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Oh wise ones needed #7

Last week i've made an order for some US spree stuffs at a blogshop. The owner is a malaysian residing in canada and she was nice. After i confirmed my orders, i paid deposit to her. at first she said its all excluding shipping since i agree to wait her to come back to malaysia this july and COD for all items. 

After she quoted the prices, she added RM80 for shipping. I was shocked because of the large amount that i have to pay and then i politely tell her that i have to cancel my order since at first she stated no shipping fee will be charged and the total was wayy cheaper. After that, she lower down the shipping for me to RM20 for all items. Which is a good thing but unbelievable that someone would've done that to some first time buyer right?

And so after i reconfirmed my orders again, i paid deposit to her account. happy happy.

Its been four days now and she still haven't replied my mail. usually i sent her mails on quotations and the next morning i'll get her reply. She replies my mail everyday. but now, its been four days since i mailed her regarding my deposit payment and still i didn't get any replies.

I'm scared that she might be a con artist or whatnot since i ordered lotsa stuffs and i paid deposit too. I wanna mail her again but what should i say?


  1. Could be that the seller is busy/didn't get your email? What's the email replying policy? If the seller wrote she'll reply within 24 hours, then resend your email.

    You can just write: Hi there XXX, I sent you an email *when* but have not received a reply. Here's what I wrote "..."

  2. I think I know which blogshop you're talking about,
    I sent her an email of enquiry too before but she never replied. Oh well..
    Maybe email her one more time?
    She probably mislooked yours

  3. Dear writer, i suggest u to 'fishing' d seller reply, by sending email said u have MORE things to buy and want to ADD orders, see she will respond or not...

  4. or you could ask your friend to send an e-mail to her from another e-mail address to inquire about something and see if she replies

  5. too many seller with this attitude nowadays. when got payment, terus senyap. a lot of buyers felt cheated n was actually cheated. too many penjahat in this online shopping world. i've been cheated too.