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So not welcomed

I really don't understand why certain seller like to go into other people's blog shop and advertise in the chat box.This is so unethical and very rude.

Its already stated there for Q&A only, why you still bother to advertise your blog shop in other people's place.

There are so many reviewer's blog in the net that allows you to advertise your page in the chat box.
Get out of my shop and advertise in another place!


  1. I SO TOTALLY AGREEEEEEE with you!! even after countless of times of reminders...they still keep on doing it!! owh....n what;s even worst and bugged me the most? those sellers who like to advertise at your blog then when you go to their blog to do the same...they DO NOT have any boxes for chats OR adverts!! Seriously!!! they are just playing dirty....they want THEIR business to prosper and grow...but they dont want others to have their chance to prosper as well...!

    come on fair!!! jgn laaa kiasu sangattttt... ;(

  2. Yea. i went to their page and told her not to advertise in my page in the chat box.
    And then, there are the ones that purposely go to your chat box and write "mind exchanging links?"
    If you want to exchange link might as well email me right.

  3. Hi. I own a blogshop, quite new la..
    i was surfing other blogshops, and whenever i see a blogshop with advertisement box (and yes, i know how to differ the ones which welcomes ads and the ones for enquiry only)i post my blogshop ads, thinking that being a newbie, i should promote harder at any chance i can get. And i made sure i post in the right box. However, i notice, that some blogshops with two chatbox, (one for Q&A only, and another for Advertisement only), sometimes get mixed up. when i tried to post in the ads box, it shows on the enquiry box. and i did try a few times. i even 'experiment' in the Q&A box, to see where will the ads come out, and they sometimes turn out alright and sometimes shows on the ads box.

    I do not have chatbox yet (i DO NOT post in chatbox that says 'ads for blogshops with chatbox only'), so i don't really know how to handle one, but for blogowner with chatbox, i suggest to check wether yours is working right because i don't want you to get upset if some ads turn up in your Q&A box.

    Just suggesting la.. hihi

  4. I only got one for Q&A. So i guess that person should know that it doesnt means for ads right. But anyhow, i can't delete their ads, so what else i can do.

  5. actually u can..if u use cbox then just go to your account and go to the messages tab, and click on the "msgs" (ie, adverts) that u want to delete :) u can ban, block etc..good luck!

  6. best we can do is post 2 chatboxes for Q&A,and one for the ppl to advertise..

  7. er sorry why can't u delete their ads? just go into your chatbox account then delete and ban their ip la if it bugs u so much.

  8. I agree with 'Ee'

    I'm an online seller too and I do advertise at others blogshop only when I see there's an ADVERTISEMENT BOX!

    Some seller are stupid as well, coz they wanted to make two chatbox (one for Q&A and one for Ad) but they used the same coding for both chatbox, which is WRONG!!! Fuh...

    I don't get these people. Don't they test their chatbox before posting it up?

    Oh.. and blocking IP doesn't help, coz most people in Msia are using dynamic IP, which changes everytime we connect to Internet. So, if you block the IP,
    eg : used by 'A' on Monday. Another user 'B' might be using that IP on Tuesday. So, it means u might accidentally blocked an innocent person.

  9. Just DELETE the chat box, use contact form instead will be better and can avoid buyers leaving any bad comment also.

  10. Writer, if you feel annoyed, then remove it! Do you know some BITCHY sellers like to steal people customers from others' chat box? It happend to me last time, so I removed the chat box for Q & A. And leave only the chat box for advertisement!

    They like to advertise, let them lar...

  11. i agree with the writer Anonymous 1 April 15, 2010 11:09 PM.

    they dun hv a chatbox n they spam other ppl's chatbox (be it for enquiries/ adverts). for the others who spam the enquiry chatbox, i really wonder if they know how to read, and if they understand english. It's stated there no adverts pls, only enquiries. They still spam. Sigh!

  12. hah, i came across this blogshop which hasn't updated in a while and saw a very "special" message in one of her cbox which is for customers only (she has another one for ads n it's working fine).

    one blogshop (let's call it ABC) left a comment to compliment this blogshop but to me, it sounds more like an ad to make ppl link to her blogshop. her comment is like this:

    ABC: nice blog & pic...

    and the blogshop name is clickable which directly links to her blogshop.. =="

  13. I agree on this issue! I own a preloved blogshop and the same sites kept advertising on my Q&A chatbox when i clearly had a seperate one for adverts.
    So i banned them la. Then comes along a "Guest" who scolded me for banning people from advertising.
    Like hello, cant you frickin read? I dont understand how people cant read. I mean you obviously went to school right!

    But of course I kept my cool and answered stating theres two seperate boxes and then the "thank you come again" sh*t.

    Gah, ive settled with the idea that some people are just morons. Period.