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Oh wise ones needed again

I don't know much about fake/replica/ or triple A goodies. But as is know, its all NOT ORIGINAL.

So, i recently bought an item from this blogshop, and it says there 100% ORIGINAL.
BUT, the item came, and it really doesn't look original, sent it to verify and the people said it is not original. Well if something is original, people would straight away say 'IM SURE THIS IS ORIGINAL".Especially the worker/specialist from the shop.

Well, its a steal if its original, but if its a fake/replica/triple A product, then its totally a rip off.

Then, I told the blogshop owner bout the item, and yet she says that its 100% original.I don't know what to do. Ask for a refund? But she's denying that its fake/replica....


  1. If it's a bag, especially if it's branded, ask the seller to go with you to the store and have it verified. If she keeps saying her goods are authentic, ask for proof - her invoice, where it come from, serial number, and etc.

    Not sure about clothes though.

    SLAP SELLER for being awfully dishonest and ASK FOR REFUND WITH POSTAGE PAID BY SELLER!

  2. Agree with the 1st commenter. This is the reason why no one should buy designer goods without first seeing/verifying that the item is real.

  3. Besides, did you get the authenticity card and stuff? If not, it's really not original. You are doing the right thing now. Spread her good name to the world.

  4. isn't that against the law to sell PIRATED GOODS? say what's the fine amount again? RM2000?

  5. Also, never trust the price tag! If seller is selling TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE prices for an original item, don't you think it's a little off?

    Buyers, please don't be tempted by cheap prices as you could say you're asking for it.

  6. You definitely have the right to get your money back because that's plain dishonest. You can get her into a lot of trouble because she shouldn't be having fake goods as well. Stop piracy!

  7. Is it the ray ban shades? because for the price they offered, it's totally ridiculous for original ray ban

  8. if you have the money to splash on original goods, go buy from boutique stores laa - at least it's safer that way. you are taking a risk buying so-called original products from online boutiques cause you can't check the product first beforehand ... if they say it's original but it's cheap then you should know better!

  9. 100% original... pirated! haha...

  10. i think you're the idiot one here

  11. Babe, try ask the seller for full refund, say that you're not satisfy with the item. Some sellers might offer refunds if the customer is not satisfy with the item.

    No harm trying right?

  12. I am not on anyones side, its just my independent view.

    An item can be ORIGINAL with cheap price if the seller got it straight from the supplier.Shipping, tax, other costs incurred maybe reduced. And THAT IS WHY THEY ARE SELLING IT CHEAP. Otherwise, u might want to go straight to BOUTIQUE.

    And I guess, for buyers (that include me)OR THOSE WHO CAN'T AFFORD TO BUY AT THE BOUTIQUE BUT STILL WANT IT ORIGINAL I'd suggest to do research first about certain item, and how to look at the authenticity of the item that u desire to buy. And not to whine or curse the seller right after you received the item. Wouldn't that be professional and fair after all?

    It is hard to keep a PARIS HILTON's live, but at least be wise in purchasing items.

  13. haha,...i cant help to say this..but to the anon.'s 'paris's life' offence.
    anyways,to the writer,i think you shouldnt buy all these bags/shades tru blogshops..after all,you cant feel it or really really truly visualise it with your own eyes. for safety's sake,even if it's more expensive to buy from the shop,its best to do that. trust me,u'll definitely have a sense of pride wearing whatever ure buying cuz u know thats its 10000000% original!
    take it as another lesson.dont buy from blogshops! hope my advice helps!

  14. It is not fair to not buy original stuffs from the blogshop. They might have original stuffs to offer. Just dont ruin the seller's reputation and business lah!If they sell it original, kudos to them.

  15. LOL. How can one be so sure item sold in shopping mall is 1000000000% original? There was this woman who bought Bonia handbag from this one shopping mall. Not long after that, she went to a bag specialist to get her handbag fixed. And to her surprise, that so called Bonia bag was fake! Hahaha. Lesson to learn. Just be wise in purchasing your stuffs.