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Oh it's you again...

I got this buyer who bought / ordered from me 2 times.

1st time went ok, payment in time, etc

2nd time, she wanted to order but pay end of the month. As her track record is ok, so I proceeded with her order and she confirmed that she'll make the payment to me by end of the month, when the goods arrive (pre order items)

Her 2nd order was amounting to RM200 ++, and when the items arrived, I email her regarding the payment, no respond, sent 3 times email and 1 sms. Still no respond.

This happen end of last year. As she's consider a back out buyer, so I deleted her add on my msn messenger.

But surprisingly, she have the guts to msn me yesterday and telling me that she wanted to order and tell me that she'll bank in on the same day.

I was thinking, should I stop taking order from her? is she trustworthy? should I ask her about the back out order? I really wanted to know why she back out her order on the 2nd time. And yea, her items is still with me, still unable to sell it out, only manage to sell off 1 out of 3 items she ordered.


  1. OMG is it that girl from Whackjob Queen??

  2. back out buyer will always leave you in mess. the best is make her pay full amount before you proceed with her preorder :)

  3. Nop nop, I don't think so. Should be different buyer.

  4. Ask her to pay for the old items if she wanna order new stuffs. And if she don't want then don't take orders from her.

  5. ask her why did she back out before..but i still think you should take her least,u r able to sell ur garments right?

  6. yeah, agree with the last anon..

    you can still take her order, after that, ask her why did she back out on her last order..whatever her reason is, just tell her that this time you will only place order with your supplier AFTER when she has made payment.

  7. always read that buyer would like the blogshop url for bad seller, but I think bad buyer should also be make public and let other seller know bout him/her.

  8. Ask her to clear the payment for her 2nd order first, else don't fall into her trap again.

  9. Writer (if you can) please update us on what you did and what is her response, so that we know the whole of the story. ^.^ Thanks.

  10. Well I think she did read SMWDY as after my post, I was waiting for her reply on the code and suddenly she said that it's her friend that placed the order last time and later her friends back out. Then I told her that she should have inform me, as I sent 3 reminder email and 1 or 2 sms (I don't sms my customer unless I have no choice) and there's no reply nor respond from her. Then she said that after that incident she didn't place order from me til now (I'm like errr....didn't sound anything related at all)

    As the closing date is within 24 hours, and waited for her loooooooooong respond (maybe she's at work)then I told her that she can order, but no advance order, she'll have to make the payment only I'll place the order for her.

    After 1 - 2 hours, she then msn me, but not providing the code that she wanted, but instead asking am i there? etc, even I replied within minutes, but no reply afterward and no order was placed.

    I did informed her that the next day is the closing date and she told me that she'll make the payment by that day itself. But as she didn't feel the urgency to place an order, so I didn't rush her as well.

    If she really wanted to order, she could had email her order to me directly, instead of msn me and asking me whether i'm there or not.