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This is somewhat new*

I would like to know from sellers,

the act of backing out BUT you kindly informed the seller is irresponsible or going MIA is?

I happen to tumble on this really nice dress selling for RM50 so i enquired and was almost confirmed about it till i saw another blog selling RM42 only. for a logic person, of cuz you would want to get the cheaper one right?

So I kindly informed the seller that I had to back out cuz I saw another blog selling cheaper.

she scolded me irresponsible and not keeping my promise and even wanted to blacklist me.

I just replied a 'sorry' because I know I'm wrong BUT at least i INFORMED you so that you can let it go to other interested buyer and not waiting for me without any clue.


  1. That's the whole point. Even if you inform also kena scolded, dun inform also but at least u dun encourage lashing.

    So might as well dun inform and be irresponsible?

    It its normal buyers backout due to some circumstances. But at least they are responsible enough to inform you rather than just backout

    So would u rather be informed or not?

  2. backing out is not right but if you informed the seller in a nice way I think should be alright

  3. I dont see any wrong in wanting to buy the same item at a cheaper price...AND you informed the seller.
    Tsk tsk seller

  4. i myself am a seller n i wouldn't be so pissed off if customers would inform rather than just going MIA. It's really irresponsible. It's still acceptable if u email to inform.

  5. I would think the same thing too, buyer is responsible and not asking anything of seller or even requesting seller to lower her price or whatever. Sellers who expect sales to just drop into their laps while being so anal about their terms and rules, your business honestly won't last.

  6. Another seller here,

    I prefer buyer to inform me rather than just MIA. At least I can open up and other interested customer can buy it.

    So nothing wrong with your doing. At least you did your part by informing the seller.

    Rather than to wait n wait n wait n no respond...

  7. But in your case you wrote 'enquired' and almost confirm purchase-that means you didn't confirm and therefore slap seller for lashing out. Want to scold also, have courtesy to get the information right la. Since she even informed, cut some slack, this seller not ethical. Obviously now buyer won't come back and buy. What la.

    There's a diff between a confirmed purchase and enquiring for something! Some sellers assume enquiring means confirm buy, where
    can like that? So greedy for money.

    Slap seller infinity times. Please have more manners.

  8. =.=
    why is it such a big deal if a buyer back out? you sellers need to chill and don't look so desperate. sometimes human changes their mind. i understand that seller would get pissed if buyers went MIA. but atleast she informed you (the seller).

  9. i'm a seller too. i have order form for confirmation orders. and i only ask them to fill it up once they're confirmed with their orders. but still some of them still go MIA when they already fill up the order form. when i can't get reach of them by mail, i texted them. some didn't reply, but some had the guts to reply "i didn't even confirmed my order!" wthh? its clearly, an order form.

    in this case, its good that you informed the seller. better than you go MIA. its very irresponsible to go MIA. and as a seller, i appreciate what you're doing. i'm ashamed that some of the sellers are actually like this. makes yourself look too desperate to find money. even if you are, you have to act cool! lol.

    but probably you need a better reason for that. other than saying you found it cheaper at other site. perhaps you can spit out a white lie? by saying you're not interested anymore or you just realised you have the same thing already? us girls can change our mind frequently right? and it might be an impulse purchase too while you just realised you already have something similar :) i do change my mind on certain things too, sometime. but make sure you DON'T do this often. think, think and think, before you place your order. if you're doing this too many times with all the sellers, they might blacklist you too. and its quite irresponsible. troubles the seller too.

    well, its just my 2 cents. its not wrong if you back out with reason, but you have to inform the sellers. show some responsibility and manners :)

  10. im a seller,and i dont mind if buyers want to back out IF they inform me beforehand..

  11. I wanted to buy a bag once, really lovely bag. The bag is an "inspired" pre-loved bag. However, i think it was about 2 days from my order that the seller came back to me on the amount to be paid, etc. So during that waiting time, I went back to view the bag repeatedly at the shop and just realised that something about the bag was distasteful. So, i apologised profusely to the seller for backing out as i knew i was wrong. The "something" i noticed abt the bag really turned me off. After apologising, the seller did not reply. However, when i visited the shop after that, there was a sentence updated in the T&C "Not For Fussy Customers". I don't know, maybe i terasa or maybe it's not referring to me. But my point is, at least i DID inform and apologised and didn't go MIA.

  12. Maybe next time just think twice when you place an order. It is very normal if the seller will get unhappy but her bad to BlackList buyer la..

  13. reading stories in here makes me feel like i don't really want to be involve in the online shopping anymore.
    its like a never-ending story of how us buyers are so terrible, fussy and blablablabla just by asking few questions about the item that we're eyeing on?

    I mean it is absolutely ridiculous when u can't even change your mind, its like we have to the item like a gun is being pulled at our head.
    ok i get it that the sellers are looking for fast deals, but as buyers that is not how i want to spend my hard earned money. impulsive purchase is not good for my bank account. you might be able to sell your stocks but i might be stuck with an ugly dress which i wud never wear just because if i say i dun want the item anymore then later the seller will be blackmailing me.


    to author, i feel for u babe. at least u did told the seller that u don't intend to purchase anymore. I would do the same, but then they're just desperate for our money.

  14. buyer may have given a lousy excuse to back out, but at least she had the courtesy to say she doesn't want it anymore. as a buyer, we always pick something that's cheaper, don't tell me you won't.

  15. I've been a seller (brand new stuff) & buyer too~ I would personally think that if you decided to back out, and u did informed the seller nicely, shouldn't be blacklisted.

    Better than those ppl who filled in the order form n went MIA.

    But also, do went through few shops before you decided to fill in the order form. As different seller have different rate for profit. =)

    If only diff for few RM, just treat it as Service charge, will be better than searching all around. =)