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Rude Dude

** Editor's note : For the love of Batman & Robin, I usually correct spelling mistakes whenever I can but I cannot do it for this post!!

 Okay, I came across dis blog whr I relli lurve de bags sold dere. Dey hav designer handbags n lots of otha bags dere too. N den, I happened to lurve a small tote cost RM250++. Aite, so mailed de seller n sayin I'm interested in de bag n I was ofc awesomely happy as de seller said it's still available in US. So I asked he long does it takes fer de bag to arrive. I was like bein so polite n asked de seller if I hav to wait de bag to arrive first or wat. Bt hey in de blog it was written de bag was a ready stock, item in hand n stuffs. So I asked isn't it a ready stock n stuffs bt de seller replied wid a short reply sayin  a NO, n gave me de acc num n asked me to pay de deposit first which is RM100. N yeah, so I immediately banked in de nex day as i relli lurve de bag alot..! So i wanted to mail him/ her after dat by I saw an email sent by de seller askin ne if I hav done wid de payment. So I replied yes n askin him/ her to inform me after de stock's arrived. Okay, so I waited delightedly n anxiously fer de bag. Damn? After one week de seller told me de bag was out of stock, just one sentence. Alrite, I was disappointed nuff. Den I asked de seller to return my money n I hav him/ her my bank acc num sayin thanks n all, politely. N guess wat, he/she didn't giv a damn to even reply a short OK to me..?? Omfg I kept waiting fer his/her reply fer almost ONE damn week lah..!!! N I kept checking my acc everyday n none..!! I keep checkin de seller's blog everyday n hey dere's updates okayy.!?? Got time to update no time to reply my short mail n transfer my money bak  to me izitt..!!?? Omggg..!! I'm so pissed..!! N yeah till now, it has been two weeks already..! No mails, no money in my bank acc, NOTHIN..!!!  I'm so pissed offf n I've been cursing him/her everyday now..! Yes, childish yet it can realli make myself more relief n better..! Man.. how I wish I can giv him/her a huge slapp rite noww, in his/her face..!! People out dere pls be aware. Make sure d blog seller can be trusted..! Nt gonna be a fool anymore..! Grrrr...!!!!


  1. i slapped the buyer because she made it hard for me to read. hehe. but overall. slap seller lorr!

  2. i dont blame u editor. i would give up too..adui..

  3. oh sweetie please use proper english next time, or at least spell out words properly. sangat susah mau faham wor. "-.-

    but back to topic. you really should contact the seller and ask for refund. tell him you'll lodge a police report (plus you have his banking details etc.).

    good luck.

  4. omg.. so hard to read it..

  5. my english might not be perfect but then come on laaaa aiyoo..malas dah nak baca..

  6. susah nak baca n i am so lazy to TRY to read!

  7. things like this makes me wonder if there's ever someone out there who would write a complain here in SMWDY in chinese or tamil...

  8. So far nope but i guess you just gave them an idea... haiyo!

  9. summary:
    she wants to buy a PREORDER handbag from USA and deposit rm100 into the seller's account. but turns out, it is out of stock. so, she demand full refund from the seller but the seller went MIA eventhough he/she updates their blog regularly.

    lodge a police report.
    and pass around the link of the blogshop :)

    good enough?

  10. sheesshh....please write in proper sentences...if this is how you write in emails and wonder people don't reply to you ;s you just annoyed people by making them decipher your msg!!

  11. You know what could just be the problem? Maybe she's not responding to any of your emails because u "raite laik dis" lol.

    Joke aside, yes just lodge in a police report.

    And please for the love of god the next time please write in proper English. We're not rappers yow we're shoppers lol.

  12. aiyo...wth? so eyepopping to read this. >_<

    mebe the seller lazy to reply buyer cos buyer talks this way.hahhahahahha

  13. why people torture other with bad spelling?
    argh.. seller slapped

  14. to anon April 10, 2010 1:28 AM ,
    u made me lol till my cat woke up and decided sleep somewhere else. hahahahaha..

    im suprised no one have post their email to know which blogshop this is..

    email me the blogshop please.. =D

  15. Now I&#39;m HorrifiedApril 10, 2010 at 3:54 AM


  16. Haha so bad.. I think the buyer quite kesian cuz kena con.
    But wats wrong wid de the buyer's English actually..? Ntg's
    wrong wert..??

  17. Hi I also have a problem with a bag seller who claims to sell pre order USA coach bags . Can I have the seller blogspot addy? My email then we both can bombard her silly!

  18. babe, pass around the link la.. or u ugut dia cakap u will announce his link..

  19. It takes major skills to write like that... and MASSIVE skills to read thru it. yikes! Girl do you have any idea how excruciating it is to read thru your post? No wonder the seller is ignoring you.

  20. Very pening le...@.@...
    But better tell he/she seller that you gonna lodge a police report if still no refund your money.

  21. Of cos I dun write like dis to seller la duh~ am now explainin to u guys out dere how I went thru the whole thing only ok!! N I'm nt sure y didn't I write in paragraphs n so. Too edgy dat time! Hahah sorry to those readers out dere!! Lol

  22. @Anon 10/4, 4.55am.
    There's nothing wrong with her English? O.o

    That aside, the buyer should probably lodge a police report since you have the seller's banking account and all~ =D

  23. hahax.. agree with anon April 10, 2010 4:55 AM

    nth wrong wit it mar.. ok liao la her engelish. sum even werst! btw i lubchu Slap Me Why Dont You!! ^.^

  24. I swear to God, I stopped reading after the first three sentences. I agree with Anonymous @ April 10 11:27am. It's excruciating to read the post.

  25. I can't finish reading it. It's too troublesome to read and it's worst than reading sms, oh man no paragraphing is not farnie.

  26. WOHOOO
    she's creative!i mean nothings wrong with her english,just that she typed creatively.ahaha!man atleast her english is better than the "i blacklist you back" (i will refunded the money) ahahahha!!that,was,hilarious!!!hahaha

  27. Should I be alarmed that I can read the whole post easily? heheh.. kidding :p

    I've slapped the seller!!!

    Btw, lodge a police report and threaten him that you'll announce his blog to the e-shoppers~

  28. I stopped reading after the 1st sentence. It doesn't matter what the story was about because I will just slap the writer.

  29. OMG the paragraphing is soooooo irrelevant! Spelling sister!! Did you go to school in Jamaica?

  30. hey gal u can actually make a police report, cuz u gt her bnk acc no rite, or arrange a cod ..pretend 2 buy smtg ...and give her a big slap ....

  31. Hahaha.. notice that all the anons that says her english aren't bad.. ALL TYPE SO ANNOYINGLY!!!

    There might be nothing wrong with your english..

    but da wei u rait juz makez it so hardzz to read.

    Everybody would lubchu even more if you spelled properly. :)

  32. Agree with anon April 10 2010 8.39pm.. Well it isn't that bad afterall though it's kinda *dizzy* hahahaa!! It's so much better than ' y she dint have want to reply me, I feel like want slap hers.'
    lesson: do not trust every blogshop easily. Be smart the next time!


  33. you shud jez repot diz matterz 2 d cops!
    but then mebe de seller ignorz u cuz she dun undrstand whatthahey wad u sey.but puhliz b k-ful nex time!owez ask 4 de seller hp no. if u owez make a high amount payment okey?u can owez chex her name in de banking details. n if de item iz not in stock, dun juz simply pay lahhh! not gud cos she mite cheat u! ask n clarify with der seller 1st!!kip spamming d seller email if i were u.
    btw, very stylo inglish u hav dere doh.

  34. anon 12.43am :
    i is very the likesss ur d smarts engrishzz, pls tich mezz hows to spiks & lites yah!

    Writer :
    I pitiez u; but u has the d'talezz from da bvankzz. u can has the polis lipots donez.

  35. omg,im laughing so hard that i hve a stitch on my side.. XD

    maybe the writer is a fan of lolcats?anybody here know lolcat ah?

  36. i lol'd at the editor's note. XD the whole piece seems to be chunked up, it's really difficult to read.

  37. yo, there's no need to mock the write about her writing style..she's asking for opinions/help here..u guys r so mean..

  38. Haha ppl wth is wrong? I could EASILY read the whole
    post in like a min! U guys just don't understand English,
    do u? IF u understand English, u may just find it too easy
    to be read.. It's just that most of the words are in short form,
    outdated ppl!
    ROFL!!! --so do u guys understand what does this mean? LOL

  39. to anon; april 13 1:56-it takes one to spot one!
    perhaps you write the way she does, that;s the only explanation i can conclude ;), which is why it would be easier for you to read her english "easily". By the way it's not about not understanding english..i believe MAJORITY of the commenters here have far more EXCELLENT english than you's just a matter of HOW you write it down...sometimes not ALL short forms are used in general practice such as LOL, OMG,BRB (these are pretty universal)

    so please don't simply assumed that these people do not understand basic english.. short can the word "ANY" be?? do you REALLY need to shorten it more to "NE"??


  40. hahaha. this is hilarious. omgwtfbbq. :P

    her english isn't bad, actually. it's how she spells it out that's giving me an aneurysm lol. and it's in one huge chunk of a paragraph too.

  41. To anon April 13 2010 2.43,
    HAHA poor little thing, did I say I HAVE excellent English..?
    What I meant was perhaps I could read well n easily got what
    she wrote or maybe good in short forms, but did I actually say
    I have very good English? Aww u poor little thing, bet your
    English ain't good enough too ey? oops..
    And oh, your understanding in reading neither. It's okay,
    go back to standard one. :)


  42. 1-make a police report.
    2-just tell us the blogshop address
    3-if not, tell me privately