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Just a number

The other day I saw a blogshop selling a red and white floral dress and a Burberry shade. Its nice so I actually send an email to the owner.

After a few days, no reply. So I decided to check the blog again and try to find whether is there any other way to contact her because I really do love the dress and the shade. Lucky me, she did stated her mobile number. In addition, beside the number she said she prefer to be sms.

So, alright I sms her asking her bout the measurements and everything. but until now, its been 4 days. She did not reply a single thing to me.

Hello?! sms reach instantly wan rite? If you dont want to do business please close down your blogshop, need not waste other people's time!!


  1. No. Lately several providers have encountered network problems. Some SMS sent today will reach the following day. Some are gone.. just to be sure just give her a call la.

  2. Sure the seller is still in business? There are many blogshops now that closed without a word, just suddenly stop updating etc.

    And yea, sometimes SMSes goes missing (even though the telco charges won't! grrr!) so just try texting her again :)

  3. don't blame the seller easily. maybe she encountered a personal problem. maybe something happened to her *hopefully not*
    try to give her a call :)

  4. yeah maybe the seller has an emergency and is somewhere where there is no network service (trust me, my kampung no phone service, only public phones lol) and she can't reply your sms. try to call her to check if her phone is on.

    agree with anon 1, it is true that service providers do have network problems these past few days. so just give her a call, if she doesn't answer,then it's her loss. :)

  5. but this buyer has been waiting 4 four days la.. i doubt the seller wants to sell it..or maybe, the seller is just...i dunno...close down already? 0.o
    4 days ohh...

  6. author could you let me know which blogshop is this please? Thanks!

  7. hey girls, Author here.

    I emailed her like 2 times before that, then only i sent the sms.

    I think i've been very patient for waiting like that, besides, she just updated her blog in March, so i dont think really close down edi la.

    Cherrystar, i'll emailed you.

  8. LOL! I remember the time when I was really new to on9 shopping. I bought an item on lelong by using "buy now", but the seller didn't give me any invoice or details. I sent him a message everyday for a week, but still nothing. So I just gave up on it. 11 months later, he sent me the invoice, but I don't want the item anymore. I just ignored it. Lucky me he didn't pressure me to buy or leave a negative feedback on me..