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The Vanishing Exclusivity

I saw this red scallop skirt that is totally gorgeous sold by this particular blogshop. Quite overpriced but since it states it exclusive i was like heck why not since its exclusive and no one will wear the same as me. When i received it was a disappointment cause its kinda small for me though to be fair i had gained few pounds and forgot about my bulging tummy so plan to re sell it and post it in SG but i couldnt find the post in her blog. So without the pic how am i to re sell it?

Then i came across this other blog that sold the exact same piece!! Free postage some more. So even if im to resell it i have to give super cheap price cause this other blog already started so low in price. i bought the skirt for RM61 including postage mind you and this other blog only sell RM48 including postage!!

Then it hit me and immediately understood why the post was deleted. She know she mark up way too high and know people will compare. I will never buy from her again cause now i know what kind of a dishonest seller she is. I mean RM3-5 more expensive is considered okay but RM13??!!
Come on!! Its not even exclusive!


  1. er, isn't the seller's right to price anything she wants? Then you should have scoured high and low for a better price.

    And NO, i don't think she deleted the post because she marked up the price too highly. I think she deleted it because it's a sold item?

    I think you're overreacting. You bought something at your own pace. The seller never tricked you into buying it.

    And mind you, exclusive has a vast meaning :P

    Again lah, girls should always be vary! We get tempted tooooooo easily.

  2. No picture from original shop, you retake lah. lazy bum bum.

    "Then it hit me and immediately understood why the post was deleted. She know she mark up way too high and know people will compare"

    Wth? I don't understand. She sold it to you already, why is she afraid of comparison??

  3. The blog owner reserves all the rights whether to remove or the remain the picture isn't it?

    I think you're more frustrated that you can't be among the first few to wear the "exclusive" skirt. Thus this post.

  4. I don't understand your logic either. Why would she delete the post? Even if she is Really afraid of people comparing (which is ridiculous because she is the seller and she can very well put whatever price she wants), she can just take off the price and put SOLD or something.

  5. Yea, same rule applies when you buy offline from retail stores. If you mind the price, do survey first.

  6. I am a seller , well maybe you can think it this way (which is true sometime)quality of the piece that you are holding is better that the one 'the other blogshop are selling'sometime there is same design deosn't mean there are same quality.


    maybe the seller itself got it in expensive already and they thought it is exclusive cheated by their supplier.....

    so depends la , you bought it expensive that than you sell it expensive la, pricing of the items you sell is your right to decide mar,I always saw people selling same piece as mine in hundred different prices some high till I can get another thirty with that prices and some super low that I salute completely you judge la ,your piece your are selling worth the price.

  7. you should have attempted to look for another blog shop that sells the item ... don't be fooled by the "exclusive" tag. in this instance the seller didn't point a gun to your head and ask you to buy what, you made your own bed now go and lie on it with your new skirt!

  8. I understnad you feel cheated in some ways but it's a buyer's job to scout for the most affordable prices before purchaing the item.

    you have no one to blame but yourself.

    always scout aroound!

  9. Buyers should really survey around before buying anything..U shouldn't blame the seller, we all got our own cost to cover. Blame yourself for not taking your time to survey around.

    Slap u!


  11. Why all anonymous? Is it from the blogshop owner herself? Hmm..
    SG need real picture from the blog i think. Not sure. SG should respond to this.

  12. "Why all anonymous? Is it from the blogshop owner herself? Hmm.."

    lol you oso anonymous what? y so bising haha

  13. Hola..Im the writer. Woohoo!! My post got comments..Wow..Its not even interesting. I just wrote it for fun cause want to be part of slapmewhydontyou community. Hehe. Slap me if you like.
    Still i want to explain since i have no life. haha.
    Okay, first.. I did survey other blog but after i bought the skirt then this other blog update with the same skirt. Second, i not lazy. I already took the pic but SG need original picture. People who resell at SG know this. Basic rule..
    Third, yes anonymous i think its the seller who wrote most of the comments. Hehe.
    To seller, i apologize making you so mad and prompted you to wrote all this comments. I mean no harm. Just a boring girl got nothing to do. Chill.. I wouldnt gives your blogshop name even if people ask me to do it. scout's honour:)
    So relax. You can breathe now. No need to get so defensive:)
    ps: now curiosity satisfied, damn i got slap. Yeah!!! Love your site slapmewhydontyou. You made my day eventhough i got slapped million times. haha

  14. I'm not the sellar.. but i think even if you want the original picture, you can email the sellar for it. Unless you're just to lazy to do so...

    I know quite a number of blogshops who remove their sold out items for the convenient of customers to view available items. So dont ASSUME that she's scared that people would compare. She's already sold it so why would she be afraid?

    And please define exclusive, It may be exclusive in that blogshop but maybe not others..

    I think rm13 difference is still okay depending on where she got it or maybe the other sellar was selling it dirt cheap. You never know, so you cant assume that the other buyer is cheating on you as they have the right to price it that high.

    Oh and please dont assume that those anonymous are the sellar... it may be other buyers and i agree with what they have to say.

    Slap you buyer a million times for being a brat

  15. OMG. Stop it will you? I already said just do it for fun. A person that slap a buyer a million times for being a brat is the person that is personally involved. And if you're not the seller why defend 'her' to the end. I speak for myself here. Didnt put up anonymous or LizLizLiz as my a pseudonym. For someone RM13 maybe okay but for someone like me its a BIG difference and its just my opinion. And i browse your blog and saw sold out item still there what? Opss..sorry not your blog its the seller blog since you're not her the seller:)Cause if you notice all comments all between the two of us except one i think. The moment i post out comment identifying myself as the writer LizLizLiz come up as the name instead anonymous. I mean who wants to comment on this boring story? Even i have to admit its not interesting compare to girl who got free bf, etc etc.i know the truth and you do too. So i have to stop now, though i have no life replying this does make me feels rather low. So lets kiss and make up kay? Im sorry i publish this story for fun and didnt think about your feeling. Honestly the thought never occured that you will read it cause through email you really sounds friendly and nice so i dont want you to read it. Cause this is the site 'to slap those idiots without them knowing it' And alas they identify themselves in these stories.. Sorry dear.. but I still love this site and will visit everyday but though it tempt me i will not click on the comment again cause then it will not be fun anymore:(

  16. Omg writer i think you damn retarded.

    I commented on 2 posts here, and NO, I am not the seller. Nor am i Lizlizliz. Nor am i associated with any of the commenters here!

    But you go assume that all these commenters here are the seller for what -_- She eat ur money already she also don't care la. Deng.

    Why? cannot take criticism is it?

  17. whoever keep track of their comment on this? YOURETARD are obviously retard her/himself This is stupid man. Okay, writer if you read this since you said tak mau click on commment..whatever girl..i think you will just to see if the seller respond. So here's goes, you already got the skirt, lose weight and put it on!!
    Then the rm13 would not go to waste. or you can sell it to me. Im looking for a skirt for work and im skinny!! And seriously i always click if there are more than 10 comments but this is seriously stupid. A little piece of advice, go la wrote to seller herself, apa susah? and only a fellow seller can be this sensitive on price since everyone feels that they mark up price so high they got defensive. There's no need gaduh-gaduh on this site. in conclusion, though i think the writer is annoying i have to agree with her. All the comments really hentam her like only a sensitive seller can. Usually comments are divided, some agree with buyer especially buyer themselves and some agree with seller cuz they seller. To writer no offence, but if yo dont want that skirt email me since people here are so passionate about a skirt and a seller they didnt even know.

  18. i think 90% of the anonymous is the same person.
    well hey,YOURE A TOTAL DOUCHEBAG.why do u keep on persecuting the writer.give her a BREAK.its not as tho she stepped on ur tail or some shiatz,ure overreacting.

    & the writer needs the original pic because those sites like shopping gazebo requires the ORIGINAL seller's pic. get it? dumbarse,get yo facts rite before lashing out at ppl.

    the fact is that the seller over marked the stupid skirt.& a buyer is just giving out her thoughts her.
    did u anals woke up from the wrong side of the bed?!
    & im no writer/writer's friend.
    im with Anna here.