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When wrong is clearly not correct

Few days ago, I got an order from my blog and it was pretty quick & easy. She ordered via the order form with all details, paid for it and sent me an email saying payment was made. Standard procedure... I replied Thanks for the payment. Will send the item out the next day.

I mailed out the package the next day and emailed her with the tracking number (pos ekpress). THEN I got an email from her,

"Thanks for the quick response :) Did you send it to the right address?"

Whoa... I quickly replied "You gave me only 1 mailing address and that's the one I sent to" I even copied that address into the mail.

Buyer : "Oh thats the wrong address"
Me : "Sorry I only have 1 address from you that I copied from the order form you sent"
Buyer : "Yeah.... thats the wrong address...."
Me : "Did you send me an email with the correct address?"
Buyer : "No..."

I was actually kinda stumped and was racking my brains to see what I could do to help before I replying the last mail but before I could, she sent me another email with a very interesting revelation on her part.

Buyer : "You do realise that I probably wont be getting my package, right?"

In my head "Yes you genius... that is usually the case when you give the wrong address. Would you like a prize now?" but I told her I'll wait out the weekend to call the post office on Monday. SLAP ME WHY DONT YOU???

If anyone's wondering, NO, i dont think i'll be paying for the extra cost to resend the package to the CORRECT address when it finally gets re-routed back to me. Right?


  1. didn't you ask her why the heck she give you the wrong address?

    sengaja nak cari pasal?

  2. why bother la i guess... not going to help. I'd probably puke blood if she told me

  3. why the hell did she even gave you the wrong address? what's her point anyways? crazy buyer!

    and i agree with you, you don't have to bare any more shipping fee for her to get her item back.

    she needs to make up for her own mistake of purposely giving you the wrong address and considering that you have replied after her payment stating that you'll be posting the item out the next day, she still didn't email you her correct address. it's buyer's fault for sure!

    buyer, if you're reading this, you better GO TRANSFER PAYMENT FOR YOUR PACKAGE TO BE RESEND TO YOU!


  4. if the address is valid (other who knows who house/office), i don't think they'll re-route back your item.

    If is Pos Laju, maybe easier for you to re-route it.

    unless they pick up on monday then possible for you to re-route it...

    good luck dude

  5. buyer is so......urgh! juz plain rude n stupid..

  6. im just curious. can u please email her back n ask her why she gave u the wrong address at 1st place? i just dont get it

  7. hmm maybe nex time u should copy paste her details and emel it back to her asking if all the info are correct, then only post it to the buyer. if the buyer give wrong info, it's totally at her fault..

    because maybe only after u give the tracking number she realised to have take a look at the sent emel..and walla she accidently type out wrong address ?

    juz sharing a piece of mind,.. =]