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Your nose is pointing to high now

I've bought from this blogshop for a couple of times before.  Back then, she was still selling contact lens and pre-order bags.  Recently, she updated with many pre-order items which included clothes as well.

I have to say, the pictures feature Korean girls and without any real pictures of the items themselves.  However, I commenced with my order and bought more than RM100.  Normally, other blogshop owners are more than willing to provide free postage.  However, she was not relenting and i paid for postage which was around RM15. 

Oh well, it was pre-order then so I knew the items will take quite some time to arrive.  Until one day, I received a parcel in brown paper (those type of mahjong paper) and the parcel was in crumpled and bad shape.  I opened up to find my clothes in there.  To my horror, the material of the clothes (5 of them) were totally different from what she told me.  Worst of all, one of my item was not in. 

So I emailed her and she told me that her supplier has ran out of stock.  She also said that I can choose another similar price item and I still had to pay for postage.  I mean like, she could have told me earlier and refunded.  But no, I had to ask her to refund me instead and she requested my account as if she was mad at me.

Seriously, I do not understand some people.  She was so nice in the beginning when I used to buy lens and bags from her.  But, considering that her business has expanded she loses business ethics and good communication skills.  There is no need for you to be arrogant just because you're earning big bucks. I swear I'll never buy from her anymore.  Bad service!!!!


  1. i really dont understand why people want to buy pre-order stuff. The quality is HORRIBLE, they never match the pictures, and HELLO?

    The Korean girls wearing super awesome stuff are for promotional purposes only. Real stuff you get and what you see are totally different. When the price is CHEAP as hell, you're sure something is wrong.

  2. Actually I dont mind korean pre-orders. Well at least the ones I have ordered from are 80% satisfactory :)

  3. which blogshop are you referring to? :)
    don't mind mail me at thanks!

  4. Anonymous (April 26, 2010 1:21 PM )

    Well, you can say so since those stuffs are really nice. the main point here is that the blogshop has really had her nose high up already.

  5. honestly, you should never ever trust those korean pre-order pictures. There are enhanced and fitted to the pretty models. Most of the time they don't look as nice as the ones in the pictures. If you are still interested though, do ask for real items photos so you can roughly see whether the quality is ok or not. Else, don't buy from those blogshops anymore.

  6. actually those korean pre-order pictures are real but the thing is sellers often get from poor imitation quality suppliers. even for PG bags. all quoting 'PG bags pre-order'. but original PG bags brand is actually not tht cheap. most of them are getting from suppliers that are making replicas/inspired stuffs from the well known korean/taiwanese pre-order.

    if u insist on getting it, please ask seller for real photos. most blogshops nowadays provide pics for real photos as most already start to have ready stock.

  7. Jay Manuel,
    mail me the pre order shops that you've purchased from please, if you don't mind?

    thanks :)

  8. thanks for the advice people.from now on, no more korean pre-order or any pre-order wherever they come from me.

  9. may i know which blogshop was it? thanks