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Is it still new?

i don't get the point of blogshop selling brand new items but the fact they modeled it.
Is that consider as brand new items?


  1. duh. u go buy at retail outlets also like that. even if u dont try it, other people before u might. and maybe more than 10 per day. still brand new right?

  2. LOL. I seriously think this writer is freaking dumb. Sorry.

  3. omg quit complaining lah lifeless creature. If the sellers don't model it then how are they going to show off the outfit and mind u i am a seller and i usually take one set of attire for modeling purposes only so it belongs to us and we will ask our buyers whether they mind taking ours if there is no stock.GEt a life lah! If u don't like it than visit blogs that model on mannequin lah!GODDDD!

  4. Yes, it's still considered brand new. Get this into that thick skull of yours.

  5. yay for all anons! this buyer needs a big on her face!

  6. hahahahhahahahaha

  7. urgh..i hate this kind of people..if we don't model our items..they would say we're lazy and kept pestering and requesting that we do,n if we do model our items, then they say "why is it still considered brand new? didn't you modeled it already? should be considered as second hand"

    SERIOUSLY?? these kind of people are just HARD to please...whatever we do will ALWAYS be wrong to them.. ;s

    to buyer...i wonder how DO YOU purchase your clothes? dont you EVER try them on? u should say this statement while looking in the mirror....


  8. Just to all the sellers, modelling and trying them on is different.
    Who knows how many hours u spent taking pictures in that particular dress/top/bottom.
    And those who take outdoor pictures, don't tell me you don't sweat.
    Hence, its not considered second hand nor brand new. There are blogs that I came across that actually sells their modelled clothes in a lower price.

  9. So annoying!


  10. slap this girl kao kao

  11. eh u buy new clothes u dun wash before wearing isit? so disgusting ka? if u wash before wearing anyway, then why u harp on the fact that it's been worn/modelled before? sajer so can use it as a point to haggle right? alaa dun like dun buy laa!

  12. @anonymous April 21, 2010 12:37 PM

    If you say this to everyone, might as well close up the whole blogshop atmosphere cuz everyone has everything to complain about.

  13. @ April 21, 2010 8:06 AM

    "There are blogs that I came across that actually sells their modelled clothes in a lower price."

    So do all of us a favor and go shop at those blogshops instead. :)

  14. chill la people. she's only asking.

    Hey writer, usually the sellers wear their own piece. they would have many stocks. only preloved doesnt. :)

  15. @anonymous April 21, 2010 1:44 PM

    why must close the whole blogshop atmosphere? what u talking about? can u read properly ka? buyer dun like then buyer dun buy la. can always go to another blogshop where buyer got less to complain about laa...why so extreme must close everything? duh!

  16. Hey writer,

    As a blogshop owner, what i hate most about doing this is in fact the modelling bit. Its very tedious to change in and out of the clothes and pose here and there just to get some clear enough shots of the baju. So, why are we still doing it? It's because we are asked to by the buyers!! When i started off, my clothes were hung on hangers against the wall, i was asked numerous times to model em for better viewing and so i do now.

    Trust me, its not as easy thing to do and given a choice we would love not to, but hey, customers are asking for it. So please understand that we are doing it because we have to.
    If you are concern about hygiene issues, just wash 'em before wearing.

  17. its so very true.modeling in the clothes is very very tedious and very tiring.

  18. alaa..many buyers memang mengada ngada, request for seller to model wei seller is not model and dont need to model if dowan ok. u think everyone same height and body shape meh? give measurements already should be sufficient much sellers earning from 1 pcs of garment sold? hello? not worth the time laa. all u sellers who are doing this part time will have all the time in the world to give in to these kinda silly requests laa. thats why buyers ngada ngada laa

  19. Yes it's really tiring. And you bloody retarded buyers, we usually keep the piece we modelled for ourselves. BIMBO.

  20. To Sellers..

    use mannequin lah !

    Surely sellers have make money.. enough money already right ? so don’t be such a cheapskate lah.

    For better viewing of that item u r selling use mannequin!! then u’ll find yourself getting a lot more buyers coming + higher sales.

    If the sellers’ earning from 1 piece of garment sold is not worth the time modeling it , then.. use mannequin lah ! its faster.

    .. USE MANNEQUIN lah cheapstake sellers !

  21. hey sellers..

    when buyer buy new clothes, whether buyer wash it or not before wearing is another matter.
    the issue here is about buyer having to pay for a used-item.. (that is : item together with the seller’s sweat n armpit smell n body-odor) yukk!! ..
    n some seller actually wear it (as in for outing/class/work/etc).. then later sell it.
    so it’s like they don’t have to own any item of their own.. coz everything eventually paid by buyer (especially the unfortunate one who buys that particular piece).. to them buyer dont know so dont care la.
    sellers wants to make maximum profit ma.. greedy n stingy sellers.

  22. in shops buyer can request for a new garment that’s still sealed in plastics. even if after trying or after knowing that the garment have been tried by other shoppers, at least in the shops buyer knowingly buy the garments they tried or other people have tried on.
    but online sellers can be saying it is brand new.. n that the one u modeled was ur own piece etc.. but buyer wouldn’t know it.. u probably have only 1 of each garment u r selling. n it is that 1 that u had on u.

    so.. it is the fact that buyer can clearly see sellers put it on them.. makes buyers have second thought about buying it.

  23. how am i supposed to know if the person who modeled it doesn't have any skin disease? the sweat especially their armpit.

    can you just got your blogshop a mannequin instead?

  24. some sellers are so perasan cantik ma...
    they think they’re pretty. n they got stuck in that excitement that they forgot mannequin exist. that’s probably the closest they can get to becoming a model.. ;D

  25. To Anonymous April 21, 2010 12:26 AM and Anonymous April 21, 2010 4:19 PM and
    Anonymous April 21, 2010 11:01 PM ,

    how can sellers be wearing their own piece to model ? they would have many stocks. too many to keep as ‘their own piece’. how many pieces will they eventually be keeping as their own stock ? it doesn’t make sense right ??? and it doesn’t make money for the seller. they sure wear n then sell it… coz making money is the main reason why they are selling.. the reason why they are sellers. so, how many will u sellers end up keeping if u were to keep every item that u have modeled ? sellers are not charity org / non-profit making biz.

  26. this is for Anonymous April 21, 2010 12:26 AM and April 21, 2010 5:00 PM and all sellers who r not using mannequin but instead modeling it --->> Mannequin is the answer.

  27. but got some people very idiotic want...
    Use mannequin already, still email us and ask if you could model the dress?? #$%^&&$%#$$%

  28. so why entertain such request.. when have already use mannequin. then both are idiots lor. 1 is idiot , for requesting it. another 1 is idiot , for listening to that idiot's request.

  29. i think all those anons (seller) who swear here are 'terasa' because they modeled the clothes themself.that could tell us why they are a bit defensive here.LOL

    put hygienic purposes in your priority first,then making profit.i dont think sellers still keep those modeled clothes for the sake of modelling it.we are not that stupid you know.

    p/s : use mannequin lah!

  30. i'm a seller and i use mannequins, in fact i dont even entertain requests to model the clothes. my advice to all sellers is to do the same. judging from this post and all the comments, buyers dun appreciate the whole real human model aspect so why u sellers go n susahkan diri then in the end kena bite back somemore? now u all feel stupid rite? hahaha

  31. Umm, i'm not really particular whether the blog models or uses a mannequin for their clothes as i usually wash the new purchases before wearing.
    Even if bought from retail, same thing.
    But all famous blog shops models the clothes themselves because somehow its different on human i guess, more live and the angles are clearer.
    And i'm sure they could afford a mannequin or maybe a dozen even but their customers don't seem to mind. I have to admit i always anticipate updates from blogs like these cause somehow its more attraction than looking at a dummy.
    Just an observation and my two cents.

  32. i think there's no harm in modelling the clothes, as long as they sellers are clear about it.

    just inform the buyer beforehand if any particular piece of clothing they're interested in was used for modelling purposes. if they want it, ok la. if not, don't buy it.

    don't la marah-marah people. lol.

  33. dah lah tu......

  34. omygod...the first few comments were so FIERCE! pity the akser/writer/buyer.

    SMWDY, i thot there WAS a similar post to this before in ur blog archive?

    my answer to writer will be simple - dear, sellers always have stock, the one they model cud be theirs to keep, do not worry if they hv been using it ke ape, cos they sure got more stocks one..(but i dunno la, SOME sellers might cheat by giving u clothes that they already modelled n din wash!) the best is, u wash the clothes first la b4 u wear k? ;)

    but for pre-loved items, wud b a different story.. ;)