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Would you deduct RM4.50?

So, here's what i'm wondering.

A seller posted on shopping gazebo stating that her item to be sold is RM65 including postage (pos ekspress). fine, pos ekspress cost about RM4.50?
She also stated that she does cod at X place with no extra charges.

Say if i were to buy from here, and cod at X place, would the item then cost rm60.50? :P

sellers, what say you?


  1. Don't be a cheapo buyer...

  2. actually, buyer should minus it out? since it's inclusive of postage and if it's cod, postage price can be deducted out already?

    and anon2, it's not being cheapo or not. common sense if one said postage inclusive, means the price is inclusive of postage. so one opting for COD should pay for postage too?

  3. er what about the petrol ? .. the time ?.... like are u serious ? ....... be fair la .. dun be cheapo !

  4. buyer, would you minus out if you were the seller?

  5. if it's rm65 inclusive postage, and you opt for cod, then minus la rm4.50 postage charges. it's not about being a cheapo. just saving money mah~!

    and if i were the seller i'd minus it out and just make it rm60. kan senang.

  6. and so buyer no need to factor in petrol and time? big deal about the petrol and time. this is reselling things tht you do not wish and not doing a business here.

  7. Aiyo guys don't call her cheapo la. :P Writer did not insist that it's her right to claim the item at the price -postage. Merely asking ma. :P If I'm the seller, I'd give u an RM2 discount at the most (after deducting petrol fee), hehe. Happy? :P

  8. COD also have to charged la cos ur asking the seller go OUT to meet you. the transportation expenses is inclusive lor.

    item + pos express = rm65

    item + Travel expenses + Time = rm65.

    got it? wad la u.


  9. i'm a seller, and i would minus that if the cod place that the buyer choose is FOC. it's not cheapo, it's just that if it's stated included postage, you should deduct it. if there's COD charge, just add the cod charge to the deducted price.

  10. "cod at X place with no extra charges."

    So how can you talk about petrol and time? The seller clearly said "no extra charges".

    I agree with author. As a buyer, I would definitely minus the RM4.50. I'm shocked that a lot of people seem to disagree (according to votes).

  11. Ya not all cod r free but buyers always make it as tho seller are obliged to cod foc.

  12. the writer got a point too. the price stated is inclusive of postage price charged by Pos Malaysia. Since it's COD, no postage charge involved. She posted that question most probably because there are some blogshops that charge slightly cheaper for the items COD-ed. And some blogshops COD FOC, hence this issue raised. Pity some sellers who calling names to the buyer just because she voiced out a pretty relevant issue/question. Slap this kind of sellers!

  13. definitely minus it out..i sold couple of items in shopping gazebo and did not charge postage charge if its cod...common sense..

  14. ya, all i understand is that the seller had confused the buyer..

    if inclusive postage, y wud she want to say COD some more kn? huhu..seller, pls amend this error in ur blogshop.tq.

  15. Free postage and free COD are both an offer given by seller.

    What kind of greedy buyer who want to minus it out from the price?

    Seller strongly should charged FEE on COD.

    Malaysian buyers please do understand COD is much hassle and wasting of petrol and time and energy to carry lots of items to wait you to pay!

  16. If seller and buyer meets at a convenient place for seller, what petrol and time expenses need to add pulak? Unless buyer wants cod somewhere far, lain cerita la then don't have to deduct. *slap head* and s'more say no extra charge for COD so deduct je la.

    Relevent question and don't simply slap labels like cheapo to people for something like this. No manners betul.

    BESIDES, won't most sellers already factor in time+petrol to their price?

  17. sometimes they offer FREE postage. but during COD, the price will still be the same. meaning the price is already postage inclusive. because they offered FREE POSTAGE.

    free postage is not free COD!

    why free postage? why not free COD?
    some sellers have poslaju or pickup van to come and pick the items to send, save up petrol, and sometimes they do get discounts too for postage so its pretty much okay to give free postage to their customers. but as for COD, the seller herself need to meet you up, her time, her petrol. probably she's busy and all. and she needs to take the risk whether the buyer will turn up or not. cuz the 'perfect' time for backout buyers is during COD. that you have to agree with me.

    its easy. don't go for any hassle. you pay, you get. its better to opt for postage if items are stated FREE POSTAGE or POSTAGE INCLUSIVE. don't have to trouble yourself and the seller.

    peace :)

  18. I am very agree! The reason why she put it that way is she hopes that she can save the trouble of COD. Buyer will opt for post. :) Since it is free delivery to your house, take the deal. Why want to make people and your life buzy with COD?

  19. anon apr16 238pm

    buyers opt for COD for their own respective reasons. as a seller, u WANT to sell then it's your responsibility to make it happen.

    most of the time people opt for COD is because no one at home to take the parcel. so if it's being sent to the post office, wouldn't it be a hassle for the buyer? so going to the post office dont require time and petrol la? as said times before PLEASE FACTOR IN the time and petrol before selling/reselling ok?

    this is what i dont understand about readers here. paying extra for postage bising2. then when one SHOULDNT be asked for postage when opting for COD, everyone will go agree and slam the buyer for being cheapo. hello? cuckoo?

  20. Anabelle: If everyone cuckoo in commenting, the this blog can close shop already! ;p

  21. COD have to charge, maybe rm 2-3 but 4.50 cannot make it lah. buyers will always find the cheapest method to get the item, so i don't see anything wrong.

  22. Wah liao eh... everyone seems to have every excuse there is!

    Personally, if I write there postage included, here are my options :

    1) I will deduct the postage out if the COD was done at my time & place of convenience. IT IS STATED MY CONVENIENCE.

    2) If I dont deduct the postage, I will state in the T&C that no postage deducted should you choose COD. Dont say NO EXTRA CHARGE.

    Malaysia has the most nonsensical online business rulings I have ever encountered. Just by reading the comments here was actually enough to prove it. Fact is, everyone makes up their own rule as they please.

    Please go on ebay or any foreign shopping cart sites. All basic international regulations apply. Clear simple ones too. Try la your shenanigans with them and see what you get... Damn I miss my days in UK & US!

  23. LOL, you people have really gotten so confused..

    here's the quote from the writer:
    "A seller posted on shopping gazebo stating that her item to be sold is RM65 including postage (pos ekspress). fine, pos ekspress cost about RM4.50?
    She also stated that she does cod at X place with no extra charges."

    so to clear any of the clouds in your mind:
    1. yes, pos ekspress costs RM4.50
    2. price is RM65 and inclusive of postage fee

    so yeah, postage is included in RM65, so is COD charge (i'm guessing since it costs around the same). and she stated that she won't charge you more than RM65 even if you choose to COD.

    I rest my case.

  24. I totally agree with tee, its simple English for goodness sake!

  25. agreed with tee. however the post seems only a question. maybe to test respond from readers like us.

    the best result is to ask seller first before commit to buy. u dun expect everyone to have same kind of English level as yours and mistakes do happen. maybe the seller meant something else or maybe the buyer thinks something else. best is to ask and to explain in simpler words.