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Paid not received

I sent in an order form to this blogshop bout 2 particular items.. since both items were in the same post so i assumed that both was on sale as there was a price cut stated on the bottom of that post.

I sent in an order form and enquired to confirm the price.

Order form sent:
Slashed dress - rmxxx
Skirt - rmxxx
Comment: hey dear, is the slashed dress on sale too? If yes i would like to purchase it.

So she replied that the item i wanted wasnt on sale, only the bottom item so fine lah.. I said i dont want that slash dress and changed to another bondage dress...

Reconfirm with her via email,

I'm taking these 2 items:
Bondage dress - rmxxx
Skirt - rmxxx
Total: rmxxx

She replies: okay dear, i have one of those dress, material ... bla bla...

Paid and wait patiently for it to arrive from thailand. 2 weeks later (around Dec)... I got the slashed dress instead! WTH... I even reconfirmed with her and she bloody send the wrong dress?! Fine. there must be a mistake right? so no problem..

Emailed her bout the wrong dress..

She replied:
ok sorry must be a mistake at my end as i dont seem to have that email and when i recieved payment and went to pack i only saw the order that i sent to you , I will send out the dress in the morning for you and let you know tracking details , Sorry again for the mistake , Thanks.

Until January.. no parcel or post docket..
enquired for tracking code.. Not valid..
Went to post collection center.. No item..
Fine. Email her what was date she sent item.

Mind you.. I did not enquired ealier as previously the item ordered from her only arrived after 2 weeks so i assumed it would be delayed as it was via registered post.

She said i should have told her earlier if item did not arrive and that post malaysia should have already receive the parcel bla bla...

So she said: Let me know your bank details and postage costs for the unwanted dress and i will transfer the money for you , sorry for the hassle.

okay.. so i sent her my banking details along in my email with the cost of postage and amount i paid for the original dress..

And instead what i got was this!

Seller: You have a funny way of going about trying to get people to help you but anyway. if you are trying to tell that you still have not recieved then i will post for you again in the morning as you should have recieved by now, if you can send me pics or codename then i will resend for you. I am quite happy to resend parcels once if they have been lost in the post but do not refund. Many blogshops would not even resend. Thanks

WTH?! She offered a refund and is now saying otherwise?! If she had checked her email carefully she wouldnt have made the mistake in the first place right?

I wrote clearly on my email that i changed my orders and did not get it. Was it my fault that you send the wrong dress and it was post malaysia fault in the 2nd attempt to re-deliver?

After that email.. she offered to resend the dress and will email me the tracking code and so on.. but till today.. NOTHING! NO TRACKING CODE, NO EMAIL after countless of asking..



  1. I know which blogshop you're talking about (how many can there be that sell to Malaysians, but post out from Thailand right?)

    I bought a number of headbands from her before and had similar experiences about the postage. First she delayed posting a couple of days WITHOUT informing me, then she only gave me the tracking number after I continuously bugged her about it, and since the tracking number NEVER worked, she didn't even bother giving me a reason why she didn't contact Thai Post when I asked her to check.

    Also, in the last email I sent her (told her I finally received my stuff after TWO weeks instead of the one week she promised) I specifically told her that I do NOT want to be subscribed to her updates.

    Guess what. I got her updates.. TWICE

    I sent her an email after the first one asking her nicely to remove me from her list, then I sent another after receiving the second update. No points for guessing I got pissed off and used bold, red letterings asking her to remove me and to me more ethical in her work.

    She actually dared to reply saying that she did not send me updates (I have the emails to prove it hellooooo) and berated me for calling her unethical.

    It goes without saying that I will NEVER deal with her EVER again, and each time I see a reviewer promoting her item, I gag and pray for her next "victim"

  2. OMG!! I also know this seller. Bloody annoying seeing her transvestite face everywhere. Happen to me also and post out late but lie say already posted. The same as electronicfly i also got updates from her and also asked to be removed but she denied ever sending one to me saying quote'you;re not in mailing list' She should be banned from online community. Whoever know this seller please leave your comment so people will be curious and not buy from her anymore.

  3. Me also buy a bult from this blogshop !

    I'm buy a bulk of headband but until now, 2 months aftam still didnt received yet my parcel !
    Gosh, spent almost RM200 to buy that stuff !!
    Please, just refund back my money !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I know which blogshop this is. Like electronicfly said,"How many can there be that sell to Malaysians, but post out from Thailand right?" I bought an item from her and it took about 2 weeks to reach me too. Can't say it was a pleasant experience dealing with her as she does not answer most of my questions regarding the item. Also,another thing I find really annoying about her emails is the lack of punctuation marks!! I have trouble understanding what she's trying to say.. it just goes on and on and on.Or maybe it's just me.. :-I

  5. yap.had a bad experience with her too.after i paid the money only she informs me that she doesn't have stock for one of the items.I paid for 3items.She said she will get back to me after calling the suppliers to ask whether there is some more stock.She didn't get back to me.emailed her,she said she already sent out my item and the supplier said no more stock -.-.sending out my item without telling me.GREAT! didn't even bother saying sorry man.Good for her lah as u can see her stuff are not sellable at all.haha

  6. yep, there is only 1 blogshop that operates from Thailand so we should all know which one it is.
    My bad experience buying from her was like this :-
    1) her sale items were coded.
    2) noticed that one particular dress came in 2 colours (pink and blue) having the same code.
    3) ordered the pink version, confirmed like 3 times in my correspondences with her that i wanted the pink.
    4) received the blue version.
    5) mailed her on her mistake and she had the cheek to tell me that it was my mistake for ordering that particular code, which is for the blue version.
    6) checked again her blog and voila, the pink one has been updated with a different code from the blue version.

  7. i know this blog to, few times i asked her to remove me from her mailing list whic i NEVER subscribe, but still receiving the updates, and she dare reply me with CAPS LETTER saying that she never sent updates to me..stupid n unethical seller..slap seller thousdand times...n wonder y reviewer still always review her almost everyday..huh....

  8. HAHAH i didnt know which blogshop it was until i received the email. BUT as i was blogshop-hopping today, i saw her "transvestite-face" and kept thinking if she is the one you all refering to.

    AND HAHAH I WAS RIGHT!!! You all poor thing!! don't buy from her anymore. I see her face also i dun feel like buying her stuff anymore.

  9. I only know of ONE Thai blogshop that caters to Malaysians. So I wasn't sure of which blogshop you guys are talking about at first (in case there are others like this site). And the "transvestive face" thingy totally gave it away... lol!
    Girls you just need to browse around. You'll know who we're talking about once you stumble upon her site. Happy blog hunting! XD

  10. i think i know which blogshop we are discussing about. coz the 'clue' was kinda obvious =D
    to think that this blogshop was reviewed almost everyday gives me the creeps. man, i used to see her blog appear on the reviewers' pages ALL the time!

  11. yeah.. Maybe i should post back the wrong dress to her with some eye balls, dead leaves and bones like one of the buyer from previous story and put a curse on her? lol!

    Bought so many items before from her and this is what i get! And I thought sellars are happy to get returning buyers.

  12. Yea! Post the dress back to her with dead leaves and etc. Let me know if you do that. I'll tumpang and send her a copy of 'Punctuation for dummies' ( if there is such a thing la!)

  13. I'm assuming "Punctuation for Dummies" to be a box full of dots & commas paper cuttings...

  14. LOL..yea, the eye balls, dead leaves and bones should do the trick!
    This really cracked me up XD

  15. I think she's desperate and sells her black soul to the devil that's why she got reviewed. Honestly who see her face and wants to buy from her? With her super dirty fake blonde her and her fake wannabe paris hilton goes wrong tan or is it burnt tan she should be punished for even exist in this earth where things are pure and simple. Honestly, is she from Thailand? Cause i thought Thai people are really beautiful, fair and umm polite?? Whereas she's ugly, dark and rude. I mean im tan skin myself but not dark ugly tan like hers. i'll kill myself or marry rich gut to have plastic surgery rather than living with that face!

  16. Hah ?
    If she from thailand how come she has a Maybank Account with Chinese name.
    I'm already emailed her about my stuff but i need to wait around a week to get a feedback from her.
    I'm asking her about my tracking num and she gave me but when i'm said what courier did you used , she said 1st class international.
    Damn !
    I didnt noe which one so i'm asking her back to give the url of the courier service so i can check the tracking num.
    But till now, almost 2 months, my item still didnt arrive yet.
    Oh i'm spent almost RM200 !!!!
    Just wanna her to refund back my money.

  17. Again, i was here.
    Here is what i've got afta keep emailed her.

    Hi Dear

    I have already posted the parcel to you but i will check at the post office for you tomorrow morning why you have not recieved your parcel , Have you checked with pos malaysia as to the whereabouts of the parcel as you may find that the post office is holding it for you , And also how dare you accuse me of being non legitemate , I send out 100+ parcels and yes rarely some items have problems with delivery but that is down to pos malaysia not myself ., Thanks

  18. Well since nobody has bothered to contact me directly and feels bitching about peoples backs is more constructive i will deal with your problems here. However if you do have issue with your order then if you contact me in person then i will be happy to try and resolve whatever issue you may have.

    Problems with posting are unfortunately sometimes inevitable when dealing with sub standard postage services and in 100% percent of the few cases where people have had problems i have always replaced items where possible or offered an alternative. This is inline with the terms and conditions of my trading and in fact with many blogshops lost or damaged parcels are passed on as a loss to a customer.

    In cases above where people recieved the wrong item which has happened I believe 3 times out of some 2000 odd parcels being sent out the correct item has been sent out even when in the case
    above the buyer has not returned the ''unwanted'' piece of clothing.

    As to the posting above who is a blogshop owner herself and so i thought may have some understanding of postal systems workings then if you follow the advice that I have given to you which you have kindly pasted above for everybody else who may have issues you may find your time more economically used. Also just for the record also you have emailed me once not ''keep emailing'' like you state and you recieved a reply within 2 hours.

    And finally to all the people with the comments about how my model appears if you wish to contact me in person instead of slagging people of on here behind their backs i would be happy to pass your comments on so maybe she can reply to you in person. But then jealousy can be cruel and indignified.

    Also a note to the admin of this site I will report this posting and URL to the operaters of your operating system regarding the comments above citing threats, predjudistic and slander as cause for complaint.

    Thanks to everyone above for there input regardless of usefullness.

  19. Threats, prejudiced and slander towards who?

  20. Thanks for the reply,

    I am not going to get into an argument with you nor preach how you should or should not run your website I dont have the inclination so if you believe the comments made to be non offensive then i just wish to state my suprise and dissapointment

  21. Wow, this is how a person can be bitchy and rude in a polite way. O_O That totally shows that an educated person can be an asshole too.

  22. Whoever jealous towards dark ugly model with insect scars all over her leg? Cover up girl!!
    Just face the trut that you sucks as a seller!! All these comments shows it. Just say im sorry then thats that. People wont fell upset if this seller just apologize. So full of herself, i bet the model is her and she sad cause people thought she;s ugly.

  23. Well like i have said above the model that i use is not myself but like i say that doesnt mean that i would not defend her. As i have said everyone who contacts regarding problems they may have ( which unfortunately do occasionally happen when you send out 100s and 100s of parcels ) have always had a solution found. I certainly am not full of myself and i think that if you used your time more effectively then you may find you go further in life. If you have ordered something and had problems then contact via email and you will find that your problem is dealt with however bitching like you are in self pity aint going to get you anywhere I am afraid.

  24. I used to contact you via email and you were dismissive and not apologetic at all. I can copy paste the entire emails here if you like:)
    I tried taking a high road but get slap in the face instead. so why should me and all these people that was cheated by you waste our time and be dismissed by a person who think she's right anyway? Im afraid everyone use this briliant website to voice out our frustration. many of us here are sellers ourselves. When we made mistake simply apologize and being humble sure does go a long long way. Do you think all these comments was invented? Ever stop and think maybe its your fault instead of blaming pos malaysia and your CUSTOMERS? So yes, you are full of yourself. Just that your super big ego cant bare to admit it.Toughen up, no matter how hard just at least pretend that you're sorry eventhough you're not and people will move on and help them get somewhere 'anywhere'?? Jeeez...Really frustrating trying to talk sense to this kind of people. Anyway, did you guys notice not once she use the word sorry or i apologize? So yeah, maybe we all should move on and let her think she's right anyway. Poor dear, probably delusional.

  25. oh my! I didnt check back the comments on this post for sometime didnt know it got so...

    (assuming i think anonymous March15 12.30am is the seller whom i purchased from)

    hello! I did email you for my tracking code, status of my parcel but I was simply ignored! I was already patient enough when I waited weeks for the parcel and exchange ok? And I'm not free to chase you every single moment for my items. Now tell me, You said you will provide me my tracking code the next day after you posted my parcel, but after 1 week, I receive no email from you. Then I emailed enquiring did you posted my item. You did not reply. Why should I waste my time chasing you again?

    It's a free country. I can voice out my dissapointment to anyone. You're running a blogshop and you should know that you're reputation is at stake to every single customer you dealt with.

    Just see what other buyers that have dealt with you have to say? even PNSN(commenter above) had not receive her rm200 worth of goods, did you handle her problem efficiently? and other buyers too.

    The main issue her is about honestly and your customer service alright. This blog is for us buyers/sellers to vent! like it or not, karma will bite your sorry ass!

  26. LOL dammmmmnnn that's alot of long posts there
    haha btw writer, I have a clue to who the blogshop owner is but please email me at,
    this is getting interesting ;]

  27. Hello.
    Me again.
    Wait, i would post to u what did she said.
    And i've already lost mt patient because the tracking num that she gave me is not existed !
    I've been waiting for a 2 months.

    Me :
    I didnt get my headband ! I've already paid u for RM180 into your maybank account !!
    Y i'm still not recieved yet my parcel ?
    I'm also doing a bussiness.
    Btw, i'm also ordered item from US but already arrival.
    Its now almost 2 months !!!
    Do refund back my money by tomorrow.
    I'm also have your account num.
    If u're not doing it so, i would make a report.

    Here is my account num :
    My Name

    She :
    Hi Dear

    I have already posted the parcel to you but i will check at the post office for you tomorrow morning why you have not recieved your parcel , Have you checked with pos malaysia as to the whereabouts of the parcel as you may find that the post office is holding it for you , And also how dare you accuse me of being non legitemate , I send out 100+ parcels and yes rarely some items have problems with delivery but that is down to pos malaysia not myself ., Thanks

    Me :
    So today is 18.March.
    So, how's my parcel ?

    She :

    I have checked for you, parcel was posted 12th february, arrived at KLIA 15th , please follow instructions that i gave to you and check with your local post office to see if a parcel is being held under your name at the post office or at customs. You need to do this as soon as possible as parcel will be returned to sender if uncollected. Thanks

    Me :
    So what should we do ?
    Could u please give me back my tracking num ?

    She :

    have you asked pos malaysia ?

    i have pasted email with tracking details below for you, btw make sure pos malaysia do actually check properly for you and dont just claim '' they cant find it '' or something similar as they said that to a customer of mine once and she had a note 2 days later to say she needed to collect her parcel and it was on the system the whole time , Thanks

    Mar 2

    Hi Dear

    You should have recieved the parcel by now , Try contacting your local post office to see if they have the parcel for you or they may be holding the parcel at customs, Thanks dear

    Tracking number RE 8893 6754 8 TH

    She :
    I'm already ask the pos malaysia.
    But, they said that, the tracking num is not existed.
    So how ?

    **So, what should i do ? Already checked the tracking num but still not existed. God, help me ! Please refund my money back because i'm already found a new supplier that provide me more cheaper than u !


    can anyone pls tell me some clue or "keywords" that i can use to google search? :D cause i google searched for like 30mins still no result. keywords please! thanks :)

  29. HUH?? darling... there's so many ways to find out la. For one, leave your email add. or you can write to ANY email addresses in here la. No keywords allowed la but the clues are so in your face already babe. hahaha!

  30. No names were mentioned in this whole ENTIRE post/blog....what's there to report? To the related blogshop owner that resides at Thailand, u felt that it was u everyone was talking bout? :D

  31. wow this is scary.... I ordered from HK before and it only took about 8 working days to reach here, by Pos Daftar btw. And HK is soo much further than Thai, LOL.

    anyway I can share with you how to check parcels from overseas:
    1) you must call up KLIA pos office for overseas parcel.
    2) provide them the OVERSEAS tracking number, and ask them what is the local tracking number assign. **This is very important. All overseas tracking number will be assigned with local tracking num once they reached here.**
    3) then you can use the local tracking number you got and check at

    if step (2) failed/KLIA pos office tell you that they can't find it. Well.... good luck to you... I been frequently buying from other countries, even Thai, and I never have such issues before.

  32. I have bought from this shop before, and found the experience a rather smooth one. No hassles, no missing parcels, no rudeness etc etc. Parcel also arrived within 1 week from Thailand, nicely wrapped up in a box.

    I feel really bad that the buyers are having a hard time and I do hope everything gets ironed out. :/

  33. Thank so much anonymous.
    Would call up KLIA by tomorrow early in the morning <3

  34. Its true you have to call KLIA to get the local tracking num but they only hold the parcel for 14 days. If its already months, chances are its gone back to the seller.

  35. i've bought from her before and actually i think she's okay if not very good seller.

    1st time i bought this rivet skirt from her. so i got it in one piece and i started to wear it but the rivets kept falling off. just a few but i haven't washed it yet so i told her can i exchange coz im scared more mite fall off. she said okay.

    i sent the skirt back to her and she kept my $ as store credit.

    and the next time i saw smth i liked i just asked her whether i can use my store credit on that. she forgot who i was initially but then she checked i guess and then i managed to exchange to another item. this is like, more than 1/2 year after i bought the skirt. so yea :) not bad lah. and she waived off the remainder i owe her coz the top i wanted was more expensive than the skirt.

    so i think i had a pretty good experience. just that the top took like 2 weeks to arrive? but owh well. i think she's trying?

  36. So, should i ask for the refund back from the shit women ?
    Because she also provide a tracking num 1 month afta i'm make a payment.

    Btw, did international (Esp item from THAI) would take more than 1 and half month to arrive ? I'm already make a payment on Jan but, those item just arrived here oin 12th March !!!
    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm also buy from US and those item arrived 3-5 weeks afta.
    So, did she already cheat me ?

  37. If she only gave you the num a month later then its her likely her fault. I used to live in Bangkok and send things back all the time. They dont take more than 10 days.

  38. i've purchased from her before long ago but didn't encounter any problem mentioned above. she was friendly and my stuff arrived one week later in good condition and nicely wrapped :)

  39. oh oh...i think i know which blogshop is this...i must say it is damn annoying seeing the model posing for the pictures

  40. i know d blogshop but i just hate sharing my emails openly. :/ how oh? would SMWDY like to be the middle person (to email those ppl)?

  41. I always purchase thing online from China, Japan, HK, Thailand, even USA, Australia.
    Let me share some experience about how our Post Malaysia/ Custom process parcel from oversea.
    For normal mail if non document, whether is registered or non, not more than 14 working days.
    If unlikely, pending at custom (especially from USA Priority Mail or Express with more than value USD100:
    1st they will mail you a custom letter to inform you to provide invoice of the item inside, depending on which item, some may tax, some may not. But no matter have to pay tax or not, you have to pay the service charge for custom to release the parcel.
    Question: How do you know when will your item release by custom?
    If you received the custom letter morning, make a phone call to custom, they will help you find out the parcel (they will call you back), then you can think whether want to provide the invoice( real or fake, you can create yourself, they just need a prove only) by fax to them. Later, they will call you back and let you know how much is the tax charges, if you agreed to pay, then they will keep on process it. But if you are not convenient to pick up the parcel at the custom unit, they can post to your nearest post office (mostly is HQ), but another additional delivery service charge apply just around few riggit (it is worth to pay). The whole process only takes around 2-3 working days to arrived your nearest post office. Once your nearest post office received your parcel, they will call you to pick up the parcel and pay the tax.
    What if waiting the parcel so long time and no receive the custom letter too?
    First just call the Pos Malaysia to find out where is the item. But note that, you will be able to trace yr parcel as long as you provided the CORRECT tracking code.
    The PM will let you know when did the item arrived Malaysia. But you can tell them that you have been waiting so long time and worried have problem about the parcel, they will give you another phone number, the phone number of custom unit that checked the parcel. You can find out what's wrong with the parcel by calling them.
    Note to all buyer, pls do not hesitate to phone call the PM or custom officer, they are very polite ppl.
    But you CANNOT do anything if the seller provided the tracking no that doest exist at all.
    And the seller said, it arrived at KLIA at 15th Fed, did you receive any custom letter to inform you that your parcel has been blocked?

  42. i bought from this person a couple of times and most of the time it was smooth but this time around,she replied my email late,told me there was no stock only after i paid and then never offered to refund my money back.Just buat bodoh. so wth is that all about?then my item didn't arrive on time and i ask her to send me the tracking number also no reply AT ALL!!!

  43. Hi, i would like to know the name of the blogshop too. Please email me at chocoteez[at]yahoo[dot]com.

    The seller claims this to be a ONE bad incident out of 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 sales she's made daily, but her way & attitude of going back to that particular one person is really wrong. That is disappointing enough for that poor customer.


  44. I've got a hunch and checked it out and I guess I got the correct seller, the one from Thailand. I don't know la, the first time I saw her pics through a review blog right, my first reaction was, "is she real? Looks like a tranny" Then today i look again *carefully*, legs huge, bum small... you get my drift.

    Anyway, hope all these things get ironed out. And slap her for being rude to buyers and not use the "busy" word as an excuse for her behaviour.

  45. ok. i think i have a rough idea who the seller is. haha. when i was reading this i kept running through my head who the person is as based on the description from other comments i know i've come across a blog like that. and finally i remembered. ahaha. umm. i'm going to sound very bitchy and judgmental but to be honest the first time i saw the blog i immediately closed the window as i didn't like the model. yes, i know i'm too superficial.

  46. has anyone noticed that this seller never used comma or dot in her sentences?? So annoying!!

  47. Created a whole new email account just so I could know this blogshop.

    Tell me the blogshop name at

    pls oh pls!

  48. Hi All,

    I definitely know which blogshop you girls are referring to, but thank God I did not encounter anything mentioned above. I had a really smooth transaction - The seller was friendly, replied promptly and even gave me the tracking numbers though the numbers didnt exist. One thing which got me almost sceptical was that the seller refused to tell me what kind of postal service he/she was using. As a result, I couldn't track my parcel. Of course I felt a lil suspicious and I immediately prayed that everything goes well and praise God, it did :D My parcel arrived safely a week later, nicely packed in a box and yes, it was from Thailand.
    Maybe you girl should try praying before any purchases? Cos it works ;)

    God bless!

  49. funny cos after a long bad comments regarding dat blogshop, only d good ones appear after the owner of the blogshop commented.
    u know what i mean? *evil grin*

  50. เป็น กันเองMarch 22, 2010 at 2:32 PM

    ฉัน ไทย และ ฉัน ต้องการ จะ ขับ ไล่ สาว นี้ กลับ สู่ คุณ ทุก.
    ฉัน จะ ส่ง เสื้อผ้า ราคา ถูก ให้ คุณ.

  51. ฉัน ไทย และ ฉัน ต้องการ จะ ขับ ไล่ สาว นี้ กลับ สู่ คุณ ทุก.
    ฉัน จะ ส่ง เสื้อผ้า ราคา ถูก ให้ คุณ

    LOLS! I used google translate and it came out funny. hahaha.

  52. hello there,
    I didnt get the thai comment above me, so I translated it for you guys via google hahaha
    here it is:

    Friendly said ...
    I'm Thai and I would like to evict this woman back to you all.
    I will send you to clothes cheap.

    MARCH 22, 2010 2:32 PM.

    Ok thanks friendly thai person? LOOL

  53. hahaha very funny lah. what did she wanted to say exactly? -_-"

  54. omggg I just saw this post and I missed out a whole bunch of it. I myself,also bought two items from her in a row. One being a lace skirt in pink and the other a bandage skirt in black. Her service was attrocious. To say it was substandard would be a terrible understatement
    -.- I made my prompt payment on the next day of her updates and emailed her right away about it. She replied and I made the payment. And I only received my items 3 weeks after the payment date and I had sent her frantic emails regarding the delay in me receiving my items. Her attitude was terrible and she actually told me, next time if i cannot wait don't buy from her 0.0 OHHH Gosh! what kind of attitude is this! and the tracking no she provided was 'not found' on the pos malaysia website and i emailed her nicely asking if she could check from her side in thailand. and to my horror, she said the problem is not with her so she's not responsible. by this time, i went like wth! and i finally received my items 3 weeks after the date of payment and guess what ? both items are wrong in colours. the lace skirt was black and the bandage skirt was blue
    -.- I swear no more purchases from her ever again!

  55. "funny cos after a long bad comments regarding dat blogshop, only d good ones appear after the owner of the blogshop commented.
    u know what i mean? *evil grin*"

    i noticed that too! hahaha

    btw, the owner is the model of the blog. i saw in her bazaars and talked to her before. the way she talk is quite snobbish.
    has way too much make up. prob to cover her tranny face.

  56. I ALSO KNOW WHICH ONE HAHHAA I ALSO MADE PURCHASE THERE BEFORE.. i got so surprised when the post came via THAI MAIL! and yes it took bloody 2 weeks la cibai!

  57. FYI, this seller had an issue in FT s well. i remember clearly she went ballistic when FT publish a post comparing her dress with 'a-similar' dress from other blogshop (of course la dis seller priced higher).

    You know, there's a lot of 'old-time' buyers in this shopping online community. Things will get circulated. Bad attitude and bad reputation will be remembered. so be wise and learn from mistake. dont go bloody proud n blame customers when its clearly ur fault. end.

  58. i want to know too....

  59. me too!!

  60. Haha.
    Her face speaks her attitude.
    Fake blond hair, ts faced, poor tan-skin...
    We only got 1 popular Thai blogshop here in this community. Ya girls know it!

    I think we should stop buying from her (Starting from now on).

  61. omg i think i know which blog it is. she's also selling accessories ryte? yeah she kinda has broad shoulders...kinda masculine..

  62. i have never dealt with her and perhaps never will after all of the comments above relating to her terrible service. but i think she's kinda pretty.

  63. You have a thing for SHEMALES?

  64. lol..

    dun say like tat la..
    i bought clothes from a shemale before and i must say 'she' is really stylish, friendly and possess good fashion sense! i seriously envy 'her' lean body (no tummy no fats)!

    but am not referring to this topic's seller cos i never deal with her before.

    just talking from my own experience.. was skeptical at first but after dealing with 'her', i enjoy the honesty, friendliness and have become a regular customer :)

    so, be it a she or he or mixed, service is totally another matter yea? ;)

  65. oh does that mean she really IS a tranny? i've always known something was wrong with her lol.

  66. eh please stick to topic la.... we are not debating about the model's looks la. =__=

    author, how is the issue now? has seller settle it with you?

  67. Hmm, i order clothes from thailand, takes only 4-5 days to reach only...

  68. Nah.. no word till today and even dare to say she receive my email. Plus, how does the seller even expect me to send back her dress when i dont have the address.

  69. this seller is honest crazy!hahahhaa

  70. i believe the blog owner of SMWDY should really filter the offensive comments on physical appearance.

    as a seller/buyer myself, i realized how many of you in this blogshop community are quite young. when negative feedback goes beyond services (which is your consumer right), and negative comments of one's physical appearance are made, it is just plain malicious.

    please behave responsibly, SMWDY can be a healthy channel without stooping so low. as commentators, do not abuse the anonymity you have.

    i dont mean to preach, but t'is just food for thought.

  71. could anyone mail me the said blogshop to polkadotfan[at] thx

  72. email me:
    I want to know. Thanks!

  73. oooh i think i know! but just to double confirm, mail me please.
    TY! :)

  74. i would like to know too.. pls mail me.. thank you :)

  75. pls mail me too.. thank you

  76. I agree with the poster above. we have a useful resource in SMWDY but when people make comments like above you just come across as childish and it completely detracts from the purpose of the blog. I have bought from them and found them OK. Not amazing but no problems either and to be honest if i saw something i really liked then i would probably buy again. The comments on the model above though really just come across as envious and like i said pointless. Keep it to the point. Just my opinion

  77. euw.. look at her back. breakouts everywhere. i don't dare buy her clothes.

  78. any updates writer?
    i keep checking back on this post

  79. SMWDY i want to know
    email me too ya

    thanks in advance

  80. please please i am a shopaholic online buyer.. i wanna know to avoid to be cheated... email me : thank u... :)

  81. please mail to me at dun wanna get cheated =|

  82. Dear Author,

    Mind sending me the address of the blogshop? miss(dot)youngandlovely(at)gmail(dot)com

    Btw, overseas parcel's tracking code is the same, they dont have local tracking code when it reaches here. You can check thru e-parcel in Pos Malaysia website. Sometimes, they are lazy to update the code. I only encountered once for the lazy updates. My tracking code only shown after I've received my parcel =)