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Free postage with extra meow

I browsed thru this preloved blogshop who're selling most of the brand new items at lower price the other day. And, i fell in love with this gorgeous top which selling at rm X0 with free postage only! What a great deals.

So, without hassle and much thinking, i mailed the buyer, confirmed my order. But guess what, she quoted me another new price which is rm X5 with post express. A 5bucks higher than what wass stated. Hence, i started to argue with her about the price. She then explained that the price stated was only for reg post but not post express as what i demanded.

Okay, i accepted the explanations but why couldn't she stated clearly that it was rm X0 with free postage via reg post? It somehow make me felt like she didn't state it clearly cause she can quote another price when the buyers requested for different postage. whatever it is. I paid for it finally at the agreed price which is rm X3 with post express.

After 2 days, i got the top. I opened the envelope excitedly, expecting it was a nice top as what I saw in her blog. Yes, it was. Not only gorgeous, but there's cat fur all over the top! wtf. So, i guess I earned something else other than the top, which was the cat furs!!! why am i so confirm it was cat's but not dog's? cause the seller posted her lil cute kitten/cat at her side bar of the blog!



  1. i think i know which blog is this from. same thing happened to me as well. ):

  2. tht's so unhygienic! how can one sell stuffs with pet fur allover it! this blogshop should be blacklisted! imagine if buyer has allergy towards animal fur!

    mail me please at thanks.

  3. can i know the blog please.

    email me at :

  4. oh.. some ppl r insensitive bout this.

    i'd like to know which blogshop since im allergic to any furs. it makes me sneeze.


  5. omg,i think i know which preloved blogshop this is!i recognize the "lil cute kitten/cat at her side bar of the blog"

    but just to be sure,can u please email me:

  6. may i know as well?


  7. I know this blog..
    Just browsed it this morning..
    I was going to buy something from this shop but the cat/kitten at the side bar made me disgusted(I'm a cat hater) thus I immediately closed my tab(no offence to cat lovers)
    And now I read this on SMWDY..

  8. i think i have an idea which blogshop is this, but just to make sure could you mail me pls. thanks!

  9. i want to know which blogshop is this.. really interested. please email me the url.. thanks

  10. can sumone pls email which blog is this?

  11. i want to know the blogshop too..
    mail me ya.thks!

  12. Oh this must be the link to the trending topic of fur and postage anyway yea mail me the blogshop too. I utterly hate cats!!!