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I was not born yesterday

I once had this customer who wanted to buy a piece of garment from my blogshop.

So after the usual process (inquiry, payment) bla bla bla, i posted out her item and gave her the tracking number. She lived in Sarawak and opted for Pos Ekspress. After a few days, she came back to me with an email saying that the parcel has not arrived yet. I made a BIG MISTAKE by offering to refund her in full if the item does not arrive to her by the next day.


The next 2 days, unsurprisingly, she emailed me saying this -

"Hi, item hasn't arrived lah. Can refund? Hehe"

The moment I read this email i KNEW something was wrong. So doubtful. So I tracked the code and to my surprise, it stated that Final Delivery has ALREADY BEEN MADE THE PREVIOUS DAY.

So I politely replied -

"Mam, the tracking site says that final delivery has already been made. Are you sure you have not received it yet?" In a very serious manner.

I think after I replied her, she got cold feet and I never heard from her again. Tsk, tsk, there are buyers looking for a free meal as well these days.

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  1. She's just being really greedy and conniving. Doesn't she know that you can easily track the postage number??

    I mean, instead of thanking you and informing that the package had arrived, she tried to get a refund too?? :(