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A little Under Appreciated

I expect to get quite a few slaps on this one but riddle me this, sellers. I know that some of you have thousands of loyal customers/buyers/enquirers, but don't you keep a database of repeat customers?

Like I've bought from this quite well known blog shop for 5 times maybe, and each time she asks me for my address as if it's the first time. I don't mind doing it of course but it would be nice to be appreciated i.e. I love your blog shop and I'm a repeat customer!


  1. same here,
    I've purchased from the same blogshop probably around 3-4 times, and I still have to fill in the same order form ><
    shouldnt the seller know where I live by now?

    but then again sellers reading this will be like "how do you expect us to remember every single detail?!??!?"

    ohhh whatever :)

  2. its for ur own good la dear.. to avoid mistaken or wrong delivery.

  3. Haha... thats why I use the shopping cart. You never have to fill in your details twice. I even have a birthday reminder! Come on people... switch to shopping cart already. I'm tired of filling up order forms repeatedly also.

  4. hey it depends on the seller, whether they are lazy or not, okay? my favourite blogshop owner asked me not to give her my details anymore when i buy from her the SECOND time, coz she said she documented it already.

    besides, i have two addresses (one office, one home)that she is keeping. and mind you, her blogshop traffic quite high okay.

  5. Of course, documenting up customers' details is good. But for some sellers it's probably a precaution in case they mix up customers who coincidentally have similar names.

  6. Well, for me, I think its alright to just spend a minute writting down my address again, just in case she saved the wrong one, or if I wanted it to be sent elsewhere..

    And if the parcel goes missing, we'll blame the seller also..

    I dont find it a big fuss ;) hehe

  7. me too. usually i would write down my particulars anyway just to avoid mistakes. n when she post to the wrong address or something, it isn't my fault because hey, as a buyer, i've given you my details n paid for the item, so it's not my problem.

  8. BUYERS!!!
    wtf is this?
    of course you have to give your address details.
    it IS for your own good as an anon stated above.
    what happens if you change address? then the seller is suppose to ask u everytime u purchase from her? "are you still using the same address?"

    this will only prolong the process of buying and posting.

    geez buyers,
    you always want more and more!

    this sounds really ridiculous.

    in the end blame seller for everything.


  9. i get what she means. its like a more personalized shopping experience. well, all i can say is that if the seller knows whats good for them, they'll try to implement it in a way or another depending on their creativity. its just a little something to keep the customer loyal to you :)

  10. aiya... do your
    tel no
    using notepad, dun use m.words as loading will be damn slow and makan memory
    so when every time u wanted to place the order, just copy and paste, so no need to susah susah retype lo...

    this is to protect yourself, if you expect the seller to remember everything, then if they sent wrong, you'll blame them.

    so at least if u provide everything n they send wrong, then u can kena them kao kao...

  11. As a seller I rather not save my customer add or contacts, if suddenly something bad happens like my house kena break in, lost the whole document, etc... then I will be getting a lot of curse from my customers. Plus it is for your own good that the seller didnt save your details. Unlike those shopping cart website those details are kept really save. While for blogshop, not all of us can afford that.

  12. OMG does anybody read comments properly? ZENCART (shopping cart) is FREE! It high time everyone jumps on the shopping cart bandwagon.

  13. anon 13/4/10 10:09am

    zen cart is free, but u still need to rent a server, etc. also i noticed not all buyer and seller is tech savvy.

    so doesn't mean having shopping cart will solve the problem.

  14. To the Writer:

    If seller ask your detail for 5 times (or more?), did you request for her bank details for 5 times too?

    Or you just simply bank in the money into the previously given account details? No right? I am sure you'll ask for her bank details again just in case there is any changes.

  15. I'm the writer for this post and as I said in this post - "I don't mind doing it of course" ... it is not a complaint on the seller as I get why the seller needs to ask for my address a gazillion times for safety measures. It was just an example!!!

    Consider this a challenge to sellers to be more creative or customer service oriented.

  16. As for us, we do save all the buyers details. So for repeat customers, we will just ask them to reconfirm the address and contact number and send to the previous address. That's our system.

  17. personally, i agree with anon1. is it that difficult to just fill in the contacts part and you know, sometimes, you are not the only with a name say Jane. i think buyers demands are getting more and more ridiculous day by day.

    item don;t reach- fire
    items reach late-also fire
    fill in details-fire as well!

    please girls! and i personally dont like the shopping cart system. there is no communication at all with the blogshop owner. no emails exchange other than to inform her that payment has been made.

    which defeats the purpose of online shopping.

  18. I kinda agree with the two sides.

    Yes, its a bit troublesome to save up all addresses. And shopping cart doesn't do the trick because some people are dead clueless on how to install them and use them properly.

    But customer satisfaction is important and if you want connection, get to know your customers! Keep their contacts somewhere - I bet you can identify them by their email adds.

    I am a blogshop owner. What I do is, I keep a small notebook with details of my customers. So whenever I have something that they request but did not get, I send them a courtesy email.

    And whenever repeat customers want to repurchase, I'll let them reconfirm their addresses without them having to tell me. Its a more personalized way of shopping. Some of my clients appreciates that. Differentiates you from other blog owners too.