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Stale Partnership

With all that hype over the recent 'boyfriend stealing' story, mine is a 'customer stealing' story.

I have been in the blogshop business for quite some time now, over 2 years already. And over the years I had had a few collaborations with different partners.

Then came along Miss X. She's previously a customer of mine, but she somehow added me on Facebook & we somehow became mutual friends. It was up to a point where she suggested we start a blogshop together, and stupidly, I agreed.

Everything started as planned. We both took out money as business capital, we segregated tasks and so on. As I have a huge list of customers, it wasn't difficult to get buyers to visit out site once it's launched.

The first month went well, sales were good and we both had out fair share of work & income.

However, in the second month, I started to notice her slacking a little. She would forget CODs and would never have time to reply enquiries regarding measurements (cos she keeps the stocks) and is always posting items out late.
Really bad for business and people started complaining.
I didnt want to scold her or anything since I only knew her for about 8 months, so I constantly sent her reminders to complete her tasks.
But the last straw came when she purposely did not COD with a customer cos she was too lazy to exit the cinema and meet up with her. She left that poor girl waiting for over an hour before texting her to say that she cant make it!

I was so pissed and I told her off.
She got pissed and told me she wants to quit the partnership.
With that, she asked for her half of the profits and hung up the phone.
Seeing how pointless the situation was, I decided that would definitely be for the best. I banked in her half into her account and then texted her to divide the stocks as well.

No reply.
I called her. No reply.
She deleted me from Facebook & wouldnt approve me when I added her back.
She changed her number.
She changed emails too apparently.
And she exported ALL my customer contacts for her own usage.
I then realized that I never even knew where she stayed.
So it's obvious that she had been planning this from the very beginning.

2 weeks after, she started her own blogshop with another partner.
And the first batch of clothes are the leftovers from our blogshop which she had kept.

I had to get a friend to arrange a fake COD session with this girl before I finally confronted her.
And in the beginning, she even denied knowing me. WTF.

In the end, she just refunded me RM250 from the sale of 'our' clothes and never even apologized for stealing my customer list.
Some people are just too much, but Im willing to let it go.
Lesson learnt: Only start partnerships with people you know & TRUST.


  1. What a deceitful and manipulative person! I'm sure karma will kiss her softly goodnight before stinging her where the sun don't shine.

  2. slap seller as in your partner, not you :D

  3. want to know which blogshop she's running, so i won't go n buy from her.

  4. terrible partner!!! how can you start a business with someone you dont know well? we need to becareful in everything that involves money. you should ask her to pass you the stocks then only you transfer the money to her..

    let me know her blogshop okays? we should boycott some blogshops due to their unethical conducts.

  5. yeah i would like to know too! :/ what a bitch!

  6. hi, would u email me her blogshop at
    thank you

  7. Please let me know too, so that i won't ever buy from this kind of unethical and irresponsible seller. Thanks.

  8. hey there, do email me her blogshop too. thank you :)

  9. I would like to know too!

    I feel so angry for you just by reading!
    and you still can be so nice and calm about it. my respect!

  10. Lemme know too, i won't buy from unethical and unprofessional sellers.

  11. I would like to know too..hehe.

  12. Trust no one *x-files queue theme.

  13. lemme noe too pls thx

  14. she is such a b*tch..
    let me know which blogshop she's running..
    shame on her, steal ppl's customers..

  15. mail me too

  16. OMG, how horrible. Please enlighten us on which blogshop this is

  17. omg. shes soo terrible. n u r sooo nice. if only online shop r govern by rules or laws.

    pls email me too.

  18. hey there, do email me her blogshop too. thank you :)

  19. hi, email me too..

  20. HI could you let me know which blogshop is it?

  21. Email me too.

  22. email me too! thanx

  23. oh my gosh. who is she? email me!

  24. mail me pls..thanks

  25. I'd like to know too pls (: