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Miss Kiasu

There was this buyer who ordered a couple of sales items which made us glad cause we were hoping to clear the stock.

However just when we updated our site today, she emailed saying that she wants to cancel that order.

Well, that sucks. What can we do, right?


She had the nerve to place an order for the new items. The real joke is that: without waiting for an email reply from our side with the invoice / payment details, she banked the money straight into our account. And her payment did not include postage costs.

I just find it so rude, firstly that she canceled her order. But the fact that she had the nerve to just bank in the money straightaway without waiting for a confirmation from our side was just really bad.


  1. Then how you settle this problem? refund to her? or asked her to bank in for the postage?

  2. Why does some people slap seller? I don't why is the seller at fault when clearly the buyer was being an asshole?? Anybody care to explain??

  3. Well, what would you do if you were in our position?

  4. Seems like she really did want the other item and perhaps she felt bad about backing out of the other orders. Anyway and either way, she's still purchasing from you what? Furthermore, her early payment meant that she's already reserved the stock for herself. Unless she's expecting free postage, perhaps she's just gonna discuss the postage charges with you later? Not such a big deal la, chill. :)

  5. turn the tables by asking her to pay postage and make sure she settle her payment 100% before posting it out.

  6. At least she is buying somethg from u (mayb higher price stuffs too) n bank in promptly. Wat isit to complain?

    its the sellers who usually imposed the first pay first serve rule, prob she dun wana miss out the item she like?
    Postage - just notify her u wud release oni after postage paid

  7. yup, give her the items when she had settled the postage payment.

    I don agree with the reason 'at least she's buying from u'..this is not about whether she's paying ur money or not, but it's about following the terms n following the rules..ok la, some rules can be a bit flexible, but this one, she immediately bank in w/out notification/waiting for confirmation, it will hassle the seller in terms of keeping record i right, author?

    this is just my 2 cents..

  8. just ask for postage fee la before u mail the item. is that hard?

  9. ppl still buy from you also nak complain. back out pun nak complain. stop whining la.

    if you don't have the tenacity to be in this business and all you do is complain then you really shouldn't be doing this.

    if it was easy then it wouldn't be much of a challenge. if you don't think it's worth it then don't do it. if you want keep doing it then just suck it up.

    u sellers r such whiners seriously.

  10. hmmm well as a regular buyer at a couple of blogshops I normally pay upfront without waiting for a confirmation as the blog shops I buy from impose a ruling first pay first get so if at all I am late I just settle for a refund. I think you are just being petty you cant get rid of your sales items but in business we win some we lose some. Still you can just ask her to pay for postage . So far the blogshop I buy from seems ok that I pay immediately so really no fuss....

  11. well, yeah, that's a bit annoying but at least she's still purchasing from you..

    you should just kindly ask her to bank in the postage fee to complete the purchase and so you can post her items immediately..tell her politely and i guess she will just bank in the postage fee..

    she's probably just doing this so that she can avoid missing out on the items (maybe she really likes the new ones)..and she's waiting for you tell suggest postage method since she bought a few and don't know if they can fit in which postage method?

    some customers are like that..what you need is patience and it'll be fine..

  12. never say no to money coming in! =D
    do some costing.. and if bearing the minimal postage rate still ensure you a comfortable profit, then accept it and clear the stock.
    but of course, some buyers need to be taught on buying ethics. i wud recommend to email her to accept the sales and nicely inform her this postage is complimentary ONLY for this time, not for next purchases unless stated in your site.

  13. beli pun salah, org cancel pun salah..byk complaint la seller nie