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Plain Stupid

I sell gifts online and once encountered with someone who i think has never bought anything online or either on shelf.

She ordered my stuff and paid 50% deposit and she couldnt collect the item since she is in Kuantan and im in KL. So she said she will ask her SIL to collect the item from my dad (since i work in the morning) and i told her to remind her SIL to bring the remaining balance, which amounted to RM400.

When i reached home, my dad said her SIL has picked up the item but she said she will TT the money. I was so pissed cause Ive reminded her to bring the balance upfront and knowing that she still owe me RM400!

Then i text her and asked her when can she pay the balance.

Guess what she said "u should have reminded me earlier!"

Then i said "ive reminded u.. by right ure supposed to pay the balance during the time u collect"

"OK! btw ive TT u the money. go and check if u dont trust me"

I was like WHAT THE HELL? Havent u bought anything from supermarket? No shops would allow 50% deposit and customer to take the items away and pay later unless ure buying from SENG HENG or COURTS. Plain stupid.

Like hello? No one has ever sell any things


  1. did you get you remaining balance?

  2. 'no one has ever sell any things' hahaha what do u mean?

  3. Yeah, did she pay you the remaining amount??

  4. i assume u received the remaining rm400 rite? if not u'll definitely write about not getting it.
    at least she didn't cheat u rite? ;p
    I once sent an item to a customer who told me she did not have time to bank in the remaining amount within that 1 week. so me being nice (and stupid) agreed to send her the item first and she can pay me when she's free.
    guess what? after sending her the item she stopped replying me :(

  5. "No shops would allow 50% deposit and customer to take the items away and pay later"
    Well...your dad just did allow her to do that. It's probably better for you to handle your own sales instead of getting others to do it for you even when it comes to deliveries to avoid misunderstanding. You can't blame the customer cos your dad is the one who released the item to her.

  6. omg! why didn't you tell your father that he has to accept the balance before releasing the goods? what's wrong with you?? its only natural for people to accept 'free' goodies. it is your responsibility as the seller to ensure that the payment is received in full amount before you release the items.
    haih.. but anyway, did you get your money back or not?

  7. truthfully, what's the big fuss if she really had paid you the balance? :S
    it's not like she went MIA or something.

  8. what is SIL & what is TT??
    I'm confused!

    And why did your dad let her collect the item when she's suppose to pay it? Isnt that just dumb?

    Slap you for being stupid

  9. apparently the buyer did pay lor.

  10. i think you couldn't just blame all to the buyer. you should bear some part of the responsibility as you should have pressed on clearly to your father that she is NOT allowed to get anything if she doesnt pay the remaining.

  11. slap the seller! :p

  12. slap the seller! dah dpt duit pun masih bragging! cuba bersyukur ada org beli items ko!