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Split personality

As a preloved blogshop seller, i received some inquiries about the clothes i'm selling once in a while. some buyers were really nice and some not so. but throughout my two years of running the blogshop, i came across a weird buyer.

Buyer puts inquiries in chatbox and ask me to email her asap. i emailed her an hour later when i saw the message in my cbox. then she replied back saying, "DON'T EMAIL ME!"

I was like ok... so did not reply her that 'don't mail me' message. 7 hours later, she posted on my cbox asking why i did not email her................

0.o if i did not email you earlier then who did i email to? @.@


  1. lol.. i think the buyer prob thought when you emailed her it was from a random blogshop owner who she din tend to remember the name of the "url", so it must have been a spammed the "dont' email me!" thingy.

    then she came back to ur cbox to ask u to email her..cuz she obviously din know who was the sender of that email:). maybe u can put the sender's name of ur mailbox as the url name of ur blogshop:).

    also i dont und how ppl can hav time to go to cbox and type "email me" and cant email the blogshop owner "personally" if she really likes the item. i would!

  2. yea its really funny... coz i put my email on top of my cbox stating email me for any inquiries. i find it really weird that they can post in cbox and not email straightaway. is there any difference? i got some who inquired a fair bit but never bought so she inquired on the cbox to hide her identity. but this girl gave me her email. anyways i replied in my cbox what she wanted to know and she didnt bother to reply back. BOOHOO!

  3. it was not the buyer who wrote 'dont email me'. it was someone else yang dengki.