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Salt on wound

I was checking this one blogshop just to kill some time and accidently spotted this awesome bracelet and fell in love with it. the price was only RM10 so i immediately purchase it

She ask me to bank in extra RM5 for the postage but i bank in another extra RM5 cause the machine didnt except RM5 right. So the total is like RM20. I mailed her and yadda yadda yadda.

On the day that she was about to post it, she was like "babe, im sorry, I forgot to put you extra rm5 in the package cause i got messed up. Hope its ok. The machine doesnt axcept RM5 so i will give you free postage on the next item you buy"
Then i was like okayyy, fineee *patience*

On the day my parcel arrive, i opened the parcel and was shocked to receive a different bracelet. Man, I really want that bracelet. so i text her;

me: Hey, you sent me the wrong bracelet. i ask for the other one.

her: Oh, do you like it? Is it ok?

me: No! pape je la -___-'

Then she didnt reply my text

I was sooo pissed. She took my RM5 AND sent me the wrong bracelet. I just took the bracelet as there's nothing i can do about it as she didn't look interested with changing it back.

Hmm yeah, like im gonna buy something from you again


  1. Girl, you should INSIST on a change or refund! Shouldn't let the buyers take their customers for granted. You've got your rights!

  2. man, that sucks real bad!!! you should get your refund eh! sigh! really hate when seller cheat buyers like this!

    btw, i really recommend all who frequently shop online to do online banking coz it's really easy. you can bank in any amount of money even if it's rm32.55 maybe then these problems will not exist anymore!

    however in the case of sent wrong item again and again... nothing can change that at all. maybe fund in for the seller to have brain surgery? lol

  3. hi can u email me the blogshop
    thank you.

  4. HI,include me too ,

  5. yeah. i really think i should. but i was so pissed, i cant even stand talking to her again. plus i still have to send her the bracelet back and that will cost another rm5. haha. anyway thanks girlss

    and, ive mailed both of youu =)

  6. hi email me bout the blogshop too