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Why oh Why

Seriously i don't understand why do people like this even exist in this world. I had a buyer who wanted something from my blog. However, item was sold to another person earlier and this person banked in the money already. So i told her item is sold out and will refund the money to her so i asked her to provide her bank in details. FEW weeks no reply and suddenly she replies,

Customer: May i ask have u return my payment for XX
Me: Babe, we email u couple of weeks ago twice asking you to provide us ur bank in details but u didn't.

NO reply again....and after 1weeks plus she replies

Customer: you still haven't refund my money. Acc number XXXXXXX

WTF?????? Seriously??? Really? What's wrong with her? I got pissed off and replied

ME: For the 3rd time how are we going to refund to u when u didn't even give us ur bank in details. Will do it tmw. tq



  1. i think sometimes some buyers buy few things from the internet at the same time. sometimes these buyers are not as organized as some sellers are. so they too are human and they too sometimes get things off track.

  2. writer:
    yeah that's totally understandable but don't u read like the pass conversation? She didn't reply from a fresh email.She replied through her previous emails to me and my reply is stated just below.I replied her not once not twice but three times reminding her to provide me her bank in details and her reply was rude more like accusing us for not refunding that's why.oh well ;)just wanna let it out :)

  3. hahahaha..babe, i totally agree with u..

    i have one customer like her too..wat la, we don't wanna keep your rm50 okay..we have a business to maintain..we don't just tipu your rm50 then run away..

  4. i think ur email went to spam box. make annoucement at ur blog about this girl. u need her bank details but maybe the email did not reach her. check her spam box.

  5. since everything is on a normal distribution, buyers like that are deviant to the negative side WTF they're a fact of life

  6. unless seller's email went into spam box, buyer is mental~ hahahahaha!

  7. buyers shud be organized as well la...their money what, so they SHOULD know where their money went...

    slap buyer100XX!

  8. I slap you because you have the payment details with their account number on it.

  9. how can the emails sent by the seller end up in the spam box? There should be a thread formed as the seller is replying the buyer's questions, no?

  10. You wont have payment details with buyers account number on it if its cash deposit

  11. i doubt that it went to the spam box lah seriously.3 times also went into the spam box?really? if ur that keen about ur money than you should check the emails and see whether u had a reply from the seller kan??? slap buyer!!

  12. yes! exactly! there's a thread formed definitely because seller said the buyer replied not from a fresh email. Speechless lah

  13. ok, slap buyer. dush!!!! and those people who are like these. MENTAL!!!

  14. LOL.. just tell her.. MISS, "you come to my place and i'll refund you the money". Then you don't give her your mailing address. Just kept spamming her with the same statement:).