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Dah La Tu

i been a frequent visitor to this site ever since i knew of it existence..all of the stories are damn funny weyh! some writer wants to share their bad experience shopping/selling so that other readers can 'slap' the person concerned..but instead of the other person get slapped, the writer get slapped! lol!

now, for this post id say im the buyer as i bought (read) the stories u sold (wrote) here. ok?

all these while, everyday there must be like 7 or so new stories..but ever since the 'stealing boyfriend' story was posted, the traffic for incoming new stories somehow slows is like there's this accident and everyone stop to look at the carnage..notice the massive number of comments at that post alone??

thats whats happening here..come on people! lets share new stories..

let me quote SMWDY in the boyfriend post's comments: 'Dah la tu..'

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