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Where's your manners?

A buyer was enquiring regarding a couple of items which I didn't have at hand and had to get back to her.

My bad, I didn't get back to her punctually as promised and I got an email from her saying "So???"

I totally get it that I'm at fault for delaying the reply, but manners could still be practiced, right?


  1. AGRRED!! Buyers nowadays are incredibly rude

  2. dear writer,
    so what ???????

  3. 2nd anonymous, i dont know if ur post is meant to be sarcastic or what, but it is annoying to get emails like this. even a simple 'so whats the status of the items?' or something like this would be way better. like u, if u just wrote 'so what?' it would be perceived as much politer. whats the need with multiple question marks?

  4. chill~~ some customers out there are way more rude than this la....

    take it easy...

  5. Asking "So???" also consider rude? It's time to mix around and expand your life circle! Then you will know what is "rude" all about!

    If I were the customer, I will just MIA! That's even worst than the asking you "So???"

  6. Chill girls.. some of the buyer's "england" no good so they didnt even realised they offended you..

  7. Second Victoria and 2nd anon
    What's so rude about "so???"

  8. People asked "SO???" also offended?! So easy get offended?!

    You must be the only child in the family. Everyone is pleasing you, and all the time is your way. Time to grow up babies!!

  9. Victoria: I didn't say I was offended. I'm just stating the fact that buyers are pretty rude nowadays. It is more likely that buyers want sellers to please them all the time and have it their way, instead of me.

    Maybe we should just watch the punctuation. ??? comes off much ruder than ?. It's just a little heads up to buyers out there who never really meant to come across as rude.