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Editor says "Brace yourself girlfriend..."

I have bought few cloth from one blogshop, and the seller is quite friendly at first. but when i receive the clothes, i found two of it is not suit for me. Its like teenager wearing, so i wanted to resell it at Shopping Gazebo, but i need the original post picture. So i find in the blogshop, but the seller already remove it.

Therefore, i mail her and asked for the photo. But she reply her computer is broke down. Her reply

"Hello, my hard disc broke down and my desktop now cannot be on, until the new hard disc reached. There is no way for me to do that for you. I lost all my records and albums as well. I've answered you that I've no copies of them right now already except those I still can save back and back up from my own blog shop."

But i still seeing her renew her blog quite often. Don't know what to say, it's just a simple thing, to provide the picture but she refuse...

Slap me if you want, but what do you think?


  1. Holy smokes!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT A HARD DISC IS?
    She lost all her previous data!!! Why cant she update her blog now? Why are you so blur??

  2. plain dumb. updating blogshops do not need hard disc... can just go anywhere with internet and update la

  3. Next time copy and save the picture when you decided to buy any clothes online. Just in case you need it later... To resell. :)

  4. Writer said,
    do you believe her hard disc broke down? so co-incident?

  5. i dont think this has anything to do with consumer problem with seller. it's your problem not the seller lah. so u have to deal the problem yourself!

    slap the buyer everyone!!!!

  6. plain stu... la this buyer..she doest know what hd for.

  7. you can use ur own camera and take the pictures again + quote the link at SG .


  8. number 1, wth is 'teenager wearing'?

    and also, some sellers don't like giving out their photos just like that even if you bought the item. >_> you can't really blame them.

  9. Alamaks... the biggest tragedy here is the writer has absolutely no idea what a hard drive is and honestly thinks the seller is deliberately not giving her the photos.
    Wake up girl!!! She doesnt have it! When your hard drive kaputs, all pass datas are wiped clean.
    D O Y O U U N D E R S T A N D ?

  10. Dear author,

    why can't you take the picture of the 'cloth' from your camera? Simple as need to bother the seller. :) how's that for a solution.

  11. SG requires both pictures. one from the original blog and the re-seller. so even if author did take her own picture of it, she needs the picture from the blog she bought it as well. if not SG wont post it up.

  12. Blogshop owners have their right not to give their pics, right?

  13. okay..this seller is so stupid laa...malas nak cakap banyak..