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Thank you for the discount

I love it when seller are being easy and generous. the other day i banked in a wrong (less than the correct amount) to a seller and she doesnt even make a big deal of it. she was like, "nah, that RM5 is nothing. by the way thanks for being a buyer. you are awesome."

Oh well dearest, you are awesome too. I heart your blog much much more after this.


  1. hoho.mail me the blogshop url pls. ^^

  2. ohh... but dear readers, please do not purposely use this method as your modus operandi every time when u try to purchase online.. :D

  3. This seriously sounds like a post made by a blogshop owner. After this, everyone will ask for the shop's name and the author will get to promote her blogshop for free.
    Of course, I may be wrong..but....

  4. I think this is more like a modus operandi for the seller to promote his/her own shop .. Pls la

  5. People, give her the benefit of the doubt. After all, kind hearted people DO exist. Nuff said.

  6. ahaha i was thinking the exact same thing as Anon APRIL 30, 2010 3:03 PM

    could be a true story though ;)

  7. Great, now every buyer will accidentally on purpose forget to bank in RM5. Charge it to this post author's account please!

  8. Haha I knewwwwwww this will be the case of "please let me know of the blog, kthanxbye" ;)

    Lie or not, I got faith some sellers are pretty nice. Intention wise - god knows :)


  9. email me the blogshop link please.thx =D

  10. not all sellers are bad ok? surprised that some of you simply made the conclusion that the story was a lie...don't u have faith in humanity anymore? that good people/deeds still DO exist? i have come across some blogs...and at times when i was short a few dollars, they would always say "its ok!" n sometimes like items priced at rm64, they would always round it up to that it would be convenient to me..n i guess to the seller too....

    so please.....dont judge too quickly....hmmmmm....or maybe you guys are not THAT lucky enough to come across this kind people....good luck to you then..

  11. Mail me,

  12. I'm a seller and a buyer did that to me before. RM5 also. but im not doing it again!!! :P