so much. :) i love shopping both offline n online :)

  15. kesian la the writer...i think she's just being honest n juz wondering...i read this, i oso overlook the point that physical shops buy in we get it already, kay.. ;)

  16. That's why I would often go down to Sg Wang or BTS..sometimes even pasar mlm to get clothes. So, don't complain too much la. You have got the choice to not buy from them and buy from physical shops itself. This is business anyway. If we're the sellers, we would have done the same thing as well.

  17. sellers should at least set the price accordingly. people should consider before buying from those blogs, and not buy on impulse and regretting. oh well, i do agree with writer that these blogs are sucking on people's blood. therefore, boycott is the only solution!!!!

  18. agree with Chris ALOT.
    its definitely not easy and there are MANY MANY backout buyers who would ask ask ask and not buy. if you get bored of the clothes so easily then dont wear clothes la, go out naked ^^

  19. I think the writer deserves a slap well not that I'm siding sellers, just so you know.

    Think of it this way, from RM29.90 to RM45 I think is still alright or reasonable. At least they do not mark it up to 60 plus (that's totally blood sucking) which some of the sellers do.

  20. my points taken..

    one more thing though, just so you know, some people shop online because it's cheaper as sellers do not need to pay for rents & etc.

    there are also people shop online to look for unique and rare stuffs, imported stuffs and expensive pre-loved branded bags and such.

    just because you have your own reasons doesn't mean that the reasons for online shopping are the same as yours.

  21. i bought a belt in summit last year which cost about RM 10 and just now saw a blog that sells exact same belt for RM29.90.WTH?i thought shopping on9 suppsoe to be a lot cheaper?:(

  22. yeah shopping online suppose to be a lot cheaper!
    and that taiwan clothes mengarut! some of the sellers took advantage posting those pictures of taiwan models/clothes but didnt order them or have them in stock..bullshit

  23. Agree with anon #1. For all you know, the cost price that the online boutique paid might just be RM25 or something! So you expect the seller to sell at RM29.90 like those shops in SW & BTS? Do you know, those shops earn slightly lesser per piece but they sell in large quantities. So they definitely earn much more than online shops. Heck, their business is so big la! How to compare?

    Then again, there are some taiwan pre order shops who mark up way too much. I've once bought a dress at RM75 which to my dismay was seen sold at RM29 only somewhere else. However, I am aware that my dress might be of much better quality. Different shops might use the same exact picture but the clothing are of different quality, simply because they are all from different factories copying the "real" brand.

    Bottom line is, there will always be a risk associated with shops that use standard Taiwan models pictures. Because we can't tell the quality of clothing from the pictures. And what you pay for might not always be what you get too.. so i will personally try to refrain from purchasing at those shops. No offense..

    Oops lari tajuk :p Sorry!

  24. To anon April 19, 2010 5:03 PM, those sellers are doing pre-orders I believe. So of course they don't have stocks on hand and have not ordered the stocks yet. This is just another business model which I think is quite a smart one. Get your facts right before you go around scolding people mengarut and bullshit la..

  25. For your information, postage from china to malaysia is freaking expensive. not to mention the bank charges when we make payment to supplier's china bank account. we do not order in large postage per piece is expensive. Not to mention the effort we put in to manage the blog, take pictures etc. If you were in our shoes would u sell for RM29.90? ..wen some of the clothes already cost RM20+..