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What do you think huh?

I'd like people's opinion please.

Seller states that buyer can text for fast reservation.
Buyer A EMAILS seller an hour after update about an item.
Buyer B TEXTS seller six hours later about the same item.
Seller did  not have internet access so she did not read Buyer A's email and told Buyer B that she'll reserve the item for Buyer B and have arranged COD.
Later on she sees the email and decides to reserve it for Buyer A instead.

Can anyone tell me what is the right thing to do? Since Seller already reserved the item for Buyer B. Should the person contacting the Seller first (Buyer A) be given priority or the person the Seller already promised to sell to (Buyer B)? Also, the seller did say for faster reservation, text her.

Thanks all :)


  1. well duh..of course buyer b got their purchase since u got the sms its not ur fault that the internet is down.n plus ya..u already stated fast reservation through sms. u just have to appologize to buyer a n will inform her if the item is on sale back.dun b stupid ya

  2. to shazamahamat,
    the writer is the buyer not the seller,
    you ask ppl not to be stupid but you yourself misunderstood the post T.T"

  3. The buyer A or B don't even know if she's the first, second or last to book or order something.

    That's online shopping. "Luck" is playing a big part in it.

  4. I suppose the seller should omit her order through email since she said fast reservation through SMS, what's the point of buyer sending in emails then? You never know who comes first & who don't. Might as well have this system that you place order by SMS. Fair for all buyers. Is either email or sms, no?

  5. shazamahamat, to quote urself, dun be stupid ya. pandai panggil orang lain stupid when u're the one who misunderstood this post. if u wanna call people stupid and give advice as if u know everything at least make sure u get the facts straight.

  6. Thanks. I'm Buyer B actually. The Seller told me the item is reserved for me and i was waiting for her to give me her account number. Since she didn't reply, i texted her again after that cos i wanted to make it a fast deal and pay immediately. I even emailed her an hour later. 2 hours later she texted me asking for confirmation but i was in class and replied 30 minutes late. She then replied and told me it was sold to another buyer as she had waiting all this time for my reply.

    I told her it was unfair since i told her i wanted it, even reminded her, emailed her and such. Then she told me that the other buyer actually emailed her earlier but she can't access her email so she did not know and reserved for me. Apparently the buyer had more priority and i was late in replying her message.

    I don't know about who has more priority, which is why i'm asking it here. But i did try to get her to reply me but she took her time replying, even hours late and when i replied 30 minutes late she said she had been waiting for a long time so she sold it to the other buyer.


  7. owh sorry.didnt notice that as im too furious as ive faced the same situation before as a bad

  8. what a bitch.. i think the seller is just greedy and wants fast payment..which is why she sold it to the other buyer.. she even said to text for fast reservation n u did n she even said she'll reserve for u so that means u got priority.. seller just twisting her words to sell to whoever she wants..

    even if buyer a really emailed her earlier, its seller's fault she missed the emailed and seller is supposed to sell to who she already promised.. some more she was late in giving account number when u already reminded her but u're only late 30 mins also already impatient and wanna sell to others.. i hate sellers who take their time replying but when buyers are a little late they just sell it to other people..

    can i know the blog please?

  9. well as a seller i think it's the seller's duty to check....she may have not have any internet connection at the moment, but she should make an effort to go online...what i would do is when i get sms regarding and item...i would ask the buyer to wait 1st so that i can check on the availability of item..then try go online and check any email so see if there is any other buyer requested on the same thing..if there is..then i would check on the time of the emailed being delivered from buyer A and the time i received the sms from buyer B..and if buyer B is earlier then priority should be given to B and likewise..

    so my point is...the seller should not straight away say "yes i'll reserve for you buyer B" without checking her email...or else seller would just have given her false hope when in the end she wouldnt be getting the item..

    but in this case, i believe that since she already promised to you..then it should be yours buyer B, and not buyer A despite the email was sent earlier...i think at the time of communication if there's already an offer and acceptance by both parties than it's binding..

    n in your case there was...but in buyer A's situation, at the time she(seller) accepted your offer, buyer A's offer have not been look into at all...

    just my 2 cents ;)

  10. that's y, I don't like order through SMS/phone calls. creates a lot of confusion and unfairness. :( i really hope buyers will understand.

  11. i think buyers understand but then DONT FREAKING GIVE the number lah if its gonna create confusion. some more buyer said even got write "text for faster reservation". if it creates confusion and unfairness then dont use it! just use plain old email.

    yes maybe buyer a had more right since she emailed first but since seller had no internet connection then and already reserve to buyer b so buyer b is entitled to it, more priority.

    so if buyer b already made payment then seller check email n see buyer a's email then what? cancel the order of buyer b because buyer a emailed first? ridiculous! whoever the seller promised to reserve first is entitled to it, regardless of when the buyer contacted her.

    like anonymous April 8, 2010 11:59 AM said, we buyers dont know we are the first or fifth or last to reserve but once the seller already promise to sell to that buyer, she gets priority. bullshit lah this seller, she wants fast money only and cannot wait even half an hour.

    if her internet is down for 3 days or a long period then how? say buyer a emailed on the 1st april, buyer b text on 2nd april, seller already reserve for buyer b, buyer b wants to pay already but still waiting for account number from seller, on the 3rd april seller give account number.
    buyer b is on the way to the bank to pay at the same time seller got internet, then seller saw buyer a's email. is seller gonna stop buyer b from paying?
    i bet NOT since she's gonna get the money soon and if she sells to buyer a have to wait maybe later that day or 2moro for payment. not all but SOME sellers are really greedy and selfish like this.

    i do hope these sellers get to feel what its like.

  12. it didn't say the internet was down, just said she had no access to internet. you can't be in front of the comp 24/7.

    Looking at the facts I'd go with buyer B as the rightful buyer. I think it's not so much of who sends in their orders first, but whose order the seller receives first. If the mode of order is only via e-mail, then naturally the person who sends in her order earliest would be deemed as received by the seller first and therefore should be accorded first priority. If mode of order is via e-mail or sms, then whichever the seller receives first should be given more priority.

    In this case, if the seller read the sms first, that means that the seller received the sms order first and should attend to it first. So buyer B should be the rightful buyer to the item.

    I think the whole point of providing the sms mode of order is so that the seller is able to RECEIVE the orders faster. If she's gonna give priority to whoever SENDS in the order first (in contrast to whose order she RECEIVES first), then she should just stick to e-mail, cos no matter what whoever sends in the orders first would get priority anyway. It'll just make the sms mode of order redundant.

  13. alaa..seller bodo la..if wanna do business via sms nonit to ask ppl email laa. i am sure seller has thought of the possibility of this happening before she set out the rules. text if want fast reservation? so email means the buyer wants slow reservation isit? means u can reserve it next year la? bodoh gila..i hate sellers who ask ppl to sms all..

  14. frankly speaking, it's the seller's choice to sell to whoever she wants, and the truth is, the buyers never know who actually comes first... unless the seller is free and stupid enough to tell the story from beginning to end. but i think since the seller already reserve the item for you, she might just as well sell it to you, then tell the other buyer that the item has just been reserved. personally i think the seller is just creating troubles for herself...

  15. I suppose, if the seller works on a first come first serve basis, technically it should be buyer A who gets the goods. But I understand the frustration of buyer B. :(
    Better luck next time?

  16. first come first serve means first order received first served. not first order sent first served. that is just stupid. then why the hell put for fast reservation, text seller?

    if her phone dot have reception and buyer A sent an sms first. 3 hours later buyer B email her. she sees the email becos she has internet access then sell to buyer B is it unfair to buyer A? no right? becos she dunno buyer A sms her and the first order she received is from buyer B.

    same goes for here. she got buyer B's sms first and already told buyer B it was reserved for her. its 1 thing she managed to check her email if buyer B already paid and then she saw buyer A's email and since buyer A emailed 1st does it mean buyer B's order is cancelled? stupid la sellers like this. this seller is greedy, does not know how to manage blog and also stupid for actually telling u that there is another buyer who mailed her first. may i know the blog please? is it a preloved blog? sounds familiar.

    the 1 thing i hate most is the fact that she already reserve for B, and cant wait even an hour for B's confirmation n sold it to someone else. i bet she made up the story about A's email to justify her action!

  17. if i were the seller i'd give it to Buyer B. since seller already said she'd reserve it for buyer B.
    bad choice on the seller's part this time.

  18. ok fine, anon April 9, 2010 2:25 PM said its seller's choice to sell to who she wants, but if already reserve for a buyer and cant even wait for 30 minutes for the confirmation doesnt it shows she's not fair and plain greedy. like the other post, set me on fire. maybe they're the same seller. UNFAIR GREEDY PIG SELLERS!

  19. I think the seller should just sell to buyer B since she got that reservation first.