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More postage issues

How come i came across this blogshop charging pos express for RM6? I haven't bought from her before so i was wondering if some of you know about this blogshop. Did the seller send the item to you using the RM6 pos express thick box or just the usual A4 sized envelope? Its normal for people to charge RM5 for the A4 sized pos express envelope but this is RM6 :S

I also hate it when they mark up poslaju prices up to RM7-RM10 instead of only RM6. Yes, i've found a blogshop putting RM10 for poslaju. and stated there only for 1-2 clothes. What the.. RM10 is usually for bags and shoes! Heavy items. you can go to to check the rates so you won't get cheated.

And this particular blogshop also do COD. Stated COD "HOTSPOTS". As i know, hotspots are places which are near to them and all but the minimum charge written there was RM5. Followed by RM6 and RM7. Stated for petrol. All the HOTSPOTS are nowhere near her place is it that she had to drive so far until costs too much?

Sigh.. i see nothing close to convenient at her shop la.

Her items was sooo nice but i still don't have the 'guts' to mail her because i'm scared of the postage fees she's charging @.@ i live nearby one of her COD hotspots but still, don't think i'm gonna pay up to RM7 for COD.


  1. perhaps you should ask the seller instead?
    maybe the postage service is pretty high because it includes petrol? :)

  2. but hardly anyone charges RM2 for petrol :S aren't all of the factors like petrol, time etc accounted for in the profit they make selling the clothes? yea author, totally agree with you, HATE blogshops that do that >.<

    can i have the name of the blogshop?

    TQ! :)

  3. Pos Laju charges GST and other whatnots (fuel and handling surchage) on top of the base rate.

  4. it will b great if check out w d seller before posting it up babe :) it sounds lil unfair to the seller... :)

    Pos Laju for Sabah n Sarawak does cost RM 10 and above.. and there is bigger size envelope for RM 7.00... anyway do mail the seller for further clarification ya :)

  5. heya can i know the name of the blogshop please?

  6. RM6 for pos express? damn that's crazy! >:O
    people option for pos express because its cheaper and sometimes they're not home to sign parcels. but then as you can see now its the same price with poslaju which was supposed to be RM6. but instead RM7? wth man! and RM10 for poslaju is just plain ridiculous if the seller states there RM10 applies to 1-2 items (clothes).

  7. well if the RM10 for pos laju is applied for EM to WM or vice versa, then that's reasonable.

  8. Well there is a RM6 and RM7 envelope for pos ekspress, unless she only uses those for pos ekspress option and not the RM4.50 envelope.

    Writer should just write in to enquire for clarification on postage first, then if you are happy, submit your order items. You souldn't get bombarded for that.

  9. Although Poslaju charges a certain amount for postage, does not mean seller cant mark up RM1 or RM2. After all the postage charges is her right.

    Why are there so much complains to everything sellers do online. People charge clothes expensive - complain, people charge postal slightly higher complain. Everything also wanna complain... what about buyers who insist sellers to give free postage despite items are on sale price?

  10. I think I know which blogshop is this. I came across her site two days back. No doubt, her items are awesome. BUT, her postage fees and COD charges are such a turn off, I am a blogshop owner myself, I understand she might want to earn more. But that is too much. The COD hotspots are super near to my place too, but RM5-7 for it? NO WAY! Anyway, her items are NOT REALLY cheap though. I immediately close her page and forgot about it.

  11. I'm a blogshop owner and i think RM 6 for Pos Ekspress is slightly too much already. Normally we will use the RM4.50 for pos ekspress.
    I do provide free pos ekspress and pos laju only need to top up some $$. Seller should not take advantage for mark up the delivery charges because customer service is very important especially for online business. It's just my opinion anyway :)

  12. I guess I know which blogshop`s that..

  13. can I know which blogshop is this please? Thanks :)

    Btw can I just say, some blogs might be based in EM so their pos laju charges to WM could be RM10, just like most blogshops here are based in WM and charge pos laju to EM up to RM10 :)

    As for COD, maybe it includes toll? e.g. LDP costs RM1.60 one way, so even if petrol only costs RM2, the toll would cost more than RM3 round trip, hence the RM5-6 charge? Just a thought :)

  14. i have to agree with the author.

    hotspots meaning somewhere close to where you stay/at and somewhere convenient to you. charging additional RM5-RM7 for COD for these hotspots is a bit inappropriate.

  15. LOL..

    can u tell me which blogshop is that?

  16. But i think COD RM5 is quite reasonable, i came across someone who charging RM10 for cod service, that is too much ler....

    btw, i wanna know which blogshop the author were talking about, can?