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Measurements not valid for discounted items

I chanced a upon this blogshop which is having sales. Saw a Jacket which catches my eye but no measurements stated (neither are the model's sizes stated). The models are pretty petite and it looks very tight on them.

So I emailed for measurements.

This is the reply I received :

Sorry we can't provide you measurements. The items are on very cheap sale so we can't compromise much time for it.

HUH? I mean come on la if you buy from malls some 70% sale also u can try. I'm not talking bout trying here. Even if you're at bazaar where clothes are not allowed to be tried on, at least you could see the size.

But in this case no helpful information about model size/ or jacket size just because its on sale. Does it mean buyer had to buy on their own risk?


  1. Same like the retail shops. Best buy items no trying. :p

  2. You cant try at retail shops but you can gauge the size cos you're holding it. Buying online with no sizing whether its sales or not is WRONG!

  3. Exactly, ridiculous isn't it? Or plain arrogant?

  4. Desperate for moolah case. Pui.

  5. no wonder ppl don't wanna buy

  6. -_________- seller is so full of shit la..