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I see boring things

I see same things sold online only with different prices charged.

I'm getting really bored. sometimes i see the same exact material used as a dress also used to make shorts/tops.

Where's the originality? No variety.
I bet most buyers are getting sick of seeing the same things offered but on different blogs.


  1. agreed! which is why i only stalk vintage and pre-loved blogs now; vintage for unique stuff and pre-loved for cheaper (may be generic) items! it gets so frustrating that i'm forcing myself to pick up sewing just for the heck of it =.=

  2. True!

    That's why I choose to buy only the rare ones! ^^

  3. Well, you can't expect a wide variety of items since most of the stocks are from the same source. Online sellers don't actually design and produce items they want. If you want variety, just go offline shopping :) You won't get bored, and you could get a VARIETY!



  4. i shop online alot, & i dont visit certain ones which are like "big shot" alrdy so they increase their price ALOT when you can see the same thing for like RM15-20 cheaper at a less famous blogshop.
    and a tip, go to the category 'Mixed' blogshops, cause if you choose the 'Online Boutiques', sure will see the same thing :)

  5. aha slap buyer. must be those sellers with no originality slapping the author. lol.

  6. please, they're just sellers who want to provide good stuff for their target customers - you.

    they're not fashion designers or something. i don't get why this is an issue. stop whining. it's up to you whether you want to buy or not. i'm an avid online shopper and that seems fine to me. at least we have a choice to buy the same item at a cheaper price at "less famous blogshop".

    next topic please

  7. yaaa, this is not s'posed to be a rant la...

  8. yea i see most online shops selling the same kind of items, got really bored la. So i decided to open a blogshop as well, thinking that the clothings i sell are not the 'typical online'
    ones. But then, until now i hardly get customers..haih.. but i dun mind, because maybe they're not online shoppers taste. so i dont know what exactly people want. huhu..

  9. yeah true especially on baju baby..all the same..claiming authentic summore..what a lie..

  10. hahaha
    maybe there are wholesaler n reseller.
    just think positive.