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What are the odds?

Hehe this is no slapping story, just sharing an incident which was quite hilarious..

I planned CODs with 3 customers in Monash at the same time and was outside the guard house in my car waiting for them.

Lets say they are *A, *B and *C.

*A arrived, took her clothes, paid and left.

A girl was walking over to my car, so I was guessing it could be *B or *C. I wind down my window and asked for her name, but she said *X!

I was like 'errr...*X? Did i arrange a COD with you today?'

She then got very pissed and said 'YES! Did u forget about my item? I ordered Stripe Dress?!'

Me over there, flipping through my plastic bags feeling very panicky!

Then I told her "Sorry *X, I dont think I arranged a COD with you today"

She was very furious and said "U SAID U WILL MEET ME HERE AT 2!"

While thinking what to do/say... she suddenly asked "Wait, you are from blog ABC right?"

Hoho you couldnt believe how relieved I was! I told her 'No babe, I am from blog XYZ ;)'

It was such a coincidence that I have a customer named *X as well as an item called Stripe Dress.

She appologized and walked away quickly. I then had a good laugh ;)

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