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UK14 is the new UK8?

It's normal for some buyers to not know their size, hence why the measurements are provided to help you decide if it's fitting.
But Miss Fatty(not her real name of cos) must have failed maths in school.

Ms Fatty: Hi, i want the Dress X. Im a UK8, you think can fit me?
Me: Yeah sure, the dress can fit up to UK10-UK12 at least. You definitely can fit.
Fatty: Okay okay, I want! My mom also wanna know if she can fit. She's bigger than me.
Me: Umm, how much bigger? If it's just by a jeans size, she must be about UK10 so I think most probably can fit.
Fatty: oooh, okay. COD can?

Then goes the whole procedure of setting COD time, date and place.

On the COD day:

I saw Ms Fatty approaching and I was shocked. She is not even a UK8 as she claimed to be. She's about UK14++. And her mom is just about UK16 i think.

First thing that came to my head was that she definitely COULD NOT fit in this dress. She would tear it apart. 

So i went up to her & her mom, and told her that i'm sorry but I dont think she can fit in the dress. Before I even continued she answered me:

Ms Fatty: You that day told me I can fit? Now say cannot! *angry face*
Me: Cos you told me you were a UK8. That is equivalent to our size M here.
Fatty's mom: My daughter can fit size M what. She got a lot of clothes at size M.
Me: Yes, but those are probably M sizes with bigger cutting. This dress is a standard M cutting.
Fatty: I am the standard M cutting. My this top which Im wearing, it's M!

In my head: WTF WTF that's an XL size.

Me: *takes out dress* See, Im not lying. I stretch it out also maximum can fit this much.
Fatty: I want to try.
Me: Im sorry dear, it's against our policy to let customers try their clothes.

(which is NOT true! I allow trying but I know for sure she'll rip the dress apart. I don't wanna take the risk)

Fatty: Then how, you wanna sell to me or not?
Me: You can buy it, but Im telling you it wont fit you cos it's an M size. Not the bigger cutting M size you're wearing.
Fatty's mom: You saying my daughter fat?
Me: No, just big-sized and this is a small sized M dress.
Fatty: Which means you say Im fat la! I wanna buy the dress!

She then shoves the money at me and she walks away with her fat mom.
How rude okay? It took me a lot to control my boiling anger on the inside.

That night, email:

Ms Fatty: You lie, it's an S size, not even M. Why you con me?
Me: I did not con you, it is an M size but you keep insisting to buy it.
Fatty: I wear M size but this is really not M size.
Me: i don't care what size you wear, but that dress is an M size and to be honest, you are an XL and your mom is an XXL so no matter what, you both CAN NEVER fit into that dress. Nextime please shop at a plus-size store or blog.

I have to admit that was a lil harsh at the end but it worked cos she stopped replying.
Seriously, they need to check their eyes (both mother and daughter) and see their REAL size in a REAL mirror. Geez!

p/s: No offense to all plus-size people who are reading this. Ive just never met anyone who wouldnt want to admit their real size and accept who they are.


  1. i take it u never been overweight before dear.... u're not wrong in saying wat u said , infact i thought it was nice of u to tell her before she purchase it ... HOWEVER , maybe u should handle it abit better .... be a little patient ... coz if someone said to me i can't fit a dress , i'll take it very personally ..... so be a bit patient yea ....maybe u could have taken out the dress and showed it to her and let her know that u have a policy of not changing orders after a purchase is done ... so if she keeps on insisting she wants it , it's her fault for not aknowledging her size ..... and ur part is done .. other than that , i still think you shouldn't have said that it could not fit her .

  2. AHAHA YOU DAMN FUNNY SELLER, i love you :)

    And to anonymous above, yes i know it's harsh, but it's a mean world out there, and if you wanna be successful, you gotta take criticism!

    I mean if seller lies and say can fit, her reputation will be ruined, and obviously, it will tarnish the relationship between seller and buyer also right?

    So might as well tell the truth, in hopes that buyer will realise that YES, she is fat.

  3. hahahahaha. i sooo know how thiss girl feels a plus size also.. im size 12...

    sometimes i just buy clothes online eventhough i knew i wouldnt be able to fit them bcz sad to say, all plus size ppl live in denial.

    we keep telling ourselves tht "ohh i'll go on a diet" or "i'll start to work out and for sure i cn fit the dress" but we never do tht!!

    so i think the first part what u did was okay actually... just the second part abt telling them off to shop at plus size was a BIG NO NO..

    mcm u ada customer yang damn skinny kaw kaw then u tell her off to shop at some aneroxic shop... its the same thing..

    but that girl should know also laaaaa...suddenly want to point finger at u... butdont worry... both of them are in a denial... hehehe

  4. I'm with you seller! Some people are just living in denial and cannot accept the truth.

    Slap buyer!!

  5. Seller, you could've been more tactful as the first anon said. So I slapped you!

    But buyer should know her size lah. Maybe she's a US 8? That would be the same as UK 12. So she probably does wear size M, refer to this size chart:

    UK 8 is only a medium in our fucked up Asian world. Overseas size 8 would be S or even XS.

  6. hahaha!
    I like the story
    Once I was really fat that I think I bloat up to UK10/UK12
    But now I am around wearing UK6/8, however sometimes I would still ask the owner if I could fit into those dresses knowing that most blogshop dresses are in mini size (mostly for the UK4-6)

    Anyway agreed that those ladies do not have any mirror at home. LOL

  7. as a seller, she is kind enough to provide measurement and to let her know whether the buyer fits on the item she's selling or not.

    most buyer dont even provide the size measurements and for the ease, it is always label as 'free size'...

    since the seller already told her that it couldnt fit her, the buyer somehow needs to understand and tolerate. rather than 'I don't care, I wanna buy the dress', went back home, tried on it and later on complained to the seller 'U r liar , bla bla bla'... so,what's the hell with the measurement provided earlier? just for fun??

    Plus size should be aware that not all nice clothes could fit on them. Sometimes, I do have problems with the sizing as I am skinny. therefore, as a precaution, i refer to the measurement often to avoid unfit clothing.

    I guess it is just an attitude of seller/buyer to deal with this one. BOTH MUST BE UNDERSTANDING. Don't la go purchase items which u r unsure and then later on complain this and that.. Sellers also 'pening kepala' wei... As a buyers, u have the right to ask and to know in details the item u wanna purchase and it seem that this buyer kinda nice to provide those details... just an opinion as i am also both seller and buyer

  8. one of the most dreaded thing ever... daughters in denial WITH their enabler mothers. Seen this before, I understand parents will stand by their children but cases like these are sickening.

    Such as the case of the pariah blogshop owner and her enabler lawyer mother. Like mother like daughter. If only if it was for the better of mankind... but no, they stink.

  9. i don't the seller is wrong but in my opinion, just a little patience and kind words would be better :)

  10. eh anon who used to be size 12 and now size 6, just wondering, what did you dooo????omgg i need tips!!!! hehehehehe

  11. Finally, after such a long time, a truly entertaining story got posted in SMWDY :)
    What a refreshing one compared to most recent stories.
    Seriously, what's the probability of meeting 2 whackjobs like the ms and mrs fatty?
    Seller, I sympathize with your plight.. but it's really funny!

  12. IMHO, just provide the accurate measurement in cm or inch (along with the uk or us sizing), dah settle.

    Its kinda harsh btw, shoo-ing her off that way. :p

  13. The buyer is so in denial and I agree with anon April 30, 2010 9:12 PM, one of the most dreaded thing ever: daughters in denial WITH their enabler mothers! So I slapped the buyer!

    However, I agree too that writer you are kind of harsh in your replies. Although it worked at the end, but maybe for your reputation sake you should have been kinder in your words. You know that buyer is in denial, so she will insist that you are wrong and she is right, what if she goes around telling people that you conned her? So I slapped seller too. Sorry writer :P

    Btw anon April 30, 2010 9:12 PM, i SO KNOW which blogshop you are referring to. Seriously, I wonder whether the said mother is really a lawyer! :p

  14. Well yea, the buyer was being super dumb, but you still didn't have to name her 'Ms Fatty'. That's just mean.

  15. I dunno. Maybe she thought that UK8 = US8.


    Size 1 US is S, so yea.

  16. Hi all, thanks for the comments. I should've been mire tactful I know, but I kinda panicked when I saw them during the COD and when they talked to me, I felt kinda belittled cos it was kinda like two against one.
    You should've seen their faces, not that friendly and kinda scary.
    But yeah, the last bit when I sent that email, kinda harsh but I was just so fed up after how they talked to me earlier. Just couldn't help rubbing in a bit of salt after all that stress.

    But if buyer happens to be reading this, I am sorry but please understand why u said what I said.

  17. dear seller, i totally understand your feelings. especially when she said you con her and you were already being so honest with her! i have nothing against fat people but she should've been clear what she can wear and what she cant. im a uk6 and tall and i've bought dresses that i cant fit into cuz its for uk4 and petite. :( but living in denial and then blaming you is too much :/

  18. I am a size 12 lady or UK 14 and I dont even think I can fit UK 10!

  19. Hi Seller. As a seller myself, I would have been pissed off with a buyer in denial like that.

    But I agree with the first person who commented. She took the words right out of my mouth. You really could have said in a different way. If I were the girl, I'd be more offended that you told me that I could not fit than going home to discover I can't fit it.

    I don't agree with the others who commented that harsh words is needed. You wouldn't like it if you were in their shoes, so what makes it ok for you to be rude to her in her face?

    Seller, you should have just reminded her that if the clothes don't fit, there's a no-return policy. You DID NOT need to tell her she cannot fit it. Mind your own business. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

    And seller, I sympathize with you, but the fact that you named her "Miss Fatty" puts me off and for that, I think you deserve the slap.

  20. i agree with anon may 1, 2010, 11.43pm. ;) yeah, i've been overweight, overweight or "more to love" ppl are more sensitive, mind u..

  21. Hmm, isn't UK8 like S size:)? I'm a typical UK10 (M) size:). I think either the buyer is living in denial that she is actually a UK 12- UK 14 rather than a UK 8, or she misunderstood that UK8 is actually the same as US 8.

    But that is impossible considering the seller is nice enough to take out the dress and stretch it to her to tell her that UK 8 is a small cutting dress, that can only fit up to S or Small M. The buyer should very well know her own sizing to be "smart" enough to buy things online. Also, i think buyer is abit ridiculous shoving the money to the seller, buying something that she knows she wouldn't be able to fit it even after "being told" in the face, and then later coming back to say seller had conned her.. Aiyoh.. really so funny la..

    If i happened to be the Ms Fatty.. i'd be thanking the seller for helping me to save money lo.. or just walk away and said thanks i'll shop at offline store, don't want to risk buying something that i can't wear..

  22. OMG this is the most hilarious post so far! ladies, please be sure of your sizes. there are blogs and sites all over the internet helping you with size charts.

    i was thinking that too.. that she mistook UK for US size. LOL

  23. HAAHAHAAHAHAHHAAH funny! pity u Ms. Fatty. she's just obsessed with the M size. obviously.

  24. I think maybe the buyer's just not used to shopping online, and how many clothes online are Asian size (smaller) compared to Western size (bigger).

    My clothes usually have to be one size bigger to accommodate my bust, but I find that I fit into large M/L easily in mainstream clothing retail chains and even in European brands like MNG.

    Thus, I was initially really shocked when I shopped online, checked out the measurements, and saw what size the measurements corresponded to. Online, I'm borderline plus-size! XD

    The buyer's definitely in the wrong for acting the way she did, but she may have reacted strongly due to feeling hurt & embarrassed/taking offense that a nicely shaped person (seller)is telling her that she's big sized.